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“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

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WATCH FOR WRIGLEYVILLE PARKING RESTRICTIONS, METER SURCHARGES, STREET CLOSURES WEDNESDAY AND (IF NECESSARY) THURSDAY NIGHTS FOR NLCS GAMES 4 AND 5; Wrigleyville Streets Quiet After Cubs Third NLCS Game Loss - DNA Chicago; Cubs, CTA Get Mocked By Los Angeles Transit And Others - Chicago Tribune; From Wacky To Somber, Cubs Bricks Outside Wrigley Field Tell Personal Tales - Chicago Tribune; Cubs Fans Rally To Save Wrigleyville Taco Bell - Wall Street Journal; Helicopter Noise By Wrigley Driving You Mad? Nothing You Can Do, FAA Says - DNA Chicago

Morons At CDOT Will Close A Lane Of Lower Lake Shore Drive And Convert It Into A Bike Lane, To Appease Biker Crybabies Upset Over The Delayed Navy Pier Flyover Ramp Boondoggle - Chicago Streetsblog

Editorial: Build On Success Of Teen Driver’s License Law - Chicago Daily Herald

Report: Suburban Cook County Has More DUI Cases Than Chicago - Chicago Daily Herald

IDOT Reveals Various Ideas For Rebuilding North Lake Shore Drive, Including A Proposal For ‘Managed Lanes’ - Chicago Streetsblog

Even After Creating A Giant TIF Tax Vacuum For The CTA, Rahm Wants To Pick The Pockets Of Uber, Lyft Customers — To Throw More Money At An Agency That Spends $200M To Rehab A Single L Station And $400M For What Is Now A Useless Hole In The Ground For The Loop Superstation - Crain’s Chicago Business; Relying On Dubious, Agenda-Driven Junk Science Study From University Of California, CTA Claims That Uber, Lyft (And Cheap Gas) Are Hurting CTA Ridership - DNA Chicago – News Flash: Crappy Service And Out Of Control Violent Crime Are The Reasons For CTA Ridership Plunge; Police Release Photo Of Suspect In Violent Red Line Beating, Robbery Of Senior Citizen, Who Was Hospitalized/Unable To Speak For 2 Months - WGN 9 Chicago; 81-Year-Old Man Pushed Down CTA Stairs, Hospitalized With Bleeding On The Brain After Loop Robbery - DNA Chicago; Stop Nickel And Diming Chicago Residents And Reform City Finances Instead - Illinois Policy Institute; Rahm’s Budget Under Fire For Yet More Taxes On Chicago Residents - DNA Chicago

Lyft Joins With Northbrook Based Auto Insurer Allstate In Effort To Combat Domestic Violence - Lyft Blog

Alderman To Propose Finally Taxing Bikers To Pay For All Their Pet Projects - Chicago Tribune; Bikers Already Squawking About It - Chainlink

Future Of Dockless Bikeshare In Chicago Unclear - Forbes

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, October 17th, 2017


Your Dan Ryan Commute Will Be Terrible For 2 More Weeks - DNA Chicago

Streetsblog Voodoo Traffic Engineering: Since The City Can’t Finish The Navy Pier Flyover Bike Boondoggle Until 2019 (If Ever), Streetsblog Wants The City To Take Away Some Of The Already Overcrowded Lower Lake Shore Drive Car Lanes And Make Them Into Bike Lanes Instead - Chicago Streetsblog; Apparently Streetsbloggers Are Unaware That North Lakeshore Drive Is Used By 155,000 Vehicles A Day, So There Is Literally No Way To Shoehorn A Bike Lane Onto An Already Congested Roadway

Teen Crash Deaths In Illinois Drop By Half Since ’07, Graduated Licenses Credited - Chicago Tribune; Indiana Teen Driving Fatalities Drop 30% - Fox 59 Indianapolis

Rahm Wants Higher Taxes On Uber, Lyft Rides, And Use Money To Bail Out Mismanaged, Perennially Broke CTA - Chicago Sun-Times; Rahm Tax Fatigue Continues - Chicago Sun-Times

