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Los Angeles Parking Reform Group Has LA Mayor’s Ear

Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Parking Freedom Initiative.

Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Parking Freedom Initiative.

Drivers in Los Angeles are red up, mad as hell and are not fighting city hall, but working with it.

A group calling itself the Los Angeles Parking Freedom Initiative, after making noise about putting through reforms it endorsed as ballot initiatives, was invited by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti to work with the city on parking reforms the LA Times reports.

The group is pushing to drastically cut parking ticket fines, decrease the frequency of street cleaning, build more parking infrastructure, move all metered parking to a demand based model and segregate revenue from parking fines so it goes toward improving parking infrastructure instead of into the city’s general fund.

Drivers Say Cop Issued Street Sweeping Tickets On Wrong Day

Street cleaning ticket confusion in the West Town neighborhood. Photo credit: Alisa Hauser/DNA Info.

Street cleaning ticket confusion in the West Town neighborhood. Photo credit: Alisa Hauser/DNA Info.

Motorists in the West Town neighborhood got a bright orange surprise Wednesday.

Many cars were ticketed for street cleaning violations on Walton Street despite signs that don’t restrict parking for street sweeping.

Permanent metal signs restrict parking for street cleaning on the second Wednesday of the month. But cars were ticketed on what was the third Wednesday of the month by a Chicago police according to DNA Info.

Uber Driver Gives A How To On Fighting Tow Zone Parking Ticket

Le Wang, aka Wangle, drives for Uber.

This past Christmas Eve he was dropping off some passengers at Midway when a ticket writer for the city told him to move his car or be ticketed.

City Taking Steps To Collect Unpaid Ticket Debt, Officials Say

The city is working to collect $1.5 billion in ticket debt.

The city is working to collect $1.5 billion in ticket debt.

City officials said Tuesday that they are taking steps to collect the $1.5 billion in unpaid tickets and fines owed the city, but said the vast majority of debt was on the books long before the mayor took office in 2011.

The Expired Meter and DNAinfo Chicago reported earlier Tuesday that Chicago is owed $1.5 billion for unpaid parking, red-light and speed-camera tickets — a potential cash cow for the city.

“Nearly 70 percent of the debt cited in this story was generated before Mayor Emanuel took office, and in fact, it is debt that stretches back a quarter of a century to before the fall of the Berlin Wall,” Susan Hofer, a spokeswoman for the Department of Finance, said in an email sent late Tuesday morning. “Many of those who owe money from two decades ago are deceased, have moved, or are otherwise unreachable.”

The Expired Meter & DNA Info reported that the vast majority of the debt, $1.3 billion, is for parking tickets, while red-light camera tickets represent $205 million and speed cameras account for $27 million in outstanding fines, fees and penalties owed to the city.

The debt is far higher than that owed to other major cities like New York or Los Angeles.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Believe It Or Not, N.Y. & L.A. Tougher On Scofflaws Than Chicago


The nation’s largest three cities all employ the Denver boot to convince scofflaws to pay their tickets–but New York and Los Angeles are much more aggressive in their enforcement.

Chicagoans may think the city is tough when it comes to cracking down on motorists who don’t pay their parking and camera tickets.

The truth is, other cities are even tougher.

And it may be because of these more aggressive policies that other major U.S. cities like New York and Los Angeles are collecting more of their debt compared to Chicago.

All three cities employ the dreaded Denver boot to immobilize the vehicles of drivers who don’t pay their ticket debt fast enough.

Los Angeles allows drivers to have as many as five unpaid tickets before the boot can be attached or the vehicle is towed and impounded.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Parking, Camera Ticket Debt Soars To $1.5 Billion Under Emanuel

Chicago's parking, red light and speed camera ticket debt has risen to a combined $1.5 billion under Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Chicago’s parking, red light and speed camera ticket debt has risen to a combined $1.5 billion under Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

From when he first took office, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has taken a hard line
on recovering money owed to the city — particularly when it comes to parking ticket
scofflaws or those who rack up red-light or speed camera tickets.

But under his administration, the amount of unpaid tickets and fines have continued
to grow — to a staggering $1.5 billion, according to data obtained through a Freedom
of Information Act request by The Expired Meter. It accrues at a pace of $1 million a
week, documents show, far more than what the city collects from tickets it issues.

Waukegan Offers Ticket Amnesty, Makes It Easier To Get Booted

What the boot!?Carrot and stick.

That’s the strategy the City of Waukegan seems to be using on north suburban motorists according to the Chicago Tribune.

First the carrot.

The town is offering it’s third parking ticket amnesty since 1994 to try to get paid on about $3 million in unpaid tickets. Although the city has many tickets on their books that have increased with fines and penalties due to non-payment, Waukegan is willing to let scofflaws pay the original ticket amount plus 17%.

NBC 5 Does God’s Work Helps Nun Beat NYC Parking Tickets

Sister Michelle Germanson has never been east of Notre Dame University in her car.

But for some reason, the car this president of Trinity High School in River Forest owns kept on getting parking tickets from New York City.

Somehow her vanity license plate from Wisconsin which spells “TRINITY” was popping up on NYC parking tickets.

‘Dirty Trick’ Parking Ticket Flier Pops Up In 33rd Ward Race

A fake parking ticket critical of Alderman Deb Mell popped up in the 33rd Ward before Tuesday's election.

A fake parking ticket critical of Alderman Deb Mell popped up in the 33rd Ward before Tuesday’s election.

Better late than never–I guess.

Somehow this story escaped my Google alerts until the day of the election.

It seems fliers designed to look like Chicago parking tickets bashing 33rd Ald. Deb Mell, the daughter of former alderman Dick Mell and sister to Patti Blagojevich, were left on car windshields all over the ward just before election day according to the Sun-Times.

NBC 5 Helps Driver Fight ‘Unfair’ Parking Ticket Rulings

Sam Navin is new to Chicago.

And the city has made him feel more than welcome almost immediately issuing his truck a pair of bright orange parking tickets.

The only problem was that both tickets were issued improperly according to Navin.

The first was for having an expired truck permit, which made no sense to Navin who got his sticker just after he came to town. So he took a photo of his permit sticker, assembled all his evidence including proof of when and where he got his permit and mailed it off with a letter explaining why the ticket was issued improperly.

Unfortunately for Navin, the Administrative Law Judge ruled against him saying in his decision there was no date/time stamp on the photos he submitted as evidence. Puzzlingly, the photo of the truck permit sticker the city provided was unreadable.

Right after that, Navin was issued a ticket for not having a front plate on his vehicle–even though he says it was there. So he dutifully took photos–this time with a date and time stamp and a letter with his defense.