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“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Despite Harvey’s Texas Exit, Over 400 Roads Still Flooded In The State - Equipment World; Will Harvey Lead To New Thinking About Houston Development - Houston Chronicle; Houston Isn’t Flooded Because Of Its Land Use Planning - Strong Towns; What Chicago Is Doing — And Can Do — To Prevent A Disastrous Flood - Chicago Magazine; Texas Governor — Most Of Those Killed In The Storm And Flooding Have Died While Driving Through Water - CBS News; A Half-Million Flooded Cars And Trucks Could Be Scrapped After Harvey - Nightly Business Report; Harvey To Impact Car Sales, Prices After Flooding Thousands Of Vehicles - Fox Business; Harvey Shuts Down Major Pipeline Supplying Gasoline, Heating Fuel To East Coast - The Hill; Harvey Drives Up Gas Prices For Labor Day Weekend - Chicago Tribune

Auto Theft Crackdown To Exempt Airport Rental Car Agencies - Chicago Sun-Times

RTA Chair Dillard Urges Drivers To Use Mass Transit - Chicago Sun-Times

City Gives Cubs Extra Night Game — Neighbors Get Friday Night Headache - DNA Chicago

The Ultimate Act Of A Political Hack: Obama Museum Will Impose Political Litmus Test For Contractors - Chicago Sun-Times

CDOT Will Try To Peddle Its Anti Car Vision Zero Program At West Side Meetings Next Month - Vision Zero Chicago

New CDOT Milwaukee Avenue Bike Lanes A Flop In Terms Of Significant Safety Improvement - Chicago Streetsblog

Will The Stretch Of Milwaukee Between Logan Square & Avondale Finally Be Pedestrian-Friendly - Chicagoist

With Zero Data, Taxpayer Supported Active Transportation Alliance Blames Uber, Lyft For Chicago Traffic Congestion, CTA Ridership Decline - Active Transportation Alliance

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

Harvey Is Pushing Gasoline Prices Higher, Even As Oil Remains Cheap - Chicago Tribune; Senate Democrat Asks Feds To Tap Emergency Oil Reserve - The Hill; Largest Oil Refinery In US To Shut Down Due To Harvey - The Hill; Chicago-Based United CEO Munoz To Offer $1 Million Relief For Staffers Hurt By Harvey - Crain’s Chicago Business; Houston Airports Reopening After Harvey - The Hill; United, American Prepare To Resume Some Houston Flights Thursday - Chicago Tribune; UPS, FedEx Halt Delivery To Major Areas Of Texas, Louisiana Amid Storm - USA TODAY; Right Before Harvey, Trump Nixed A Rule Designed To Protect Cities From Flood Risks - Slate; More Zoning Wouldn’t Have Protected Houston From Harvey’s Fury, But Less Sprawl Would Have Helped - New York Magazine; Houston Drainage Grid ‘So Obsolete It’s Just Unbelievable’ - Chicago Tribune; Baby Deer Rescued From Flooded Houston Road - NBC 8 Tampa; Up To 250,000 Cars From Harvey Could Be Sold Without Flood Labels - Car Buzz; Seven Ways To Tell If A Used Car Has Flood Damage - The Car Connection; Drones In Houston Would Be A Force Multiplier For Rescue Efforts ? So Why Is The FAA Telling Them To Stay Away - Fox News; Federal Highway Agency Doles Out $25M For Emergency Harvey Repairs - The Hill; Experts — Houston Evacuation Would Have Left Drivers Stranded On Flooded Highways - ABC News; CNN Reporter Dramatically Rescues Driver Caught In Harvey’s Floodwaters - Yahoo News; Trapped Motorists Call 911 Center In Houston - Washington Post; 6 Found Dead In Van Swept Away By Flooding, Bringing Harvey Death Toll To 19 - ABC News; Houston Imposes Curfew After Police Arrested Crew Of Armed Robbers Who Were Hijacking Vehicles - Governing; 100 Stranded Texas Cats Headed For Chicago Shelter — But It Needs Your Help - DNA Chicago; Every Disaster Needs A Viral Hero Heartthrob - Daily Mail

LAKESHORE DRIVE TRAFFIC ALERT: Bears Final Pre-Season Game Against Cleveland At Soldier Field Thursday Night

