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Last 24 Hours For Parking, Red Light Camera Ticket Amnesty

Tons of Parking TicketsTick, tock.

As Chicagoans count down the minutes to 2016, time is also expiring on the city’s ticket amnesty program.

The debt relief program, which started November 15th, is now in its final hours–ending at 11:59 PM on December 31st.

The city will double the fine of a ticket if the vehicle owner doesn’t pay in a timely manner, then tack on interest and collection fees as well.

The amnesty is a rare opportunity for scofflaws with unpaid parking and red light camera tickets from before 2012, to pay at the original amount. The city’s last amnesty was back in 2009.

But you can’t wait until the New Year, because at midnight January 1st, all the old late fees, and additional fines will be restored.

Scofflaws can check online to see if they have outstanding tickets and pay online as well.

What are you waiting for?

It’s Your Last Few Days to Get Amnesty for City Debt, Tickets

Over 47,000 parking and red light camera tickets have been paid thus far during the city's six-week ticket amnesty program.

Over 47,000 parking and red light camera tickets have been paid thus far during the city’s six-week ticket amnesty program.

With just a few days left for Chicagoans to take advantage of the city’s Debt Relief Program, the city is on pace to pocket several million bucks and retire tens of thousands of old parking and red light camera tickets.

The amnesty, which began Nov. 15, ends on Dec. 31 and allows for those with past due debt of any kind, including water bills, administrative fines for municipal violations like building code and business license violations, parking and red light tickets to pay off the unpaid violations at the original amount.

However, only debt incurred prior to 2012 is eligible for the amnesty.

The six-week program allows scofflaws to pay the initial fine or debt amount, without any taxes, administrative fines, penalties, interest and collection costs tacked on in the subsequent years.

As an example, a parking ticket fine which has doubled due to non-payment and then interest and collection fees tacked on over the years, will be reduced to the original amount of the fine.

Vehicle owners already on a payment plan are not eligible for fee and fine discounts. In addition any tow fees, boot fees, storage fees, administrative fees or court costs cannot be discounted.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Video: City’s Parking, RLC Ticket Amnesty In The News

Fox Chicago News reports on city’s parking and red light camera ticket amnesty program, which allows vehicle owners to pay tickets from before 2012 at face value–without any of the additional fines for paying late or collection fees.

The reporting is mildly erroneous stating that scofflaws can pay off old speed camera tickets, however no speed camera tickets would be eligible as the city’s speed camera program began in 2013.

The amnesty program lasts until December 31st, 2015.

After that date all the discounted fees would be reinstated.

This six week period is a great way for scofflaws to pay off old tickets at the original, face value of the ticket–a savings of at least 50% of what was owed.

City Ticket Amnesty Program Waives Fees for Next 6 Weeks

One of the approximately 12,000 parking tickets issued the first two weeks of street cleaning season.

Scofflaws, don’t delay. The city is waiving all late penalties and collection fee on parking and red light camera tickets for the next six weeks.

Chicagoans with older unpaid parking tickets, red light camera tickets and administrative hearing fines can finally catch a break on late fees and fines starting Sunday.

Facing a giant budget deficit and showing over $1.5 billion in unpaid fines from parking, red light tickets and fines for administrative citations like building code violations and drinking in public, Mayor Rahm Emanuel finally relented to calls for an amnesty program during recent budget hearings. The last amnesty was in early 2009 when Richard M. Daley was still in office.

From November 15 through December 31, the city will waive all taxes, administrative fines, penalties, interest and collection costs accrued on tickets issued before 2012.

For example, a parking ticket fine which has doubled and had interest and collection fees tacked on over the years, will be reduced to the original fine amount. With the way fees and fines add up, many people will see up to a 50 percent reduction in the amount of money they owe the city on longstanding tickets.

Unfortunately, only violations or fines from before December 31st, 2011 are eligible for the amnesty, and it only works if you pay it off in this six-week period.

Department of Finance spokesperson Molly Poppe explained that in the previous three amnesty programs, the most recent three to four years of tickets and fines were ineligible as well.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Parking Ticket 101: Don’t Park Your Car With A For Sale Sign

Parking your car with a For Sale sign in the window can turn out to be a lot more expensive than placing a classified ad.

Parking your car with a For Sale sign in the window can turn out to be a lot more expensive than placing a classified ad.

Trying to sell your car?

Whatever you do, don’t park it on a Chicago street with a For Sale sign in the window–lest you risk an expensive $100 parking ticket.

Sure, it sounds a bit excessive, or perhaps an instance of big brother run amok. Allegedly, back in the day, the law was passed to clamp down on car dealers along Western Avenue from using the street as a an additional and free lot to hawk their inventory.

