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“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, June 27th 2017.

Today’s 18-Second Video Lesson For Drivers On Why Road Rage Is A Bad Idea — Watch This Sawed-Off Runt/Tough Guy Wannabe In PJ Pants Back Down From A Road Rage Fight On A Cal. Street, When The HUUUUUGE Other Driver Steps Out His Car, And Mercifully Decides To Let Him Live - YouTube

Street Closures In Place For Taste Of Chicago Set Up - Congress, Columbus, Jackson Closed Starting Today

U.S. To See Lowest Average Independence Day Gas Prices Since 2005 - Gas Buddy

Chicago And Summer Road Traffic - Chicago Now

Obama Museum Land Grab, Closure Of Vital South Side Commuter Routes, Is Just Another Crooked Chicago Deal - Chicago Tribune

W Suburban Hillside Mayor Defends Big Money From Red-Light Cameras - Chicago Sun-Times

Evanston’s New Chicago Avenue Bike Lane Is Causing More Problems Than It Claims To Be Solving - Chicago Bike Report

Divvy’s Racial Divide - Chicago ReaderChicagoist; Condescending Junk Science Study Predictably Suggest Throwing More Tax Dollars At The Issue

As McDonald’s Pulls Up Stakes, What’s Next For Oak Brook Campus - Crain’s Chicago Business

Application To Start Fracking In Illinois Draws Protest - CBS 2 Chicago

After Lies In Court Case Involving Traffic Fatality, Chicago Man Gets Contempt Conviction And Harsh 6-Year Term Overturned - Chicago Sun-Times

Old DUI Case Finally Concludes After A Decade Of Languishing In Cook County - Chicago Tribune

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, June 26th 2017.

Adams Street Bridge To Close Over The River Three Days This Week - Chicago Sun-Times

Illinois Drivers Rank 31st On Survey Of States With Most Courteous Drivers - Kars4Kids

Could Roadwork Stop Friday If Illinois Doesn’t Pass A Budget - Chicago Daily Herald

GOP Proposed State Budget Would Shift $266 Million Next Year In Road Funds To Public Transit, Mostly In Chicago - Crain’s Chicago Business

Lower Gasoline Prices Ease Holiday Travel Plans - Chicago Daily Herald

Tesla’s Elon Musk Eyes O’Hare-Loop Fast-Rail Link - Crain’s Chicago Business

Whatever Happened To Using Turn Signals - Chicago Tribune

Rahm Comes To Rescue Of Pedestrian - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Based Grubhub Founder Wants To Make Ordering A Handyman As Easy As Ordering Dinner - Chicago Tribune

Trans-Protest Shuts Down Chicago Pride Parade - DNA Chicago; Police Busy With 19 Arrests, 5 Robberies During Pride Parade, Post Parade Brawls And Robberies - Crime In WriglevilleCrime In Wrigleyville; Allegations Of Anti-Semitism, As 2 Jewish Marchers Carrying Star of David Pride Flags Expelled From Chicago Dyke March - ChicagoistMeanwhile Chicago Lets An Unrepentant Terrorist Lead The Puerto Rican Parade

A Music Video Was Shot In The Middle Of Last Week’s Out Of Control 1,000-Person Gang Street Party - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, June 23rd 2017.

Street ClosuresParking Restrictions For Sunday Pride Parade

Lower Gasoline Prices Ease Holiday Travel Plans - Chicago Daily Herald

Police To Crack Down on Drunk Drivers in River North, Lincoln Park Friday - DNA Chicago

Damen Bridge Inspection To Close Stevenson Lanes Saturday Morning - Chicago Sun-Times

FAKE NEW ALERT: Streetsblog Makes Up Its Own Alternative Facts To Blame Driver For Accident That Killed Biker - Chicago Reader

Special Snowflake Cyclist Demands For Safe Space Bike Lane On Milwaukee Would Eliminate Parking Spots And Loading Zones For Residents And Businesses, And Give A Windfall To The Crooked Cartel That Owns Chicago’s Parking Meters - Chicago Tribune

New Engineers To Oversee Massive Tollway Projects - Chicago Daily Herald

Kamin: Lack Of Coordination On Obama Center, Tiger Woods Golf Course Threatens Jackson Park Redesign - Chicago Tribune

Who Did Uber’s Travis Kalanick Meet In Chicago - Chicago Tribune

NW Side Neighbors Raise Concerns Over Proposed Red Light Cams - Nadig Newspapers

As Illinois Slides Into Bankruptcy, Illinois Lawmakers Spend Precious Time During Special Session, To Rename A Portion Of Roosevelt Road ‘Muhammad Ali Road’ - Illinois Policy Institute

Illinois And Chicago Finances Circling The Bowl - Chicago Tribune

Don’t You Dare Cross Chicago’s Crossing Guards - Chicago Reader

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, June 22nd 2017.