One Week After Putting City’s Future Tax Revenue At Risk With A Deal As Unwise As The Parking Meter Lease, Rahm Claims He Is Moving Towards Fiscal Reform - Crain’s Chicago Business

The Newspaper Looks At Crestwood Red Light Camera Suit - The Newspaper

Jefferson Park Residents Raise Concerns Over The Traffic And Parking At Meeting - DNA Chicago; Online Shopping A Challenge For Neighborhood Retail - Nadig Newspapers

Active Transportation Alliance Wants To Spend Increasingly Scarce Tax Dollars On Bike Lanes For Pullman National Monument - Active Transportation Alliance

Can’t Trust Obama Center With Jackson Park - Chicago Sun-Times

Does Chicago Really Need A ‘World-Class’ Golf Course In Jackson Park - Chicago Tribune

Chicago Submits Bid For Amazon HQ - Crain’s Chicago Business; Michael Reese A Dream Site For A Tech Company, Developer Says - DNA Chicago; Reader Laughs At Sun-Times Editorial Extolling Quality Of Life In Chicago As Amazon Incentive - Chicago Sun-Times; Inexplicably, Chicago Named Top City In Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards List - Chicago Tribune; Bidding High Is Worth The Risk To Win Amazon’s Second Headquarters - Chicago Tribune; New Jersey Dangles $7 Billion In Tax Breaks For Amazon’s HQ2 - Chicago Tribune; Amazon Has A Chance To Redefine Corporate Responsibility - Crain’s Chicago Business; Amazon Will Spoil It for Lake Forest Auto Parts Company W.W. Grainger - Bloomberg; RTA Chair Kirk Dillard — Metra Is Ready For Amazon - Chicago Sun-Times; Put 50,000 Amazon Jobs Where They Are Needed - Chicago Sun-Times

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, October 16th, 2017

City Gets Caught Red-Handed Ripping Off Drivers In Wrigleyville, With $4,000 In Illegal Parking Meter Surcharges - Chicago TribuneWATCH FOR PARKING RESTRICTIONS, METER SURCHARGES, STREET CLOSURES TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND THURSDAY NIGHTS FOR NLCS GAMES 3, 4 AND 5

Cicero Avenue Bridge Over Cal Sag Channel To Close For 2 Months - Chicago Tribune

Tribune Editorial; Unsafe At Any Speed: Driving With Facebook On The Dashboard - Chicago Tribune

Transportation Expert Says Transparency Is Critical In Illinois Capital Spending Plan - Illinois News Network

Editorial: The Dangers Of Fundraising On The Roadway - Chicago Daily Herald

What Should You Do When You See A Dangerous High Speed Driver - Chicago Daily Herald

Ald. Wants To Hike Uber/Lyft Fees - Chicago Tribune

The Public Transit Money Flush: CTA Giving Away Millions To Rejected Bidders For Red And Purple Line Modernization Project - Chicago Tribune

$60M Navy Pier Flyover/Bike Ramp Boondoggle Will Now Cost Even More, Take Another Year Longer To Build - Chicago Tribune; Active Transportation Alliance Complains About The Delays In This Mismanaged Project That It Lobbied For - Active Transportation Alliance

Loop Bike Lane Signals Are A Flop, As Bikers, Drivers, Can’t Understand Them - Chicago Bike Report; Bicyclists Need To Learn The Rules Of The Road - Baylor Lariat

Should Chicago Roll Out The Red Carpet For Dockless Bike-Share - Chicago Streetsblog

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, October 13th, 2017

Despite The All Out War On Cars, America’s Car Ownership Rate Higher Now Than Before the Recession - Medium

Unelected Car Haters At Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning Pushing For Soviet-Style Command And Control Over Expressway/Tollway Drivers, With: (1) Penalty Tolls For Driving To/From Work At Rush Hour; (2) Enforced Carpooling; (3) Taking Away Lanes From Drivers For Bus Boondoggles - Chicago Daily Herald