Price-Gouging Concerns Stall 21% Fee Hike For Private Booters - Chicago Sun-Times

ISP Pushes Labor Day Traffic Safety - CBS 12 Southern Illinois

Dealership Group Accuses Striking Mechanics Of Labor Law Violation - Chicago Tribune

Northbrook-Based Allstate Works To Eliminate Distracted Driving With ‘Reality Rides’ Simulator - Fox 5 Atlanta

Trucks To Spray For Mosquitoes In City For First Time This Year, Targeting Far South Side - Chicago Sun-Times

Surge Pricing Crackdown Would Stop Crazy Fares During CTA Outages, Storms - DNA Chicago

Obama Museum Giveaway Of Public Land Stinks - Chicago Sun-Times

CDOT’s Latest War On Cars Road Diet Proposed For Howard Street - DNA Chicago

Taxpayer Supported Active Transportation Alliance Reiterates Its Car Hating Creed, Vows More Lobbying To Marginalize Drivers - Active Transportation Alliance

Not Only Does CDOT’s Vision Zero Declare War On Cars/Drivers, It Adopts An All-White Model For Decision Making - Chicago Streetsblog

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

How Hurricane Harvey Is Affecting Gas Prices - CBS News; Gas Prices In Chicago To Hit 2 Year Highs - CBS 2 Chicago; Exxonmobil Refineries Damaged In Harvey, Releasing Hazardous Pollutants - Chicago Tribune; On Day 3 Of Harvey, Houston’s Transportation Remains Paralyzed - Houston Press; Underwater Metropolis: Photos Of Houston Before And After Historic Flooding - Nightly Business Report; Airlines Turned To Plan B To Avert Brunt Of The Storm — United Sent Extra Planes To Houston Ahead Of The Storm To Handle Backlog Of Delayed Traffic When Flights Resume At Its Second-Busiest Hub - Wall Street Journal; United Airlines Issues Travel Notice Following Airport Closures - Nightly Business Report; United Airlines Is Seen Taking $265 Million Hit From Harvey - Chicago Tribune; 6 Family Members Feared Dead After Trying To Escape Harvey Floods In Vehicle - CBS News; Police Officer Drowns In His Car In Houston - The Hill; AutoNation CEO Expects Snapback In Car Sales After Harvey Because ‘That’s The American Way’ - Nightly Business Report; Illinois Based Allstate And State Farm May Have Big Auto Losses - Chicago Tribune; Massive Texas Vaults Ready To Truck Cash To Harvey-Devastated Areas, Says Ex-Dallas Fed President - Nightly Business Report; Streetsblog USA Uses Harvey Disaster As Excuse For Its Asinine Arguments About Highways - Streetsblog USA; A Modern Day Dunkirk: ‘Cajun Navy’ Races From Louisiana To Texas To Rescue Flood Victims, Using Boats To Pay It Forward - Chicago TribuneRed Cross Donations For Harvey Disaster

The Many Faces Of Rahm – First An Anorexic Ballerina/Dr. Frank-N-Furter Doppleganger — Now A Bike Riding Climate Change Warrior - Guardian

Mechanics Strike Over At Some Chicago-Area Car Dealerships Breaking From Bargaining Group - Chicago Tribune

Area Police To Step Up Traffic Enforcement Over Labor Day Weekend - Chicago Tribune

Farmers Almanac Says This Chicago Winter To Be Cold And Snowy - Chicagoist

Unelected Metropolitan Planning Council Wants To Tax Expressway Drivers For Non-Car Boondoggles And Failing Transit Money Pits/Bailouts - Metropolitan Planning Council

Obama Pals Will Be In Charge Of Who Gets Rich From The Obama Seizure Of Public Land In Jackson Park - DNA Chicago; Neither City Hall, Nor Any Private Developer Wanted To Build The Obama Parking Garage - Chicago Sun-Times

Chinatown Meeting Tuesday On Bike, Pedestrian Issues - DNA Chicago

Chicago’s Old Post Office Building Astride Congress Parkway Is Getting Some New Windows — 2,400 To Be Exact - Curbed Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, August 28th, 2017

