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IG Rips CDOT On Mismanagement Of City’s Loading Zones

Valet loading signChicago’s management loading zones and disable parking is a mess according to the city’s Office of the Inspector General.

The OIG published an audit Thursday, of the process for obtaining loading zones and disabled parking signs and found not only does it take a long time to get one of these parking spots, but poor management of the programs is costing the city millions in lost revenue.

In order to obtain a loading zone in the city, it takes an average of 337 days. Disabled parking spaces took just 207 days.

Both requests need to go through a multitude of channels before they are granted including site surveys, billing and installation by the Department of Transportation for loading zones and Department of Finance for surveys and billing of disabled parking spots, although CDOT handles sign installation.

The OIG also reports that CDOT’s records for loading zones is woefully incomplete with insufficient data on nearly 85% of the city’s loading zones.

The Geek Dispenses Driving, Parking Advice On WGN Radio

WGN Radio 720's Mike Stephen.

WGN Radio 720′s Mike Stephen.

While everyone else was celebrating Memorial Day grilling, chilling and drinking adult beverages, The Parking Ticket Geek spent some time on the radio doling out his idiotic parking and driving advice.

WGN Radio’s Mike Stephen asked the Geek to come downtown and hang out for an hour to answer the questions of frustrated Chicago area motorists.

It was a ton of fun. Big thanks to Stephen, the host of Outside the Loop Radio every Saturday morning from 6-7 AM, for allowing a reprobate like the Geek into the luxurious WGN studios.

Here’s a link to the full podcast, “Mike Stephen: The Parking Ticket Geek drops in to help listeners with their parking and transportation problems.”

Should Drivers Always Stop After Hitting A Pedestrian? Maybe Not

Stop, give aid, call the police, remain at the scene.

That’s what drivers are supposed to do if they ever have the misfortune of striking a pedestrian with their vehicle.

In fact, it’s technically illegal to leave the scene of an accident involving a pedestrian.

But, stopping and remaining at the scene may not be the right decision in all cases–at least according to police officials.

Take a recent tragic incident in Milwaukee.

Shoulder Riding Motorist Gets Well Deserved Traffic Ticket

An Illinois STate Trooper converses with a driver caught riding on the shoulder of the Kennedy Expressway recently.

An Illinois STate Trooper converses with a driver caught riding on the shoulder of the Kennedy Expressway recently.

The lesson of not cutting in line is one most people learn in kindergarten or even earlier.

But sometimes, when traffic congestion on area expressways get frustratingly bad, some more aggressive drivers, will try to bypass traffic by riding on the shoulder of the expressway–a legal and ethical no-no.

On this particular day, a shoulder-riding motorist on the Kennedy Expressway gets their well deserved comeuppance in the form of a traffic ticket.

Environmentally Friendly Automotive Tips To Celebrate Earth Day

Used TiresEDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a re-published from last year.

It’s Earth Day.

Many people in the U.S. and around the world celebrate this annual event to improve awareness of environmental issues.

Being environmentally responsible can  be a challenge for car owners.

Remember, many of the vital components and fluids used in automobiles are not very environmentally friendly.

Here’s a list of tips for car owners and how to be a vehicle owner and still celebrate a guilt-free Earth Day.

Mysterious ‘Dead Zone’ Stops Drivers From Using Keyless Remotes

FOX 32 News Chicago

For some reason, drivers who use keyless remote entry to lock and unlock their car cannot use them in a small section of an upscale Northside neighborhood according to Fox Chicago News.

Road Closure Epidemic Hits City This Weekend

Road Construction AheadChicago’s road construction season officially begins this weekend with an explosion of street closures across the city.


Starting the evening of Friday, April 10th, at least one lane of the Clark Street Bridge, which spans the Chicago River downtown, will be closed to begin a six-week project to paint it according to the Chicago Department of Transportation.

Weeknights all lanes will be closed overnight. And the weekend of April 24-27, the bridge will experience full closure.

The project will be completed by Memorial Day.


Anti-Camera Group Announces Endorsements For Runoff Election

Red Light Camera Pledge
Chicago’s red light and speed camera programs have become one of the major issues in the runoff election for mayor and a handful of city council seats.

Next to pensions, the cameras are a close second in the top tier of issues being discussed by the candidates. Even USA Today says so.

One group who’s done an effective job of making the automated traffic enforcement cameras a hot topic is the Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras. They’ve been holding protests around the city for the better part of two years and asked candidates to sign a pledge to dismantle both programs if elected.

Driver’s Daring Escape From Tow Truck Caught On Video

Perhaps the video should be entitled, “The one who got away.”

A River North high rise resident caught an interesting incident from his balcony on video. A tow truck hooked up a car, reportedly from a Walgreens parking lot nearby, and tried to tow it away.

Car Ends Up Parked In Bike Lane On Lake Shore Drive Bridge

A photo posted by Steve Parkes (@yadonefuckedup) on

People, especially bike riders, were perplexed about how a car came to rest in the bike lane on the Lake Shore Drive bridge earlier this week.

The Chicago Tribune even wrote a short story about it.