AAA Predicts Record Travel Over July 4th Weekend - Chicago Tribune

Senators Durbin And Duckworth Warn Illinois Budget Impasse Will Block Federal Aid For Road Projects - Chicago Sun-Times

Latest Cab Medallion Sale Shows Need For Relief, Cabbies’ Union Says - Chicago Sun-Times

Kalanick’s Ouster As Uber CEO Began With A Letter Hand Delivered To His Chicago Hotel - Chicago Tribune

Stevenson Ramp To LSD Closing Saturday Night: Prepare For Delays - DNA Chicago

S. Side Commuters Say NO! To Closures Of Busy Commuter Routes For Obama Ego-Trip-Campus, Tiger Woods Golf Course - DNA Chicago; Obama Now Wants Even More Road Closures - Chicago Tribune; ‘Obama The Wealth Spreader’ Once Again Wants To Pick Your Pocket To Pay For His Pet Project - DNA Chicago; Write Your Own Joke Here: LA May Name Major Road After Obama - The Hill

Editorial: Closing Any Underpass To Chicago’s Beaches Is An Overreaction To Late-Night Crime In A Neighborhood - Chicago Sun-Times; Downtown Shootings Put Aldermen In Panic Mode - Chicago Sun-Times; Victim In Lakefront Shooting Caught In Gang Crossfire: ‘Every Time I Close My Eyes, I See Her Lying There’ - Chicago Tribune

Whistling Past The Graveyard: Active Transportation Alliance Says Uber Won’t Replace Public Transit - Active Transportation Alliance

After Being Trimmed To Address Traffic Concerns, 60-Story Wolf Point Building Will Feature 698 Units, 198 Parking Spaces, Improved Expressway Access, And A Landscaped Riverwalk Component - Curbed Chicago

‘Jefferson Place’ 16-Story Apt Tower With 114 Units, 200 Parking Spaces, Approved By City Council Committee - DNA Chicago

Bucktown Apartment Project on Milwaukee Avenue With Units, Bar, Restaurant, But Zero Parking, Gets Committee OK - DNA Chicago

W Loop Projects With 586 Units, 293 Parking Spots Is Approved - DNA Chicago

Workers Clear Room For Controversial And Overpiced Logan Square Transit Oriented Development - Curbed Chicago

More Than $20 Billion Of Megaprojects In Chicago’s Pipeline - Chicago Tribune

LSD Wins Award For Best Street In Chicago Reader Poll - Chicago Reader; Best Place For A New L Stop - Chicago Reader; Best Organized Bike Ride - Chicago Reader; Best Place To Take A Stroll - Chicago Reader; Best Alternative To Lakefront Path - Chicago Reader; Best Auto Repair Shop - Chicago Reader; Best Auto Dealership - Chicago Reader; Best Used Auto Dealership - Chicago Reader; Best Bicycle Shop - Chicago Reader; Best Motorcycle Shop - Chicago Reader; Best Street Artist - Chicago Reader; Best Street Character - Chicago Reader; Illinois’ Tollway Oases Offer Abundance Amid The Asphalt Desert - Chicago Reader; The Small Victory Of The Single Seat On The L Train - Chicago Reader; The Low Pleasures Of The Metra Train’s Top Floor - Chicago Reader; Leave Chicago By Rail, Embrace The Unhurried Journey - Chicago Reader

Southwest Side Alderman Is First To Declare Ward Off-Limits To Airbnb - Chicago Sun-Times


“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, June 21st 2017.

Adams Street Bridge Over River To Close Wednesday, Thursday - Chicago Sun-Times

Pride Parade’s 4 Mile Route Will Close Parts Of Montrose, Broadway, Halsted, Belmont And Diversey In Uptown, Lakeview This SundayMetra Adding Service To Chicago; Could Edgewater Soon See Rainbow Crosswalks - Edgeville Buzz

Obama Shrine Architect Discusses Getting Rid Of Busy Cornell Avenue Commuter Route, Create South Side Traffic Jams — All To Put In A Sledding Hill That Will Only Be Used A Few Times A Year - Chicago Tribune

Plans Unveiled For S. Side Golf Course That Would Eliminate Busy Commuter Route On Marquette Drive, Soak Taxpayers For Other Road Improvements - Chicago Sun-Times

Streetsblog Wants To Eliminate Car Lanes, Turn Chicago Avenue Into A Bus Route, Even Though CTA Bus Ridership Numbers Are In The Crapper - ChicagoStreetsblog

