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CBS 2: Drivers Using Park Chicago App Still Getting Ticketed

Some Chicago drivers using the Park Chicago app to pay for metered parking are still getting ticketed for paying to feed the parking meter according to CBS 2′s Pam Zekman.

CBS 2 discovered the city has dismissed over 3,200 expired meter tickets over the past two years after motorists who used the app and were paid up at the time of the ticket, reported the problem to the Department of Revenue.

The app allows drivers to bypass feeding the meter directly using the app on a smartphone. If a meter receipt is not on the dashboard of a car parked in a meter zone, enforcement officers are supposed to check the app database to see if the driver paid via Park Chicago.

CBS 2 reports the issue is most likely occurs when drivers extend their time using the app too close to when the time expires. The theory is, a lag time between the app’s database updating after payment allows for parking enforcement officers to issue tickets when they don’t see payment on their end.

Fox 32 News Helps Driver Fight Ticket From Confusing Signs

Sometimes Chicago’s traffic signs can be confusing.

In some cases that confusion can lead to a parking ticket. That’s what happened to one driver who thought she was parked legally but ended up with a $100 ticket.

Fox Chicago News spotlighted the woman’s story as she thought she was safe to park in what seemed like a spot reserved for vehicles with handicapped plates or placards.

It turned out the sign was faded to the point that crucial restrictions were unreadable and rush hour parking restrictions were in force at the time.

Tesla Introduces Parking Ticket Avoidance Technology For New Models

Luxury electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has just announced ground breaking technology for it’s new model cars which actually helps owners avoid parking tickets.

Their new Ticket Avoidance Technology (TAT) detects when parking enforcement is sniffing around the vehicle and automatically triggers ticket prevention defenses to make sure Tesla vehicles never get ticketed.

Perhaps motorists who habitually rack up tons of parking violations annually might see the $70,000 price tag for a Tesla S model a great deal as long as they save money on tickets.

Parking In Politics

Parking can be political–especially in an election year.

No better example is of Jason Gonzales, running for a seat in the Illinois House of Representatives in the 22nd district and is the first formidable Democratic primary challenger in years to Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Gonzalez has been making some noise in the 22nd district while waging a door-to-door battle against the 73-year old Madigan. The noise must have been loud enough to cause some consternation for Madigan as, inexplicably a rash of temporary no parking signs went up on the block in front of Gonzales’ campaign office on South Pulaski.

Of course, it’s all coincidence.

NBC 5 Gets Some TV Ticket Justice For Chicago Driver

Read the signs.

That’s the best advice for all drivers when parking a car.

That’s because parking signs dictate where and when you can park a vehicle. If you follow the signs, you won’t be ticketed. At least that’s the theory.

But Joe Rubinas, who dutifully follows the residential parking permit signs on his street, has been ticketed twice by a ticket writer who seemingly doesn’t know how to read the signs.

Promotion For Luxe App Softens Sting Of Parking Tickets

Luxe valet parking problems

Luxe is an app that let’s drivers have a valet park your car, no matter where you may want to park.

The on-the-fly valet service is offering motorists what they are calling “parking ticket amnesty” by giving credits for their service to users who’ve recently been hit with an expensive parking ticket.

Report: Bike Lane Parking Violations On The Rise

A cab parks in a bike lane in the 1400 block of N. Halsted. Photo credit: Mina Bloom/DNA Info.

A cab parks in a bike lane in the 1400 block of N. Halsted. Photo credit: Mina Bloom/DNA Info.

Parking tickets issued to drivers parked in bike lanes has steadily increased over the past five years according to a report from DNA Info Chicago.

Tickets for this violation has increased year over year for the past five.

2,473 of these tickets were issued in 2015, about 150 tickets more than 2014, but much higher than 2011 when only 1,115 were written.

Part of the increase may be attributed to an increase in the number of miles of bike lanes in the past five years. The city has added 106 miles of buffered or protected bike lanes since Mayor Rahm Emanuel took office in 2011. Many of these newer bike lanes are in heavily congested parts of the city.

While bike lane violations are up, some bike riders believe drivers continue to park illegally in bike lanes and that the city needs to ramp up its enforcement.

Here’s DNA Info’s full story, “A Cyclist’s Revenge: City Cracking Down on Cars in Bike Lanes, Data Shows.

Not A Parking Ticket

Parking Ticket postcardWant to get someone’s attention?

Place a Chicago parking ticket on the windshield of their vehicle–or at least something that looks like a ticket.

Driving in the Woodlawn neighborhood Sunday morning, I witnessed a lot of cars illegally parked around Apostolic Church of God at 63rd and Dorchester. Parked too close to stop signs, in tow zones, next to hydrants and even on sidewalks, I wasn’t that surprised to see these vehicles with a ticket.

But then I saw a ton of legally parked cars with tickets too. On second glance, it wasn’t a ticket but a postcard promoting a sign shop called The Sign Daddy.

Unsure if this postcard campaign succeeded in generating sales or backfired and upset potential customers.

Either way, I’m guessing it generated some sort of attention.

City Rakes in $5.7 Million in Unpaid Tickets, Fines During Amnesty

Tons of Parking TicketsTens of thousands of Chicagoans came out of hiding to pay long-overdue tickets and city fines, adding $5.7 million to city coffers during the most recent amnesty program, according to the city’s Department of Finance.

Scofflaws with unpaid tickets and other debts took advantage of a six-week debt relief program, which temporarily returned all outstanding debt for tickets, business taxes and administrative fines to the original fine amount, minus late fees and collection costs. Those who took advantage during the Nov. 15 to Dec. 31 amnesty saw their debt go down by more than 50 percent in many cases.

Facing a huge budget deficit and with over $1.5 billion in uncollected parking, red light and speed camera tickets, Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposed the amnesty during fall budget hearings.

Of the total collected amount, $5.3 million came from motorists paying old parking and red light camera tickets from before 2012. Another $340,000 came from unpaid administrative fines and about $14,000 from overdue business taxes, according to the finance department.

“The fact that over 90,000 parking and red light tickets got paid off — that’s a success,” said Department of Finance spokesperson Molly Poppe. “We’re happy with this number.”

Though the program ran for six weeks, about half the close to $6 million was collected during the last two weeks of the amnesty, she said.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Comedian Shares Funny Insights On Chicago Parking Tickets

Michael Palascak is a comedian is from Chicago.

So, he knows what he’s had some experience driving in Chicago.

He recently went on the Conan O’Brien Show to share some hilarious insight into dealing with Chicago parking tickets.