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“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective


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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, March 31st, 2017.

Chicago Street Sweeping Starts Next Week - DNA Chicago

Could Trump Seek Undocumented Immigrants’ Driver’s Licenses Here - Chicago Sun-Times

Steinberg: Drunk, Distracted Pedestrians Put Themselves In Danger - Chicago Sun-Times

Injured Alderman Seeking Revenge Against Squirrel That Knocked Him Off His Bike - Chicago Sun-Times

Hinz: Chicago Cubs Should Not Close Streets Around Wrigley - Crain’s Chicago Business

Wabash Avenue Reopens In Loop As New CTA Station Progresses - Chicago Sun-Times

Congress Parkway Bridge To Close For Test Lift Early Sunday - Chicago Sun-Times

Shamrock Shuffle Closes Downtown Streets Sunday - Shamrock Shuffle

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective


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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, March 30th, 2017.

Governors Highway Safety Association: Pedestrians Are Dying At The Highest Rate In Two Decades; Distracted Walking/Cell Phones And Electronic Devices The Biggest Factor - Chicago Sun-Times

Closed City Vehicle Testing Facilities Would Reopen Under New Legislation - DNA Chicago

Hazel Crest Woman To Get Her Car Back — After Five-Year Asset Seizure Battle - Chicago Sun-Times

Debate Over Allowing Driverless Cars On Illinois Roads Happening At Statehouse - Illinois News Network

DUI Crackdown Coming To Far Southwest Side This Weekend - DNA Chicago

Storms Flood Some Area Streets Thursday Morning - DNA Chicago

Falling Concrete Partially Closes LSD Ramp To Randolph - Chicago Sun-Times

Hero Police Officers Save Woman Trying To Leap Onto Expressway - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, March 29th, 2017.

Chicago Changes To Red Light Camera System Make It Just Barely Less Corrupt - Tech Dirt

According To Streetsblog’s Latest ‘Biker Privilege’ Manifesto, CPD Should Not Be Issuing Bike Tickets Anywhere In Chicago; Bike Ticketing On The South And West Side Is Racial Profiling; North Side Cycling Special Snowflakes Should Not Be Ticketed, Since They Should Be Able To Pick And Choose Which Traffic Laws They Obey; And No Biker In Chicago Should Get A Ticket Anyway, When There Are Drivers Going One Mile Over The Speed Limit - Chicago Streetsblog

Attention Federal Corruption Investigators: Chicago’s Streetlight Overhaul To Cost Double That Of New York’s - Better Government Association

City Council Finalizes Parking Meter Cash Grab Near Wrigley - Chicago Sun-Times; New Wrigley Field Plaza Sets Schedule For Farmers Market, Movie Nights - DNA Chicago; Wrigley Field Plaza Will Feature Cubs Store, Tavern-Style Restaurant - Chicago Tribune; Emanuel, Tunney Not Ruling Out Street Closures Around Wrigley Field - Chicago Tribune

Another Gentrifying Transit Oriented Projects Leads To Logan Square Tenant Evictions - DNA Chicago

TOD Approved For Sheridan And Wilson In Uptown - DNA Chicago; TOD Approved For Broadway And Wilson - DNA Chicago

Two New Buildings Near The 606 Trail Will Feature Six Affordable Units And Six Parking Spaces - Curbed Chicago

Erie Street Hotel Proposal Includes Valet Garage Parking - Curbed Chicago

More Parking, Street Lights, Garden Landscaping Coming To 41st Ward - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective


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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, March 28th, 2017.

