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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, August 9th, 2017.

Kass: Chicago, Cook County Sanctuary City Policy Allowed Illegal Alien Hit-And-Run Drunk Driver To Walk Away After Deadly Crash - Chicago Tribune

Homeless Coalition Threatens Suit Over Lake Shore Drive Project, Displacement Of Sidewalk Homeless Encampments For Bike Lanes - Chicago Sun-Times

Ridge Avenue To Be Resurfaced From Devon To Fargo Starting Next Week - DNA Chicago

99th Street Railroad Crossing At Vincennes Avenue Closes For Repairs - DNA Chicago

Alderman, Local Businesses, And Residents Oppose Any Bike Lane Plan For Edgebrook That Would Remove Scarce Parking Spots Or Eliminate Driving Lanes - DNA Chicago

Meetings Set For To Discuss Whether Developers Can Dump Their Parking Problems On Neighborhood Streets, With Transit-Oriented Projects In Albany Park - DNA Chicago

Pair Of W. Loop Condo Buildings Will Have 28 Units Each, 2 Parking Spots Per Unit - Curbed Chicago

‘Uber For Moving’ Start-Up App, Truxx, Rolls Into Chicago - Chicago Sun-Times

Little Italy Neighbors Don’t Want CHA Project Being Shoved Down Their Throats As Part Of New Library - DNA Chicago

Did Picasso ‘Borrow From Himself’ For Daley Plaza Sculpture Design - Chicago Sun-Times; Why We Need The Picasso - Chicago Tribune

CTA’s Dishonest Test Of Lincoln Avenue Bus Was Shamelessly Rigged Shell-Game - Chicago Streetsblog

Meet, Support Homeless Dogs At Alarmist Taproom On Thursday - DNA Chicago

Country Star Brett Eldredge Promotes New Album — In A Lakeview Pothole - DNA Chicago

NorthHalsted Market Days This Weekend - Watch For Street Closures, Parking Restrictions

Retro On Roscoe Keeps Summer Festival This Weekend - DNA Chicago

Bud Billiken Parade This Saturday

Chicago’s Riverwalk To Host ‘Friday Night Flights’ Craft Beer Fest - DNA Chicago

New Lake County Transportation Chief; Will Oversee Major Road Projects - Chicago Daily Herald

East Aurora Outlines School Busing Plan - Chicago Tribune

Aurora Considers Paying Private Law Firm To Crack Down On DUI Arrests - Chicago Tribune

Police: Teen Shot And Killed By Dolton Cop On Bishop Ford After Carjacking - Chicago Tribune

This ‘Weed World Candies’ Van Was Full Of Nearly $100K Worth Of Weed - Chicagoist

Evanston Police Report Three Incidents Of Rock Throwing At Cars - Evanston Now

Woman Pleads Guilty To DUI In Crash With Lake County Sheriff’s Squad Car In Mettawa - Chicago Daily Herald

Aurora Man Pleads Not Guilty To DUI Charges In Fatal Naperville Crash - Chicago Tribune

Indiana Plaintiffs To Appeal Loss In Bid To Restrict Use Of License Info - The Indiana Lawyer

Feds Want To Keep DOJ Report Out Of Chicago Police Officer’s Trial For Shooting 2 Teens In Car - Chicago Sun-Times

Man Wounded In West Pullman Drive-By Shooting - Chicago Sun-Times

Surveillance Photos, Audio Played For Jurors In Indiana Towing Contract Bribery Trial - Chicago Tribune

City Council Dopes Pushing Legally Unsound Ordinance To Regulate Drug Prices - CBS 2 Chicago

After Huge PR Blowback, And County Commissioner Revolt Over Her Extortion Racket Thug Tactics, Boss Preckwinkle Abandons Her Illegal Effort To Recover Millions From Parties Who Are Lawfully Challenging Cook County Soda Tax - Chicago TribuneChicago Daily Herald; McDonald’s Sued For Taxing Sweetened Drinks Twice In Cook County - Chicago Sun-Times; 7-11 Sued Over Soda Tax - Chicago TribuneBetter Government Associatio/PolitiFact: The New Tax Will Make Soda Sold In Chicago Among The Most Expensive In The Country; Indiana Walmart Charges Woman For Cook County Soda Tax - NBC 5 Chicago; Soda Tax Is Last Straw - Chicago Sun-Times; Lawsuits Over The Cook County Soda Tax Will Clog Courts - Chicago Tribune; County Commissioner Boykin: Cook County’s Real Crisis Is One Of Leadership - Chicago Tribune

Cook County’s Minimum Wage Marxism Causing Businesses To Leave, Cut Operations In Skokie - Chicago Tribune

A Debt Affordability Study Sounds Wonky — But Illinois Needs One, Pronto - Crain’s Chicago Business