Removal Of Old CTA Station To Close Randolph Street In Loop - Chicago Sun-Times

‘Chicago Fire’ Filming Returns To Logan Square, Prompting Street Closures - DNA Chicago

Letter: Start Enforcing Rules Of The Road For Bikers - Chicago Tribune

Six Injured, Wacker Drive Closed Because Of Loop Hazmat Situation - Fox 32 Chicago

36th Ward To Vote On Infrastructure Projects - DNA Chicago

Write Your Own Joke Here: Rahm Emanuel Adds Reinforcements To War On Rats - Chicago Sun-Times

Who Will Protect Stately Jackson Park Trees From The Obamadoggle - Chicago Sun-Times; City Hall, Use This Delay To Explain The Tiger Woods Project In Jackson Park - Chicago Tribune

Promised North Branch Park Could Be Divided By Street Or Even River - DNA Chicago

Anish Kapoor, ‘Cloud Gate’ Artist: ‘I Call It The Bean Too’ - Chicago Sun-Times

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, October 12th, 2017

2 Weeks Of Dan Ryan Lanes Closures For CTA 95th Street Station Work - DNA Chicago

$16M Federal Grant Will Increase Chicago’s Electric Fleet - Associated Press

Letter: Yellow Light Means Prepare To Stop - Chicago Daily Herald

Chicago Is Dead Broke But Rahm Still Spending On Bike Lanes For The 1% Of Chicagoans Who Commute By Bike - Chicago Streetsblog

Huh? Chicago Ranked As One Of World’s Safest Cities - Crain’s Chicago Business – Really?

Lincoln Avenue/Giddings Plaza Win Great Streets Award From American Planning Association - American Planning Association

Rauner Says Illinois Has ‘Great Chance’ To Snag Amazon HQ - Chicago Tribune; Amazon Second HQ Bid Ignites ‘Sadistic’ Frenzy Across North America - Bloomberg

NFL Owners, Auto Parts Manufacturer Who Brought Jobs To Chicago Takes Aim At Trump - Crain’s Chicago Business

WTF: Man Charged In Blue Line Attempted Murder Can Use CTA While Out On Bail - DNA Chicago; Why Didn’t State’s Attorney Kim Foxx Ask For Suspect To Be Barred From CTA?

Hispanic Aldermen Push Latino Hiring Quotas For CTA - Chicago Tribune

North And West Of Loop, Skyline Looking Up - Chicago Tribune

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, October 11th, 2017


Census: Americans Still Prefer Commuting By Car - Business Insider

Climate Change Threatens Midwest Infrastructure, Construction Industry Report Says - Chicago Tribune

Streetsblog Still Beating The Dead Horse Argument For Taking Away Already Crowded East-West Traffic Lanes From Cars, And Giving Them To The 1% Of Chicagoans Who Bike To Work - Chicago Streetsblog

Cook County’s Revolving Door Justice In Action: Biker Charged With Attempted Murder, Accused Of Trying To Kill Stranger By Pushing Him Onto CTA Tracks, Is Released From Jail And Turned Loose On The Public - DNA Chicago

Rahm’s Reckless Debt Scheme Puts City Ownership Of Future Tax Revenues At Risk - Crain’s Chicago Business; Rahm, City Council, Obviously Learned Nothing From The Parking Meter Deal - Chicago Sun-Times

Debate Over Chicago’s Pork Chop Traffic Islands - DNA Chicago

Falling Glass Shuts Down Randolph And Wells In The Loop - Chicago Sun-Times

Cop Haters Block Street In Front City Hall During Afternoon Rush Hour For Anti-Police Protest - Chicagoist; Meanwhile 500 People Have Been Shot Dead In Chicago So Far This Year, Mostly African-Americans On The South And West Side — Where Is The Protest For That?