In Order To Block Route 53 Projects, Anti-Car Wingnuts Try Again With A Made Up Health Scare - Chicago Daily Herald; Sounds Just About As Phony As The ‘Great Bee Massacre’ Argument That Was Unsuccessfully Used To Block The Longmeadow Parkway

Evanston Police: Chicago Man Faces Charges Of Being A Pedestrian Under Influence - Chicago Tribune; According To Section 11-1010 Of The Illinois Vehicle Code: ‘Pedestrians Under Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs. A Pedestrian Who Is Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Any Drug To A Degree Which Renders Himself A Hazard Shall Not Walk Or Be Upon A Highway Except On A Sidewalk.’; Will Same Rules Against Drunk Operating Of A Vehicle Apply To Bikers, Now That Illinois Law Has Been Amended To Treat Bikes As Vehicles

Uber Adds In-App Tipping For Chicago Drivers - DNA Chicago; As Uber Ceo Travis Kalanick Forced Out, Chicagoans Ponder Company’s Future - Chicago Tribune

Cops Unable To Quell Out Of Control Gang Street Party Near United Center - DNA Chicago; Parking Ban Proposed To Solve The Problem

New Buff Statute Of Lincoln In Edgewater Park Is Bringing Sexy Back - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, June 20th 2017.

Damen Avenue, United Center Streetscape Plans Announced - 27th Ward; The Clueless Cabal Of Cranky Car-Haters At Streetsblog Thinks Concertgoers, Blackhawk/Bulls Fans Will Be Biking To Games, Instead Of Driving - Chicago Streetsblog

Input Given On Revitalizing The Area Around The Jefferson Park Transit Center - Nadig Newspapers

Subsidized Car-Haters At Active Transportation Alliance Using Your Tax Dollars To Push Ban On Parking, A 20 MPH Speed Limit, Bike Lanes For Milwaukee Avenue - Active Transportation Alliance

Streetsblog Never Gets Tired Of Being Wrong — Claims That Getting Rid Of Parking Is Good For Business - Chicago Streetsblog

Crumbling Auto Shop-Turned-’Secret Garden’ Is Edgewater’s Newest Event Spot - DNA Chicago

Controversial 27-Story Uptown Apartment Tower Built With TIF Funds Scores Full Construction Permit - Curbed Chicago

11 TOD Apartments Pitched For Pair of Century-Old Bucktown Industrial Buildings - DNA Chicago

Pilsen’s Iconic Casa Aztlan Murals Are Painted Over Ahead Of Apartment Conversion - Chicagoist

Chicago River Is Setting For ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Premiere - Chicago Tribune

How Zoning Shape And Segregated Chicago - Chicago Magazine

Blue Island Car Dealership Duped Elderly Woman Into Buying Car She Didn’t Want: Lawsuit - Chicago Tribune

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, June 16th 2017.

Puerto Rican Terrorist Booed Saturday During Chicago Parade In Humboldt Park - WGN 9 Chicago

Roadwork Already Slowing Down Over State Budget Impasse - Chicago Tribune

Letter: Letting People Skate For Traffic Offenses Is No Way To Respect The Law - Chicago Sun-Times

Could Amazon Buy Chicago Based Food Delivery Company Grubhub - Chicago Tribune

Mount Prospect Crosswalk Fatality Still Sparking Questions About Flashing Signal - Chicago Daily Herald

Cop Haters Burn The Flag In Millennium Park Protest - Chicago Sun-Times

Tacky Street Junk Swallows Up Six Corners Parking Spots - DNA Chicago

Dog Claimed After Being Rescued From Lake Michigan Following LSD Crash - ABC 7 Chicago

More Than 300 Homes Proposed In North Side Industrial Corridor - Chicago Tribune

Ravenswood Project To Have 166 Units, Retail, 122 Parking Spaces - Curbed Chicago

Vivian Maier Mural Livens Up North Avenue in Wicker Park - DNA Chicago

Winfield Road Bridge Repair Planned - Chicago Daily Herald

New Cline Avenue Bridge In Indiana Will Be A Toll Road And Will Cost Tax Payers Nothing To Build - Lakeshore Public Radio

Despite Years Of Neglect, 1966 Mustang Retained Good ‘Bones’ For Wauconda Owner - Chicago Daily Herald

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, June 16th 2017.

While The Nationwide Road Fatality Rate Increased Slightly, Many Of The Safest States Have Banned Red Light Cameras And Speed Cameras - The Newspaper

Robbers Targeting Drivers Stopped At Lower Wacker Stoplights - DNA Chicago - KEEP YOUR WINDOWS CLOSED, DOORS LOCKED!