Will Rauner Sign Law Making Illinois A Sanctuary State For Illegal Aliens - MyWebTimes

62-Year-Old Man Dies After Being Struck By Vehicle In Avalon Park - Chicago Sun-Times

Free CTA Train, Bus Rides To Be Given On Sept. 5 For The 1st Day Of School - DNA Chicago

CTA Commits to Providing ‘An Equal or Great Number of Racks’ at 95th Station - Chicago Streetsblog

Metra Offers Chicago Bears Fans More Options - Patch Chicago

Metra Closing 111th Street Station Ticket Office In Morgan Park - DNA Chicago

North Side Kids Really Need Bikes, Alderman Says In Donation Plea - DNA Chicago

How States Are Handling Trump’s Voter Information Request For Driver’s License, Other Data - Sacramento Bee

Global Fossil Fuel Subsidies Still Total More Than $5 Trillion Annually - Clean Technica

Pipeline Company Could Resume Drilling In Pennsylvania Under Deal - The Hill

Maryland: Longer Yellow Times Slashed Red Light Violations - The Newspaper

Know The Difference Between The 2 Types Of Seat Belt Laws - NBC 5 Burlington, VT

As Ride-Sharing And Electric Cars Take Off, Governments Are Seeking New Ways To Make Drivers Pay - The Economist

More Than Half Of All U.S. States Have Raised Fuel Taxes For Highway Funding - Equipment World

Structurally Deficient Bridge Numbers Drop, Spending Up In Last 10 Years - Equipment World

Public Works Funding Falls as Infrastructure Deteriorates - The New York Times

How Kansas City, Mo., Is Snuffing Out Potholes Before They Appear - GovTech

U.S. Motorists Drive 281.2 Billion Miles In May - Equipment World

Uber Is Phasing Out Its Subprime Car-Leasing Division After Massive Losses - The Verge

Investor Says Uber Could Be ‘Comfortably’ Worth Over $100 Billion In Next Couple Of Years - TechCrunch

An Arcane American Law Protected By Powerful Interests Is Causing Insane Traffic Jams - Quartz

What Does Intel’s Acquisition Of Mobileye Tell Us About Its Driverless Car Strategy - Forbes

GM Is Beta Testing A Ride-Hailing App For Autonomous EVs - Engadget

DHS Report: Threats Posed By Autonomous Vehicles - Public Intelligence

Next Up In Self-Driving Transportation: Modular Pods - San Francisco Chronicle

Augmented Reality Will Drive The Evolution Of Automated Cars - Venture Beat

How Wild Guesses About Transportation’s Future Can Lead to Dubious Public Policy Choices - GovTech

Nissan Reaches Class Action Settlement In Takata Airbag Case - Consumer Affairs

Takata Seeks To Suspend Air Bag Victims’ Lawsuits Against Carmakers - Reuters

Ford Repairs Police SUVs, But Questions Remain About Civilian Explorers - Chicago Tribune

U.S. Asks Judge To Dismiss Toyota Acceleration Case As Monitoring Ends - Reuters

Auto Supplier Sees German Carmakers Shifting Away From Diesel - Reuters

Postal Service Bets On Higher Stamp Prices, To Fix Woes From Amazon And Other Delivery Competition - WTOP 103.5 FM Washington, DC

Tiger Woods Likely To Enter First-Time DUI Offender Program In Florida - CNBC

Florida Man Is Accused Of Using His Car To Strike Another Man Over A Parking Spot - Palm Beach Post

Solar Eclipse Could Create Once-in-a-Lifetime Road Hazards - Huffington Post

It Is Much More Stressful These Days For Drivers And Pedestrians - North Jersey

Portland Dipshits Criticize PSA Video On Crosswalk Safety As ‘Victim Shaming’ - ABC 2 Portland

Why You Should Think About The Total Cost Of Buying A Car, Not Just The Sticker Price - National Motorists Association Blog

The Best Way To Buy A New Car — And Avoid Car Salesmen - Money Talks News

Kansas Newlyweds Crash Vehicle Day After Getting Married. Now, Families Are Planning Funeral - Chicago Daily Herald

Tip Leads To Arrest Of Suspect In Missouri Officer’s Death In Traffic Stop Shooting - Chicago Tribune

Paris Terror Attack Suspect Arrested After Ramming Car Into Soldiers - The Hill

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  1. Jeff says:

    Alderman, Local Businesses, And Residents Oppose Any Bike Lane Plan For Edgebrook That Would Remove Scarce Parking Spots Or Eliminate Driving Lanes – DNA Chicago

    Meetings Set For To Discuss Whether Developers Can Dump Their Parking Problems On Neighborhood Streets, With Transit-Oriented Projects In Albany Park – DNA Chicago

    Developers are gonna find it harder to dump all the parking for their projects on the streets of neighborhoods, where parking is already hard to find.

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