Gas Prices Set To Spike As Harvey Pummels Houston - CNN Money; Hurricane Harvey Slams Auto Industry - CNBC; Roads, Cars Submerged In Houston Floods After Hurricane Harvey - CNN; Watch: Man Rescued From Submerged Car In Houston Floods - The Hill; Chicago-Based United Flew Hundreds Of People Out Of Houston In Emergency Evacuations - Houston Chronicle; Naperville Woman Seeks Truck, Driver To Haul Disaster Relief To Texas - Chicago Tribune

No Joy In Strike, Auto Mechanics Say - Chicago Daily Herald

CDOT, Obama Will Ruin Jackson Park, Stick Taxpayers With The Bill - Chicago Sun-Times

City Subsidized New DePaul Arena Means New Headaches For Drivers, With Street Closures, One-Ways In South Loop - DNA Chicago

Rauner Signs Automatic Drivers License Voter Registration Bill - WGN 9 Chicago

Illinois Does Away With Truck-Driver Tests For Some Recently Returning Veterans - Rockford Star-Register

Traffic Clogging Bike Lanes Take Shape In Jefferson Park - DNA Chicago

Taxpayer Subsidized Active Transportation Alliance Cheers CDOT Plan To Cram Bike Lanes Onto Already Overtaxed Milwaukee Avenue In Wicker Park - Active Transportation Alliance

Chicago Could Benefit From Smart Tech - Chicago Tribune

Anti Trump Protesters March In Loop Sunday - CBS 2 Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, August 25th, 2017

Gas Prices Will Jump In Chicago, Nationwide Thanks To Hurricane Harvey - Chicago TribuneCNN Money; Gulf Production Threatened - Gas Buddy

Instead On Working On Arresting The Troublemakers/Criminals That Have Hurt Businesses On Halsted Strip In Boystown, The City Will Ban Parking Instead, Making Even More People Want To Stay Away - Chicago Pride; Not To Mention That This No Parking Scheme Puts City Taxpayers On The Hook For Parking Meters Not In Use

Streeterville Residents: Ambulance Sirens Too Loud - Chicago Tribune

The Loop’s New Washington-Wabash ‘L’ Station Opens Next Week, After 2 Years Of Construction/Business Killing Traffic Barricades, And Overspending To The Tune Of $75M With An Over The Top Roof Flourish - Curbed Chicago; Public Spaces To Lighten Up Wabash Avenue Planned Under ‘L’ Tracks - Chicago Tribune

Balbo Monument Protesters Using Soviet Union, Taliban Tactics - Chicago Sun-Times

How Alderman Arena Plays Politics With Public Housing In Jefferson Park - Nadig Newspapers

Another Downtown Parking Lot May Become An Apartment Tower - Curbed Chicago

Hyde Park Tower To Have 250 Units, 300 Parking Spaces - Curbed Chicago

Open Thread: Which Chicago Buildings Have The Most Beautiful Interiors - Curbed Chicago

Chicagoans Will Get Stuck Paying For Obama’s Shrine - Chicago Sun-Times; The Streetsblog Pipe Dream That Obama Museum Visitors Will Be Arriving By Public Transit And Bikes - Chicago Streetsblog

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Wrigley Field Evening Concerts: Thursday — Green Day; Friday — Lady Gaga; Saturday Zac Brown Band — Watch For Street Closures, Parking Restrictions, Parking Meter Surcharges, Towing Signs

NW Side Cops Will Be On The Lookout For Drunk Drivers This Weekend - DNA Chicago

Traffic Patterns Shift Wednesday Night On Inbound Kennedy - Chicago Sun-Times

DePaul Opens Parking Lots To Local Residents At Off Hours - DNA Chicago

City Council And Self-Driving Cars - Chicago Sun-Times

Input Gathered On Edgebrook Traffic - Nadig Newspapers

Cyclist Seriously Injured In Bloody Collision On The 606 During Tuesday Evening Commute - Chicagoist

Where Chicago Tickets For Parking In Bike Lanes - WBEZ 91.5 FM Chicago

CDOT’s Laughably Inept Plan To Close Down Cornell Avenue And Somehow Avoid Traffic Chaos - DNA ChicagoChicago Sun-Times; Rahm Has No Problem Spending Scarce Tax Dollars, Closing Streets For Ordinary Citizens, And Sacrificing Park Land Under The Public Trust, To Help Obama Build His Monument To Himself - Chicago TribuneChicago Sun-Times; Despite Grassroots Push, CTA Will Not Restore Green Line To Jackson Park - Chicagoist