Ricketts, Alderman Tunney In Standoff Over Cubs’ Demand For 81 Plus Days Of Street Shutdowns In Lakeview Every Year - Chicago Sun-Times

Oak Brook Abruptly Drops Red Light Camera Lawsuit - Chicago Tribune

State’s Attorney Foxx Won’t Prosecute Most Financial Traffic Cases - Chicago Sun-Times

Texas Passes Traffic Stop Reform, After Jailhouse Death Of Naperville Resident Sandra Bland - Governing

Western Overpass Project Is Almost Done — But One More Lane Closure Coming - DNA Chicago

Tollway, Canadian Pacific Resume Talks On O’Hare Western Access - Crain’s Chicago Business

Halted Illinois Road Projects Bad News For Contractors - Crain’s Chicago Business

This Little Piggy Was Found Along An Indiana Interstate, But Story Has A Sad Ending - CBS 2 Chicago

48th Ward Alderman Looking To Bring More Traffic Clogging, Hazardous Wrong Way Bike Lanes To The Area - 48th Ward; As Federal Highway Administration Has Warned: ‘Contra-Flow Bike Lanes On A One-Way Street Are Not Usually Recommended. They May Encourage Cyclists To Ride Against Traffic, Which Is Contrary To The Rules Of The Road And A Leading Cause Of Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Crashes’

Gladstone Park Meeting Held On Pedestrian Safety Issues - Nadig Newspapers

Mayfair Meeting Discusses Taxi Business, Lack Of Crosswalks - Nadig Newspapers

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, June 15th 2017.

Trees Down, Traffic Snarled By Wednesday Afternoon Storms Across Lake County - Chicago Tribune; Cars Damaged From Downed Trees By Microburst In Evanston - CBS 2 Chicago; Streets Flooded, Cars Submerged - ABC 7 Chicago; Flights Canceled at O’Hare, Midway for Severe Weather - NBC 5 Chicago

Rising Lake Michigan Water Levels May Threaten LSD During Summer Storms - Chicago Tribune

More Evidence Of A Bad Parking Meter Deal - CBS 2 Chicago

IDOT Could Halt Road Construction Due To State Budget Impasse - CBS 2 Chicago; Powerball, Mega Millions To Drop Illinois Due To State’s Budget Crisis - Chicago Sun-Times – Gas Stations Will Take A Big Revenue Hit

New Tollway Consulting Engineer To Replace Long-Term Firm - Chicago Daily Herald

PETA Honors Chicago Police For Saving Dog From Lake Michigan After LSD Crash - DNA Chicago

Movie Filming To Again Close Downtown Streets This Weekend - Chicago Sun-Times

Clark Street To Close Near Addison This Weekend For Crane Removal - Chicago Sun-Times

Skyway Commuters Beware: Metra To Close Intersection At 71st & Stony Island - DNA Chicago

A Ridiculous And Shameful False Equivalency – Streetsblog Cynically Equates Traffic Accidents With Vehicular Terrorism - Chicago Reader

How Ban On CPD Pursuing Stolen Cars Ended Up Driving Enterprise Car Share Out Of Chicago - Second City Cop

Your Tax Dollars At Work – CTA’s $200M Gold-Plated, Sistine Chapel Level Restoration Of Wilson L Stop, Includes A High End Curved Glass Roof - Chicago Streetsblog

It Is Illegal In Illinois To Leave A Dog Out In Extreme Heat — But Illinois State Police Says It’s Also Illegal For You To Break A Car’s Window To Rescue A Dog - Alton Daily NewsNew Law In Indiana Gets Around This Dilemma

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, June 14th 2017.


Chicago Data Show Problems With Civil Asset Forfeiture Of Cars, Other Property - Chicago Tribune

Wrigley Field Starts Movie Night Series Wednesday Evening With ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ — Watch For Extra Traffic, Parking Restrictions, Parking Meter Increases - Chicago Tribune

One-Block Stretch Of Wabash To Close In Loop Wednesday Into Thursday - Chicago Sun-Times

‘Where We Supposed To Go’ — Uptown Homeless Living Under LSD Set To Lose Their Roof — Again — Homeless To Be Displaced By Bike Lanes - ?DNA Chicago

Public Meetings On Obama Library, South Shore Golf Course Start June 21 - DNA Chicago; Closure Of Busy S. Side Commuter Routes Cornell Avenue And Marquette Drive Certain To Be An Issue

Enterprise Stops CarShare In Chicago Due To ‘Vandalism, Theft And Fraud’ - DNA Chicago

Drunk Driving, No-Seatbelt Crackdown In Wicker, Logan This Weekend - DNA Chicago

Netflix ‘Easy’ Filming In Lincoln Square — Watch Out For Tow Zones - DNA Chicago

Uber’s Culture Led One Chicago Tech Company to Boycott It on Moral Grounds - Bloomberg