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Gang Activity Reason City Will Remove Parking Meters

Residents of a low income high rise in Uptown cite "gang activity" to get city to remove parking meters.

Residents of a low income high rise in Uptown cite “gang activity” to get city to remove parking meters. Photo credit: Mina Bloom/DNA Info.

A handful of metered parking spots on North Sheridan in causing an uproar in Uptown.

So much so, the public “outrage” has inspired City Hall and Ald. James Cappleman (46th) to agree to remove the meters according to DNA Info.

The  six metered spaces are in front of a low income high rise and were re-installed after about a year hiatus due to contstruction.  But according to residents, since they cannot afford to pay the meters, they’ve been forced to park their vehicles in non-metered areas. Unfortunately, those spots allegedly reside in a gang controlled area.

Out Of Order

A parking meter paybox in Bucktown malfunctions.

A parking meter paybox in Bucktown malfunctions.

A long time reader snapped a photo of this parking meter pay box in Wicker Park recently.

The payboxes seem to have a pretty good track record as far as reliability and rarely become inoperable.

But this paybox seems to have crashed in a big way. Not only is the display malfunctioning but it seems to have become detached from its fasteners.

Emanuel Flier Attacks Rival Fioretti For Parking Meter Votes

Fioretti meter flier

A recent flier from Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s election campaign is attacking Ald. Bob Fioretti for his votes on the parking meter lease deal.

Back in 2008, Ald. Fioretti voted for the former Mayor Richard Daley’s infamous parking meter lease deal–an agreement that sold the city’s metered parking spaces for a fraction of their worth.

It was a vote he regretted and which inspired him to vote against a revision of the meter deal that Emanuel pushed in 2013. The revised deal did get Chicago Parking Meters, LLC to drop tens of millions of dollars in claims against the city. But in return, Emanuel allowed most metered spaces to extend enforcement hours until 10PM–a two hour increase, and meters in River North to be fed until midnight.

But now, according to the Chicago Reader, a mailer attacks Fioretti for both his original vote for the meter deal and now his vote against the revisions.

Parking Meters Welcome Pennies In One Small Illinois Town

Expired MeterDowntown Chicago, drivers pay $6.50 for the privilege of parking at a meter for an hour–it’s the highest rate in the U.S.

But just about 90 minutes directly west of Chicago is the quaint town of Sycamore–a town where downtown parkers can feed the meter for as little as one penny.

A penny gets you 12 minutes, a nickel gets you an hour or, if you really want to splurge, motorists can purchase two hours for a dime.

The Associated Press spotlights the small town where city leaders say they use the penny parking as a marketing tool to draw shoppers to a thriving downtown.

Musician Tours All 50 States One Parking Meter At A Time

Pablo Picker plays in the back of his pickup.

Pablo Picker plays in the back of his pickup.

The first thing Pablo Picker does after parking his pickup truck is to feed the meter.

Picker is a Boston based musician who’s taking his music to the streets–literally–playing music from the back of his truck sitting at parking meters in all 50 states.

This day he sits barefoot in the back of a pickup truck parked on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, playing guitar and singing to a constantly changing audience of hipsters, commuters, parents and children walking by.

Picker had been playing in public for years, mainly in Boston’s Harvard Square where he saw many street musicians getting hassled by police for not having a permit. While Picker was smart enough to get his own busker license, he’s always been uncomfortable with the idea that musicians couldn’t just entertain people in public without the formality of a license.

So after recording a new album, he got the urge to get back on the street to share his music, and decided do a tour playing in public in all 50 states. But he was concerned about the possibility of getting on the wrong side of local law enforcement.

So he came up with a brilliant solution–parking meters.

Paid Sunday Metered Parking Returns To Lakeview

A sticker on the front of meter payboxes in Lakeview remind drivers they now have to pay to park on Sundays.

A sticker on the front of meter payboxes in Lakeview remind drivers they now have to pay to park on Sundays.

It took over a year, but 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney finally was able to restore paid metered parking to Lakeview on Sundays.

Drivers had to start paying the meters Sunday, September 28th at metered parking spaces on major streets like Clark, Halsted, Broadway, Belmont,  Southport and others from 10 AM until 8 PM.  Monday through Saturday meters must be fed from 8 AM until 10 PM in most areas.

The alderman told DNA Info a few weeks ago, the move was necessary to promote turnover of parking spaces to allow more people to find parking to shop in Lakeview.

“Saturday and Sunday are the No. 1 and 2 days of economic activity in the ward,” Tunney said. “We need the turnover specifically on those busiest days.

Happy %#@! Anniversary, 1st Parking Meter Installed July 16th

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a post reprinted from last years (and recycled from some earlier years as well). But, a nutty website like this focusing on parking issues certainly cannot ignore such a red letter day in history like today. Special thanks to our friend Sluggo for reminding us of this very special historical anniversary.

As you dig through your pockets for quarters to pay for your parking spot today, you have an additional reason to curse your parking meter.

Today, for urban motorists everywhere, this day could be labeled an anniversary of evil.

Because this day in 1935, the very first parking meter was installed at the corner of First Street and Robinson Avenue, in downtown Oklahoma City, OK.

Fox Chicago News, Other Media Outlets Cover ParkChicago Story

FOX 32 News Chicago

Fox Chicago News and a bevy of other media outlets picked up on The Expired Meter’s story on the issues with ParkChicago users getting ticketed while paid up using the app.

Newsradio 780′s Nancy Harty also had a short radio report as well.

Parking Meter App Users Wrongly Ticketed Hundreds of Times

Workers for CPM erect one of the 42,000 signs needed citywide for the ParkChicago mobile pay to park system.

Workers for CPM erect one of the 42,000 signs needed citywide for the ParkChicago mobile pay to park system.

The city’s highly touted new pay-by-phone parking meter app is being rolled out across the city, but hundreds of drivers have been ticketed even after correctly using the app to pay their meters.

City officials confirm that 317 drivers using the recently released ParkChicago pay-by-phone app have reported receiving tickets for an expired-meter violation — even though there was still time on the meter — in the first two months since the app’s rollout began in May.

Chicago Parking Meters spokesman Scott Burnham said only a small percentage of parkers who used the app have gotten tickets, although he didn’t say how many times the app had been used overall to pay meters.

The city has issued 81,868 expired-meter tickets to all parkers citywide since the app became available, although most of those went to parkers using the pay boxes on the street.

The ParkChicago app debuted to great fanfare in a West Loop pilot test in mid-April. It allows drivers to use their Android or iOS smartphones to pay their parking meter without having to walk to the parking meter paybox.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Over 15,000 Drivers Sign Up For ParkChicago App

When you start seeing signs like this around areas you park, you can start using the ParkChicago app.

When you start seeing signs like this around areas you park, you can start using the ParkChicago app.

In just a few weeks after the city wide expansion of its service began, over 15,000 drivers have signed up to use the ParkChicago mobile payment app according to Chicago Parking Meters, LLC.

ParkChicago is the pay-by-phone app that allows Chicago motorists to pay for metered parking remotely via their smartphone remotely, instead of having to feed the meter.

CPM launched the service with a three-week pilot test confined to a four block area in the West Loop neighborhood back in mid-April and then started the expansion the first week in May.

“The response to ParkChicago has been very positive as you can tell by the number of drivers who have signed up in just a short amount of time,” said CPM spokesperson Scott Burnham. “Our customers obviously like the ease and convenience of the app, which allows them to avoid a trip to the meter box and eliminates the need of having to walk back to their vehicle to place a parking receipt on their dashboard. It also gives them added flexibility by enabling them to extend their time remotely so they don’t have to rush to get back before their time expires.”