CDOT’s Latest Salvo In War On Cars And Traffic Flow — Cramming Bike Lanes Into The Already Tight, Overcrowded Road Space On Milwaukee Avenue In Wicker Park - Chicago Streetsblog

New Traffic Choking Bike Lanes For Jefferson Park - Nadig Newspapers

Shared Bike Lanes, People Spot Planned In Edgebrook - Nadig Newspapers

Garage Plans At Issue For Jefferson Park Project - Nadig Newspapers

Risky Business Of Walking In Chicago - Chicago Now

Crackpot Rally Urges Removal Of Balbo Monument, Renaming Balbo Drive - Chicago TribuneDNA Chicago; A Much More Sensible Solution - Chicago Tribune; Don’t We Have Bigger Issues - Chicago Sun-Times

After Englewood’s Abe Lincoln Bust Vandalized Twice, City Moves It - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

Studies: Automated Safety Systems Are Preventing Car Crashes - ABC News; Lane Departure Warning: Annoying ‘Turn Signal Nanny’ Or Proven Life-Saver - Forbes

Letter: This Is How Illinois Welcomes People Home — With Maze Of Traffic Tickets - Chicago Tribune

Clark Street Bridge Reopens After Seven Months Of Construction - Chicago Sun-Times; Adams Street Bridge Closing Over The River This Week For Work - Chicago Sun-Times

Obama Gets Even More Grabby With Public Land In Jackson Park - Chicago Sun-TimesCrain’s Chicago BusinessCurbed ChicagoDNA ChicagoChicago Tribune; How Can Dead Broke Chicago Afford Obama’s Museum Demands - Chicago Sun-Times

City Council Should Shut Up About Self-Driving Cars - Chicago Sun-Times

New Proposed Ordinance To Put Noise Monitoring Equipment On Lake Shore Drive - CBS 2 Chicago

Food Truck Owners Say Regulations In Chicago, Other Cities Taking Bite Out Of Business - Chicago Tribune

Transit Oriented Developments Being Opposed In Scarce Parking Neighborhoods - DNA Chicago

Merchandise Mart Owner Wants To Build An Apartment Tower On A Parking Lot It Owns Across The Chicago River - Chicago Tribune

Anti-History Kooks Will March To Tear Down Balbo Monument, Rename Balbo Drive - ChicagoistChicago Sun-Times; Emanuel Panders To PC Protesters - Chicago Sun-Times; This Confederate POW Monument/Grave Marker In Chicago Cemetery Should Remain - Chicago Tribune

Panel Of Chicago Bikers Discusses 2 Wheeled Jerks On The Road - Chicago Streetsblog; Bicyclists, Please Follow The Rules - Chicago Tribune

Toyota-Mazda Looking At Illinois For New Auto Plant, Chamber Says - Crain’s Chicago Business

Did Illinois Plan At All For Post-Eclipse Traffic - Chicago Tribune

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Consumer Watchdog Backs Banning Robot Cars in Chicago Until Feds Act on Safety Regulations - Business Insider

CDOT Presenting Plan For Removing Cornell Drive In Jackson Park Wednesday - DNA Chicago; Activists Have Objections - Chicago Sun-Times

After Viewing Eclipse Downstate, Long Trip Back Home Anything But Stellar - Chicago Tribune; Others Made The Trip By Train - CBS 2 Chicago; WGN’s Tom Skilling Had The Eclipse Feels - Chicago Sun-Times; Thousands Head To Chicago Parks For Solar Eclipse - Curbed Chicago; Solar Eclipse Time-Lapse At North Avenue Beach - Chicago Tribune; Car Companies Jump On The Solar Eclipse Brand-Wagon - Fox News

Chicago-Area Mechanics Strike Causing Confusion For Customers - Chicago Tribune

Now She Can Use The Carpool Lane: Pregnant Woman Delivers Her Own Baby On Side Of Tollway - NBC 5 Chicago

Another CTA Track Death: Man Found Dead On Brown Line Tracks At Addison - Chicago Sun-Times

