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Parking Patrons Risk Boot At Wilmette Dairy Queen


Who knew a soft serve ice cream cone could cause so much controversy?

Up in north suburban Wilmette, if you try to park your car in a strip mall parking lot to pickup a scrumpdilicious ice cream cone at the Dairy Queen, your vehicle risks being booted.

The Dairy Queen is popular during the summer up there.

So much so, DQ’s parking lot can’t handle all the cars and some times drivers use the strip mall parking lot next door to park there cars to score their cone–and that’s annoying the business owners in the strip mall who want the spaces free for their customers.

City Hall Explores DIY Denver Boot Release Program

The Denver boot immobilizes another Chicago scofflaw.

The Denver boot immobilizes another Chicago scofflaw.

Chicago drivers dread getting booted–that is–the bright yellow Denver boot.

But now, getting booted–or at least getting the boot removed may become much easier.

The city has recently issued an RFP (request for proposal) for a vendor to provide some sort of “self-release vehicle immobilization devices,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Unfortunately, city motorists will sometimes come back to their vehicle to find one of these metal vehicle immobilization devices attached to a tire due to unpaid parking tickets.

CBS 2 Showcases Global Parking’s Booting Tactics On SW Side

According to CBS 2 News, Global Parking Management is booting a lot of cars in a parking lot on Archer and Central.

Private Booting Headed To 45th Ward

Booting vehicles in private parking lots may be coming to the northwest side’s 45th Ward according to DNA Info Chicago.

Alderman John Arena (45th) recently introduced an ordinance to allow the practice in his ward.

Private booting allows the owner of a parking lot to enforce the vehicles which park in their lot by immobilizing vehicles whose drivers park in the lot but then leave the premises. Private booting is seen as alternative to towing as a way to make sure vehicles are not trespassing on the property and/or to make sure parking spots are available for shoppers who want to patronize businesses where the lot is located.

According to the story, about half the city’s wards allow private vehicle immobilization.

Man Arrested After Taking Blowtorch To Denver Boot

70-year old Michael Ziemba has been accused of trying to use a blowtorch to remove the boot from this car.

“I had to remove it somehow because I have money problems,” Michael Ziemba allegedly told police.

According to DNA Info Chicago, the 70-year old Ziemba was caught by police allegedly attempting to remove the bright yellow Denver boot attached to his front wheel with a blowtorch.

He was charged with criminal damage to property and released on his own recognizance.

Ziemba may also face a separate $750 fine for tampering with the boot by the city’s Department of Finance.

Here’s DNA Info’s full story, “Man, 70, Caught Using Blowtorch on Denver Boot, Prosecutors Say.”

Boot & Run

A crafty driver in Logan Square found a way to escape the dreaded Denver boot and give the city the middle finger all in one fell swoop last night.

The industrious car owner, finding his or her vehicle immobilized by a bright yellow, heavy, metal boot, found a way to remove the entire wheel in order to get back on the road.

Booted In Private Lot, Man Attacks Attendant With Hammer

Marcus Forman, 41, charged with aggravated assault of a Global Parking Management employee. Photo credit: Chicago Police Department.

He just wanted to buy some booze.

Marcus Forman parked in a laundry mat parking lot in Rogers Park last week, then went next door to the liquor store in Rogers Park.

But when he came back to his car, he found it had been booted by Global Parking Management.

That’s when, according to DNA Info Chicago, Forman lost it and attacked the booter working for Global Parking with pepper spray and the “wooden end of a hammer.”

Forman eventually turned himself in to police. He was charged with aggravated battery and criminal damage to property. A judge set his bond at $125,000.

Global Parking Management patrols many private parking lots in Chicago using the same type of vehicle immobilization device–the Denver Boot–that the City of Chicago uses to convince parking ticket scofflaws to cough up what they owe.

State Senator Silverstein Backs Off Boot Bill

Chicago drivers can breathe a sigh of relief today.

That’s because the bill introduced in the Illinois State Senate in January to allow municipalities to drastically expand the use of the Denver boot to collect unpaid city debts, has been tabled–for now.

According to Illinois Senate President John Cullerton’s (D-Chicago) office, the bill had already been assigned to the Judiciary Committee a few weeks prior. But during Thursday’s session in Springfield, it was withdrawn from its committee assignment and sent back to Assignments by the bill’s sponsor, Illinois State Senator Ira Silverstein (D-Chicago).

While Silverstein did not respond to repeated attempts for comment, staff members in both his Chicago and Springfield offices said they had received many calls voicing opposition after news of the bill was reported in the media. Crain’s Chicago Business broke the story earlier in the week.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

Chicago Driver Boots His Own Car To Stop Thieves

What lengths would you go to in order to prevent your car from being stolen?

Car alarm? Lojak? Steering wheel lock?

What about booting your own automobile?

CBS 2 News came across a guy putting a boot on a car–his own car.

Persistance Pays Off In Mistaken Boot Tampering Incident

Woman Gets $750 Refund After Red Tape Over Yellow Boot

After a long and tiring airplane trip, the last thing you want to be waiting when you land is a surprise.

A “surprise” is what Megan Nolan and her young family came back to after flying into Midway and walking back to the parking lot to find a bright yellow metallic boot adorning their car nearly two weeks ago.

It is not uncommon for unwary drivers with outstanding unpaid parking tickets, especially those from outside Chicago proper, to find their car booted after parking in any of the airport parking lots at O’Hare and Midway. In some ways it’s like shooting fish in a barrel and boot crews assigned to airport parking immobilize a lot of vehicles.

Tired and aggravated, Nolan waited by the car with her daughter while her husband Andrew walked the two blocks to the Midway payment office. Both Midway and O’Hare have payment offices open 24 hours a day for drivers to pay their tickets to get a boot released.

Nolan thought she they’d have to pay a few hundred bucks at most to pay for the pair of unpaid tickets and the boot fee to have their car released.

She knew the drill. Having had her vehicle booted twice before about a decade ago, before moving to the far western suburbs back in 2004, she was grudgingly resolved to just paying up and getting on the road home.

“I had been booted a long time ago,” explained Nolan. “I just paid my tickets. I didn’t yell. Didn’t scream. I just paid what I owed.”

But the Nolans got a jolt when the city told them, in addition to the two outstanding parking tickets and boot fee, the city was looking for an additional $60 boot fee and a $750 fine for tampering with a boot on an immobilized vehicle that was allegedly theirs back in 2010–a $810 shock.

Tampering With A Boot Can Be Costly