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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Consumer Watchdog Backs Banning Robot Cars in Chicago Until Feds Act on Safety Regulations - Business Insider

CDOT Presenting Plan For Removing Cornell Drive In Jackson Park Wednesday - DNA Chicago; Activists Have Objections - Chicago Sun-Times

After Viewing Eclipse Downstate, Long Trip Back Home Anything But Stellar - Chicago Tribune; Others Made The Trip By Train - CBS 2 Chicago; WGN’s Tom Skilling Had The Eclipse Feels - Chicago Sun-Times; Thousands Head To Chicago Parks For Solar Eclipse - Curbed Chicago; Solar Eclipse Time-Lapse At North Avenue Beach - Chicago Tribune; Car Companies Jump On The Solar Eclipse Brand-Wagon - Fox News

Chicago-Area Mechanics Strike Causing Confusion For Customers - Chicago Tribune

Now She Can Use The Carpool Lane: Pregnant Woman Delivers Her Own Baby On Side Of Tollway - NBC 5 Chicago

Another CTA Track Death: Man Found Dead On Brown Line Tracks At Addison - Chicago Sun-Times

Letter: If Chicago Can Choose To Ignore Federal Immigration Law, Why Shouldn’t Drivers Be Allowed To Ignore Traffic Laws - Chicago Daily Herald

State Rep Proposes Rent Control To Solve Chicago Gentrification - DNA Chicago

Shuttered Carson’s Ribs On Ridge Closer To Becoming A Starbucks Drive-Thru - DNA Chicago

Decatur, IL City Council, Police Discuss Options To Combat Distracted Driving - NBC 17 Decatur

Muncie, Ind. Auto Factories To Be Made Into Apartments - U.S. News & World Report

Aurora Set To Hire DUI Prosecution Firm - Chicago Tribune

Lake Zurich Residents Oppose Life Time Fitness Over Traffic Concerns - Chicago Daily Herald

Arlington Heights Residents Criticize Plan For Apartments Over Parking Concerns - Chicago Daily Herald

Geneva Commons To Upgrade Its Outdoor Space Into A Park Like Setting - Chicago Daily Herald

State Incentives Could Open Up Aurora Redevelopment Opportunities Along Riverfront - Chicago Tribune

Flashing Beacons Added At Crossing Near Libertyville High School - Chicago Daily Herald

Rauner Will Sign Bill Protecting Illegal Aliens, Setting Up Clash With Feds - Chicago Sun-Times

Illinois Has A Tax For Everything - Illinois News Network

Your Tax Dollars At Loaf: Chicago City Council Records Reveal Severe Shortage Of Serious Legislation - Illinois Policy Institute; Chicago Aldermen Fail To Attend Committee Meetings Nearly Half The Time - Illinois Policy Institute

Chicago Carjackings On The Rise - Second City Cop; City Is Abandoning Efforts To Combat Carjacking - Second City Cop

Man Tries To Rob Pizza Delivery Driver But His Plastic Gun Breaks - Chicago Sun-Times

10-Year-Old Boy Found Walking On Eisenhower Expressway Reunited With Family - Chicago Sun-Times

Dental Records May Help Identify Body Found In Aurora Garage - Chicago Tribune

Auto Burglary Wave Hits Southeast Evanston - Evanston Now

25 Years After Tammy Zywicki Kidnapping In Illinois Highway, Murder , Authorities Seek New Leads - Chicago Tribune

Chiraq Report – Deputy AG Rosenstein To Hit Chicago ‘Street Gang Violence’ In Speech - Chicago Sun-Times; Chicago Maintains Opposition To Court Oversight Of Police - Chicago Daily Herald; As CPD Arrests Drop 24%, Chicago Cop Haters Now Decide They Want The Police In Their Neighborhoods - Chicago Sun-Times

Two Men, Two Teens Wounded In Drive-By Shooting In Austin - Chicago Sun-Times

Police: Shots Fired At CPD Vehicle During Traffic Stop, No One Struck - Chicago Sun-Times

Reckless Homicide Charges Filed In Crash That Killed Beecher Woman And Her 3 Sons - Chicago Sun-Times

Minnesota Woman Ejected From SUV On I-90 Dies At Hospital - Chicago Sun-Times

Northbrook Man Dies In Rear-End Crash Near I-294 In Glenview - Chicago Tribune

63-Year-Old Man Drives Vehicle Into Burbank Home - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Bikers Want Better Way To Report Vehicles Parked In Bike Lane - Chainlink