Chicago Chooses Vendor For Massive Streetlight Replacement Program - Chicago Tribune; City’s Latest Goofy Green Gimmick Poses Traffic Danger – Chicago-Based American Medical Association Says High-Intensity LED Lighting Can Decrease Visual Acuity And Safety, Resulting In Concerns And Creating A Road Hazard

Active Transportation Alliance Cynically Uses Biker’s Tragic Death In Michigan Avenue Accident To Push For Michigan Avenue Road Diet - Active Transportation Alliance; Forgets To Mention That The Biker In Question Ran The Red Light; Alliance Uses Yet Another Accident Victim To Push Its Vision Zero War On Cars - Active Transportation Alliance

Active Transportation Alliance Campaign Brought Amateur, Unauthorized Traffic Obstructions/Road Hazards To Suburbs - Active Transportation Alliance

Man Killed In Chinatown While Apparently Crossing Against The Traffic Signal; Seemingly Unable To Blame The Driver Who Had The Green Light, Streetsblog Says This Tragic Accident Is Somehow The Intersection’s Fault - Chicago Streetsblog

Low-Information Crank-Letter-Writer Wags Finger At Chicago Drivers For Ignoring Red Lights, Stop Signs - Chicago Sun-Times – But Ignores The Reality That Only 1 In 25 Chicago Bikers Obeys Stop Signs, And Only 1 In 3 Obeys Red Lights

Tribune Editorial Board Parrots The Misinformed Mound Of Mularky That Bike Ticketing South Of Madison, West Of Halsted, Is Racial Profiling - Chicago TribuneReality/Fact Check: CPD Tickets North Side Biker Scofflaws On An Equal Opportunity Basis; Any Increased Numbers Of Bike Tickets On South, West Side Likely Attributable To More CPD Officers Being Deployed In Certain Neighborhoods

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, March 27th, 2017.

t’s Official: Millennial Drivers Are The Most Reckless Behind The Wheel - Yahoo News

Clark Street Bridge To Fully Close Tuesday For Lift - Chicago Sun-Times

Crumbling Uptown Bridges Get $4.2M From State For Repairs - DNA Chicago

Madigan Blocking I-55 Toll Lanes - DNA Chicago

41st Street Pedestrian Bridge Project Back On, Without Extra State Funds - Chicago Tribune

Two Years Later, Universal License Plate Still Isn’t In Production - State Journal-Register

CDOT Commissioner Scheinfeld Speaks To City Club; Offers The Inexplicably Looney, Legally Unsupportable Claim That Chicago Car Accidents Are Not ‘Accidents,’ But Are Instead Intentional ‘Traffic Violence’; Puts On Full-Court Snake Oil Sales Pitch For CDOT’s Anti-Car Vision Zero Program, Which Could Include A Draconian City-Wide Speed Reduction - Active Transportation AllianceChicago Streetsblog; Someone Should Her When Will CDOT Stop Lying About Accident Data, And Stop Trying To Blockade Streets, To Pacify The Car-Hater Crowd

Streetsblog’s Hypocrisy On Safety — Despite The Fact That Longer Yellow Lights At Camera Intersections Would Undoubtedly Save Lives, Streetsblog Opposes Any Measure That Would Benefit Drivers By Lower The Number Of Tickets Issued - Chicago Streetsblog; This Is The Same Kind Of Streetsblog Hypocrisy Cries Crocodile Tears Over Pedestrian And Biker Deaths, But Then Applauds Efforts To Allow Bikers To Legally Ignore Stop Signs And Red Lights

Streetsblog Supports Rahm’s Latest Parking Revenue Grab - Chicago Streetsblog; Note That The Parking Meters Near Wrigley Are Only Two Hours, But The The Average MLB Game Lasts Three Hours (Not Including Extra Hour Of Time Walking To And From Wrigley Field, Going Through Security, And The Waiting Time Before The First Pitch); This Simple Application Of First Grade Math (Two Hours Is Less Than The Four Hours For Which Cubs Fans Will Need Parking) Reveals That Cubs Fans Will Have No Use For The Meters As Parking For The Game; So The Only People Who Will Be Harmed Here Are People Who Are Visiting Or Patronizing Local Businesses Unrelated To The Cubs Game; Yet Another Rahm Cash Grab Based On Shameless Half-Truths And City Hall Greed

More Hogwash About How Enforcing Bike Laws On The South And West Side Is Racial Profiling - Chicago Tribune

Where Are Chicagoans Moving To - Curbed Chicago

Deadly Party Bus Shootings Trigger Crackdown On Rowdy, Illegal Rides - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, March 24th, 2017.

