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CBS 2: City Tries To Collect On 20 Year Old Parking Tickets

CBS 2 is reporting that drivers receiving speed camera tickets and updating data for new city stickers is helping the City of Chicago locate vehicle owners with old, unpaid parking tickets.

Really old tickets–some 20 years or older.

CBS 2′s Dave Savini reports on the plight of one woman who says the city has never contacted her on alleged parking tickets from 1994–even though she’s been at the same address for years and the information on her driver’s license and vehicle registration is current.

Legislator Pushes Tickets For Electric Car Reserved Parking Spaces

Can a traditional combustion engine vehicle be ticketed for using a parking spot that’s supposed to be used for a public electric vehicle charging station?

That’s the question ABC 7 News wanted to answer.

Right now, the answer is no.

Bogus Parking Ticket Enrages DNA Info Columnist

He parked his car, paid the meter via the ParkChicago app–and even spoke to a parking enforcement aide before he went to eat.

But when DNA Info columnist Mark Konkol came back to his car, and despite having 45 minutes of time left, he found an expired meter ticket on his windshield.

The ticket inspired Konkol to see if he can find out how many “bogus” tickets are written by ticket writers.

Columnist Spotlights City’s Pursuit Of Ancient Parking Tickets

john-kassRape, murder, arson, parking tickets.

What do they have in common?

There’s no statute of limitations–at least not in Chicago.

On Friday, Tribune columnist John Kass poked fun at City Hall for its willingness to collect on antique parking tickets that were issued last century.

Kass points this out while spotlighting a retiree who recently received a collection notice in the mail for a $35 parking ticket from 1994.

ABC News Fixer Gets Chicago Driver Parking Ticket Justice

Photo courtesy of Tim Sturm and ABC News.

Photo courtesy of Tim Sturm and ABC News.

Even ABC News is getting into the parking ticket advice industry.

ABC News’ Stephanie Zimmerman aka The ABC News Fixer, is a reporter on consumer affairs who helps viewers solve frustrating money related problems.

Recently, Zimmerman, who’s based in New York, got a letter from a Chicago driver begging for advice on how to deal with an improperly issued parking ticket and tow.

WGN TV Spotlights Chicago’s Parking, Camera Ticket Debt Crisis

WGN TV focused their news cameras on Chicago’s parking debt crisis Tuesday, a story The Expired Meter broke several months ago.

Drivers owe the City of Chicago over $1.3 billion in unpaid parking tickets. When you add over $250 million in unpaid red light camera and speed camera tickets the totals top off at over $1.5 billion.

The worse news is that debt has been growing on average of $1 million a week since Mayor Rahm Emanuel took office.

Geek Tip: How Not To Handle Getting A Parking Ticket

Kenneth Harris, 49 is now in trouble with the law for attacking police officers who wrote him a parking ticket. Photo graphic courtesy of DNA Info.

Kenneth Harris, 49 is now in trouble with the law for attacking police officers who wrote him a parking ticket. Photo graphic courtesy of DNA Info.

Getting a parking ticket sucks.

It really does.

But here’s some advice after you get a ticket–don’t attack the person writing the ticket.

One Chicago driver, enraged when he got a parking ticket for parking in a 24 hour no parking zone, crumpled up the ticket, told the police officers writing the ticket to “F— you, I’ll f— you up,” and then shoved one cop in the chest sending him falling into the street according to DNA Info.

NBC 5: Drivers Still Getting Ticketed Using Parking Meter App

It seems the ParkChicago app is acting up again, and a handful of drivers are getting ticketed after paying for their parking using the smart phone app according to NBC 5.

Court: Palatine Parking Tickets Don’t Violate Privacy Rights

GavelAfter five years and a multitude of court appearances, a federal court in Chicago has upheld Palatine’s parking tickets do not violate driver privacy rights according to the AP.

Back in 2010, a driver received a $20 parking ticket in Palatine. The driver felt the ticket was in violation of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act because the ticket, left on the windshield of his car for anyone to see, inexplicably listed his name, address, license number, birthdate, gender, height and weight.

The U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week Palatine’s tickets do not violate the DPPA.

Waukegan Writes Off $250,000 In Parking Tickets As ‘Bad Debt’

wbbm1214ticketGot an old parking ticket from north suburban Waukegan?

If it’s old enough, you may not have to pay it according to the Chicago Tribune.

The Waukegan City Council voted last week to essentially write off nearly $250,000 in unpaid parking tickets as bad debt. The council agreed that any tickets issued prior to 2012 were too difficult to collect.