Letter: If Chicago Can Choose To Ignore Federal Immigration Law, Why Shouldn’t Drivers Be Allowed To Ignore Traffic Laws - Chicago Daily Herald

State Rep Proposes Rent Control To Solve Chicago Gentrification - DNA Chicago

Shuttered Carson’s Ribs On Ridge Closer To Becoming A Starbucks Drive-Thru - DNA Chicago

Decatur, IL City Council, Police Discuss Options To Combat Distracted Driving - NBC 17 Decatur

Muncie, Ind. Auto Factories To Be Made Into Apartments - U.S. News & World Report

Aurora Set To Hire DUI Prosecution Firm - Chicago Tribune

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, August 21st, 2017

Lincoln Avenue Closed Wed.-Fri. To Install Construction Crane - DNA Chicago

Nanny Burke — Ban Self-Driving Cars To Avoid ‘Back To The Future’-Style Craziness - DNA Chicago

Column: What You Don’t Know About The Mechanics’ Strike May Surprise You - Chicago Tribune

Obama Foundation Revises Plan, Will Build Presidential Center Garage Itself - DNA Chicago

EDITORIAL: Chicago’s S. Side Tiger Woods Golf Course Could Be Too Big For Your Wallet - Chicago Sun-Times

Homeless Group Close To Suit Over Bike Path Plan In Uptown - Chicago Tribune; Brown: Homeless Tent City Residents Given 30 Days To Scram - Chicago Sun-Times

Do Chicago Bike Activists Have A Whitesplaining Problem - Chicago Streetsblog

2 Mayfair Developments Raise Parking Concerns - Nadig Newspapers

Construction Underway On Greektown TOD - Curbed Chicago

New Chinatown Shopping Complex Will Include 40 Small Retail Bays And 74 Parking Spaces - Curbed Chicago

After Englewood Abe Lincoln Statue Vandalized Again, Ald. Wants To Move It - DNA Chicago

More On The Moronic Monument Misinformation Movement In Chicago - Chicago Sun-TimesChicago Sun-TimesChicago TribuneChicago ReaderChicago Tribune

Are There More Rats In Chicago This Summer - Chicagoist

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, August 18th, 2017

Metra Extends Service For Chicago Air And Water Show - Patch Chicago; CTA Increases Service For Air & Water Show - ABC 7 Chicago; If You Insist On Driving, WATCH FOR PARKING RESTRICTIONS, STREET CLOSURES, OR YOU MAY BE TOWED!

WOOF! MEOW! — PAWS Is At Capacity & Urgently Needs Foster Families For Dogs & Cats - Chicagoist

Eclipse Traffic Jams? States Have Been Working For Months To Avoid Them - Chicago Daily Herald; 10 Things You Need To Know About The Solar Eclipse While Being In Chicago - Chicago Now; Chasing Eclipses Across The Globe Is A Way Of Life For Some - ABC News; Lean Back And Watch The Eclipse From Your Volvo — Volvo Created Eclipse Viewers That Attach To The XC60′s Moonroof - Engadget; Is It Safe To Remove The Glasses? Solar Eclipse Eye Safety 101- Chicago Tribune; Can Taking Eclipse Photos Damage Your Smartphone - Chicago Tribune

Crackpot Campaign Against Historic Monuments Comes To Chicago - Chicago Sun-TimesChicago Sun-TimesChicago Tribune

Chinatown Beautification Tax Ripped By Opponents But Supporters Forge Ahead - DNA Chicago

Controversial Developer Who Bought Wilson Men’s Hotel Refuses To Discuss Relocation Plans, Residents Say - Chicagoist

2 More Depressing Statistics For Chicago-Area Homeowners - Crain’s Chicago Business

Vehicle Crashes Into Chicago Bulls Practice Facility Near United Center - NBC 5 Chicago

CTA Fails Miserably In Response To Tuesday’s Fatality On Red Line Tracks - Chicago Tribune

After 30 Years Of Cubs Night Games, CTA Decides Just Now To Launch A Program To Reduce Crowding On Game Nights - Chicago Tribune

CTA Has No Plans To Extend Green Line To Jackson Park For Obama Museum - Curbed Chicago

Man Shot On CTA Red Line Train At Jackson Stop, Police Searching For Gunman - Chicagoist