53rd Street Will Be Torn Up Until April For Water Main Project In Hyde Park - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, October 10th, 2017


Great Chicago Fire Killed 300, Caused Major Damage 146 Years Ago - DNA Chicago; 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Great Chicago Fire - DNA Chicago

How Brazil Out-Chicagoed Chicago To Rig The Olympic Bidding - Chicago Tribune

Pyke: Questions Persist On Tollway’s No-Transponder Fee - Chicago Daily Herald

Lincoln Towing Refunds Author Who Had Car Towed Away From Her Book Party - DNA Chicago

Expert: Ribbon-Cuttings Provide Bad Incentives For Illinois Politicians On Infrastructure Spending - Illinois News Network

Letter: Keep Public Control Of Roads, Parking Meters - Chicago Daily Herald

Streetsblog Wants No Rules For Chicago Developers Who Cheap Out And Dump Their Parking Problems On Neighborhood Streets - Chicago Streetsblog

Critical Massholes Defend Their Traffic Tying Tantrums - Chicago Streetsblog

More Special Snowflake Protected Bike Lanes, To Choke Whatever Traffic Still Moves in The Loop - Chicago Streetsblog

How The 606 Glorified Bike Lane Pushed Long-Time Locals Out Of Their Neighborhood - Chicago Streetsblog

Construction Now In Its 4th Year For $60M Navy Pier Flyover Bike Ramp Boondoggle - DNA Chicago; Alderman Reilly Bungles Announcement On Construction - Chicago Streetsblog

Biker Smashes Window Of Van Driver, Gets A Bloody Beat Down From The Driver, And Then Begs For Cash Online To Fix His Face - DNA Chicago

45th Ward To Vote On Streetscape Projects - DNA Chicago

Chance The Rapper Says Chicago Cops Are Racist, While Live-Streaming Video Of His Traffic Stop That Was Somehow Free Of Any Racist Overtones - DNA Chicago

Chance: Take Lyft, Round Up Fare And Donate Difference To CPS - DNA Chicago

Low Information Losers Rode Their Bikes Downtown To Deface Statue Of Columbus - Chicago Tribune, While Other Uninformed Goofs Try To Shout Down The Columbus Day Parade - Chicago Tribune; The Baseless, ‘Fake History’ Attacks On Columbus - Chicago Sun-TimesDaily Signal; Boos And Rain Greet Mayor De Blasio At NYC Columbus Day Parade - The New York Times

Cops Help Man With Broken Hip Finish Final 2 Miles Of Chicago Marathon - Chicago Sun-Times; Watching Wife Run Marathon Is Husband’s Favorite Spectator Sport - Chicago Sun-Times

Fullerton Down To One Lane Overnight For Lincoln Common Construction - DNA Chicago

Norwood Park Gas Work To Squeeze Traffic At Devon And Harlem - DNA Chicago

Albany Park Tunnel Looks So Cool, Too Bad It’s Underground - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, October 6th, 2017

[Otto Mobile will be taking the day off on Columbus Day, Monday October 9 — ‘The Driver’s Side’ Returns On Tuesday, October 10]

Chicago Marathon 2017: Map, Road Closures And Spectator’s Guide - Chicago Tribune

An Insider’s Guide To Getting To Wrigley Field For The NLDS By Car, Train, Bus - Chicago Daily Herald

Watch For Lakes Shore Drive Traffic Monday Night For Bears/Vikings Games At Soldier Field

Van Buren Bridge Over Kennedy Expy. To Close For Circle Interchange Work - DNA Chicago

Opposition Intensifies To Obama Library Road Closures, Lost Parkland - Chicago Sun-Times

Why Chicago Should Hope It Loses Bid For Amazon’s HQ2 - Chicago Tribune; Emanuel, Rauner Will Hold Amazon Pep Rally Monday - Chicago Sun-Times; Several Suburbs Offering Sites For Amazon’s Second Headquarters - Chicago Daily Herald; Team Assembled For Northwest Indiana’s Amazon Headquarters Bid - The Times Of Northwest Indiana; Shopping Malls Battered By Online Retailers May Be Offered To Amazon As HQ2 Sites - Chicago Tribune