Burglar Scales 10-Foot Fence To Steal $1,000 Bike In Lincoln Park - DNA Chicago

Trump Administration Turns To Rural Communities For Input On Infrastructure Bill - The Hill

You May Feel Effects Of Venezuela’s Crisis At The Pump - The Hill

Dakota Access Owner Accuses Green Groups Of Inciting Terrorism - The Hill

Federal Court Rules Motorist/Activist Had No Right To Film Politicians & Police In Public - The Free Thought Project

California Cops Sue Over Ticket Quotas - The Newspaper

California’s Auto Crackdown Reinforced By Road Emissions Uptick - Bloomberg

When Cops Become Storage Cubby Criminals - National Motorists Association Blog

Ford, Chinese Partner Look At Possible Electric Car Venture - Chicago Sun-Times

Ford To Offer Incentives In Britain To Scrap Older Cars - Chicago Sun-Times

Audi Engineer Implicates Superiors In Diesel Case, Lawyer Says - The New York Times

Volkswagen May Sell Assets To Pay For Dieselgate, But It’s In No Rush - Motor Trend

Millennial Americans Are Moving to the Suburbs, Buying Big SUVs - Bloomberg

Pre-Owned Vehicles Are Certifiably Hot - Ward’s Auto

Car Values Dropping, Underwater Loans Rising - Chicago Tribune

Classic Car Sales Decline For Third Straight Year - Nightly Business Report

How Self-Driving Vehicles Will Soon Impact Your Taxes - The Car Connection

Where Rosie Once Riveted, Cars Will Now Drive Themselves - Bloomberg

Transitioning Building Design To A Future Of Compact, Driverless Cars - Urban Land

Hackers Are The Real Obstacle For Self-Driving Vehicles - Technology Review

Autonomous Truck Tech Will Alter Vehicle Designs - Trucks

With Electric Cars On The Horizon, The Internal Combustion Engine Fights Back - National Law Review

Apple Patents New Type Of Short-Range Vehicle-To-Vehicle Safety Tech - The Drive

New Self-Healing Rubber Could Mean The End Of The Road For Flat Tires - Digital Trends

The Disc Brake Of The Future: An Old Standard Reimagined For Electric Cars - True Viral News

Editorial: Four Disruptive Technology Trends In Trucking - TT News

Truckers Worry About EPA Green House Gas Regs - Fleetowner

An Appeals Court Just Handed Uber A Huge Victory Over Its Passengers - Los Angeles Times

Uber’s Next New Breed CEO May Be From The Old Breed - The San Jose Mercury News; No, A Female CEO Isn’t Uber’s Only Option - Inc.com

This Investor Thinks Uber Should Merge With Tesla, But Don’t Bet On It - Fast Company

How Do You Invest in Lyft Stock - The Motley Fool

Opinion — ‘Walmart On Steroids’: Beware Of Amazon’s Growing Monopoly - The Hill

Regulators To Vote On Florida Tesla Autopilot Crash Next Month - New York Post

The Future Of Telematics In Auto Claims - Fender Bender

Is It OK To Skip Gears In A Manual Transmission - Road And Track

Sears Licenses Diehard Batteries - Chicago Sun-Times

Lawyers To See Venus Williams’ Cellphone Data After Car Crash - Chicago Tribune

Shocking Video Shows Two ‘Very Drunk Women’ Going On A Rampage By Punching Bystanders And Vandalizing Cars After They Got Thrown Out Of An Uber For Vomiting On Themselves - Daily Mail

Inside The Audacious Plan To Eliminate Traffic Deaths In L.A. - Los Angeles Magazine

Love To Text And Walk Cluelessly? Prepare To Pay A Fine For That In Some Cities - Denver Post

Feds Investigating Commuter Rail Crash In Pennsylvania - The Hill

Carmakers, Embroiled In Scandal, Have An Outsized Effect On Growth In Europe’s Largest Economy - Bloomberg

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  1. Jeff says:

    Consumer Watchdog Backs Banning Robot Cars in Chicago Until Feds Act on Safety Regulations – Business Insider

    Know nothing City Council has no business enacting regulations they don’t even understand

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