While the original intent of the municipal code may not have been to hassle individual car owners trying to unload an extra vehicle, that’s essentially who bears the brunt of the law in the modern day. Vehicle owners unaware of the law find out the hard and costly way when they come back to their car to find their windows plastered with $100 orange tickets.

9-80-080 Parking for certain purposes prohibited.

(a) It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle upon any roadway for the sole purpose of displaying the vehicle for sale. The vehicle shall be subject to vehicle impoundment under Section 9-92-030(c). Any person that violates this subsection shall be fined $100.00. Each day the vehicle remains in violation of this subsection shall constitute a separate and distinct offense for which a separate penalty shall be imposed.

Parking Ticket 101: How To Schedule A Ticket Hearing

wbbm1214ticketAfter the rage from receiving that parking ticket has been reduced to a simmering boil, and you’ve concluded the ticket is invalid or wrong in some way, it’s time to schedule a hearing.

While many ticketed motorists opt to fight their ticket by contesting by mail, the driver’s best chance at victory is to contest a ticket at an in-person hearing.

There are several ways to schedule a hearing.

BY MAIL: Simply check the box that requests an in-person hearing on the original violation, fill in your name and address, and mail it to the address listed on the back of the ticket.

It’s recommended you keep a copy of the ticket as reference for your ticket hearing defense.

If you haven’t scheduled the hearing using your original ticket, you can still mail in a hearing request when the Notice of Violation comes in the mail. It’s the same general process as mailing in your request using the original violation. Fill out the form at the bottom and detach it from the top of the letter and mail it to the address on the notice.

IN-PERSON: You can also drop off your hearing request at any of the city’s Administrative Hearing locations around the city. Just bring your violation or notice of violation to the parking ticket hearing desk and tell them you want to schedule a hearing. They’ll file your request and normally, they’ll give you a date and time stamped receipt to keep in your files–just in case the request is somehow lost and you need evidence you actually requested a hearing.

If you don’t have your ticket info with you, most clerk’s are kind enough to look up your ticket, print it out and file your hearing request right there.

Car With Wheels Stolen, Still Ticketed For Street Cleaning

A car in Lincoln Park is still ticketed for a street cleaning violation even after getting all four wheels stolen. Photo: DNA Info.com

A car in Lincoln Park is still ticketed for a street cleaning violation even after getting all four wheels stolen. Photo: DNA Info.com

Talk about insult to injury…on steroids.

DNA Info reports a car in Lincoln Park had all four tires stolen overnight–right in front of where the owner lived in the 1100 block of West Montana St.

But it was street cleaning day on the side of the street where the car was parked. Fearing a $60 street cleaning ticket, the owners asked the officer who filed the police report on the incident what they should do?

The helpful officer said to leave a note on the dashboard explaining the situation and citing the police report. Of course, a prudent and compassionate ticket writer would take mercy on the vehicle owner with the car up on blocks and forget about writing a ticket–correct?

Think You Have Parking Ticket Problems?

A car in West Town is completely covered in parking tickets by some creative pranksters.

A car in West Town is completely covered in parking tickets by some creative pranksters.

Luckily, this is just an elaborate (and hilarous) prank.

Jeremy Scheuch posted a photo to Twitter of  a vehicle parked in West Town on Chicago Avenue, covered completely in bright orange Chicago parking tickets.

Perhaps its an unintentional metaphor for how Chicago drivers feel about a parking enforcement system that’s not always rational or necessarily fair.

H/T DNA Info Chicago.

Mayor Announces 6-Week Amnesty Program For Ticket Scofflaws

1ticket600Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Friday his plan for giving amnesty to scofflaws who have unpaid parking, red light and speed camera tickets–as well as other forms of debt.

Under the mayor’s plan, the city would drop any penalty and interest accrued for any tickets issued before 2012. In other words, tickets would revert back to the original face value of the fine during a six-week period from November 1st through December 15th.

As reported by The Expired Meter, scofflaws owe the City of Chicago over $1.5 billion in unpaid parking, red light and speed camera violations.

The mayor also announced the city will rollout a new way for motorists to enter into a payment plan online even before penalty and fines kick in, which will help drivers avoid the financial pain when unpaid tickets double after a prescribed time.

CBS 2: City Tries To Collect On 20 Year Old Parking Tickets

CBS 2 is reporting that drivers receiving speed camera tickets and updating data for new city stickers is helping the City of Chicago locate vehicle owners with old, unpaid parking tickets.

Really old tickets–some 20 years or older.

CBS 2′s Dave Savini reports on the plight of one woman who says the city has never contacted her on alleged parking tickets from 1994–even though she’s been at the same address for years and the information on her driver’s license and vehicle registration is current.