Apple Michigan Avenue Store Likely To Go Without Rooftop Logo - Chicago Tribune

Seven-Story Office Development Fulton Market District Will Have 45 Space Parking Garage - Curbed Chicago

S. Loop Tower To Have Covered Porte Cochere Driveway - Curbed Chicago

Wrigleyville Building Boom Pits Quirky Past Against Future: ‘Change Is Going To Happen’ - Chicago Tribune

Marie’s Classic Car Show Sunday Will Be A Blast From The Automotive Past - DNA Chicago

Chicago’s Rats Are Out Of Control - Chicago Tribune

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Farewell To ‘Lake Shore Drive‘ Songwriter Skip Haynes; His Ashes May Be Spread on LSD: Report - DNA Chicago

University Study Finds Removal Of Photo Radar Had No Negative Impact On Traffic Safety - The Newspaper

Las Vegas Shooting Prompts More Security For Chicago Marathon - Crain’s Chicago Business; Where To Eat And Drink Along The 2017 Chicago Marathon Route - Chicago Tribune; Chicago Prepares Security For Cubs Playoffs Vs. Nationals At Wrigley Field - Chicago Tribune

Streetsblog Celebrates Critical Massholes And Their Illegal Traffic Blocking Temper Tantrums - Chicago ReaderOnly A Matter Of Time Until Critical Mass Antics Provoke The Wrong Driver

What Would A 500 Year Storm Do To Chicago Streets - Loop North News

Illinois Is A Medium Risk State For Driver To Hits A Deer - Belleville News-Democrat

Long-Awaited Updates At Ridge-Rogers-Touhy Intersection Finally On The Way - DNA Chicago

$500M Willis Tower Overhaul Will Reshape Streetscape - Curbed Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Road Closures Begin In Advance Of Chicago Marathon; Jackson Closed Columbus To Lake Shore Drive, Balbo Closed From Columbus To Michigan; Columbus Closures Start Thursday Morning From Roosevelt To Congress, And Then Expand North Friday And Saturday; Monroe Closes On Saturday Between Michigan And Lake Shore Drive; Michigan Avenue Closes Sunday - Chicago Sun-Times; The 40th Chicago Marathon This Sunday: Everything You Need To Know - DNA Chicago

MONDAY NIGHT TRAFFIC ALERT — Bears Versus Vikings At Soldier Field

Street Closures Announced For Cubs Home Games During Playoffs - DNA Chicago

Senator Duckworth — How Trump’s Budget Will Make Your Commute Worse - Crain’s Chicago Business

Madigan And Cullerton Trying To Stick Illinois Taxpayers With $100M Bill For Obamadoggle Infrastructure - Chicago Sun-Times; Plan Is To Raid Road Funds Funded By Gas Tax To Pay For Shutting Down Commuter Arteries On Cornell Drive And Marquette Drive; Will This Move To Steal Road Funds For Road Destruction Be Challenged As A Violation Of The Illinois Lockbox Amendment?

Ald. Beale Backs Off On Fingerprinting Uber And Lyft Drivers - Chicago Sun-Times; Uber, Lyft Can Surge All They Want As City Crackdown Put On Hold - DNA Chicago; Alderman: Raise Fees For Uber, Lyft Rides To Help Balance Budget - Chicago Tribune

Wrigley’s Most Dramatic Change — Its Outdoor Plaza — Continues To Evolve; Ald. Tunney Wants To Boost Scarce Supply Of Parking In The Neighborhood - Chicago Tribune

Broadway Businesses Lost $1.5 Million From Horribly Mismanaged Water Main Construction: Chamber - DNA Chicago; Only The Chicago Marathon Schedule Forced The City To Get Its Act Together And Finish The Project

Pedestrian Refuge Islands At 6 Corners Removed After Recently Being Installed Incorrectly - Nadig Newspapers