Weekend Closures Planned For Adams Street Bridge - Chicago Sun-Times

Illinois’ New License Plate Is A Mashup Of Indiscernible Clip Art - Chicago Tribune

Questions On Timing, Cost Remain For Automatic Voter Registration At Drivers License Offices - Illinois News Network

The Wrong Way On Illinois DUIs - Chicago Tribune

IDOT: Time Running Out For I-55 Toll Lane Proposal - Chicago TribuneWould Losing Out On Another Illinois Cash Grab Scheme Really Be A Tragedy

Tollway Puts $4 Million Toward Increasing Contractor Diversity - Chicago Daily Herald

Hundred March In Loop Over Obamacare Repeal Effort - Chicago Sun-Times

Emanuel’s Wrigleyville Parking Ripoff Could Be Just The Beginning - Chicago Tribune

Alderman Spar Over City Placing Red Light Cameras Against An Alderman’s Wishes - Chicago Tribune

Active Transportation Alliance Using Crash Victim To Lobby For Ill-Conceived, Likely Illegal Truck Safety Measures, Which A City Cannot Impose On A Federally Regulated Industry, Plus More Traffic Clogging Bike Lanes As Well - Active Transportation Alliance

Aldermen Tussle Over Honorary Streets - Chicago Sun-Times

More Fake News About How Issuing Tickets To South, West Side Bikers Is Racial Profiling - Chainlink

Lack Of Crossing Guards At Schools A Dangerous ‘Failure,’ Alderman Says - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, March 23rd, 2017.

Of 10 Largest Metro Areas In U.S., Only Chicago’s Loses Residents - Chicago Sun-Times; High Taxes, High Crime Rate Cited By Those Who Have Left Illinois - Chicago Tribune; The Horrifying Health Stats On Chicago’s Poorest Neighborhoods - Crain’s Chicago Business; Meanwhile Builders Here Are Still Building Apartments - Wall Street Journal; Watch For Madigan, Preckwinkle And Emanuel To Monetize This Trend With An Exit Fee; Slow Growth, Aging Population Plaguing Illinois - Crain’s Chicago Business

The Insatiable Monster Of Municipal Greed: City Chief Financial Officer Carole Wanted To Boost Parking Rate 500% To $12 A Hour During Events At Wrigley Field - Chicago Sun-Times

Tunney, Wrigleyville Residents Remain Opposed To Ricketts Racketeers’ Demands For Street Closures Around Wrigley - Chicago Sun-Times

DUI Crackdown Coming To The Bridgeport Area This Weekend - DNA Chicago

Boy’s Death Prompts CDOT Traffic Study Of Intersection - Chicago Streetsblog; Alderman, Spokesman Already Grandstanding About Speeding And Truck Traffic, BOTH OF WHICH HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ACCIDENT

More Low-Information Nonsense About How Bike Ticketing On South/West Side Equals Racial Profiling - Next City

Here’s How Bicyclists, Runners Will Be Split On Revamped Lakefront Path - DNA Chicago

Alderman Hurt By Squirrel While Biking Returns To City Hall, Jokes About Banning Them - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017.

A Hero’s Story: Neighbor Pulls Man From Hoffman Estates Apartment Fire - Chicago Daily Herald

Parking Ticket Aide Who Angered Neighbors Transferred Out, Alderman Says - DNA Chicago

Dearborn Street ‘Special Snowflake’ Bikers Object To Having To Watch Out For Pedestrians Traversing Their City Subsidized ‘Safe Space’ - Chainlink; News Flash: ALL VEHICLE OPERATORS, Including Bikers, Are Required By Illinois Law To Watch Out For Pedestrians; Blame CDOT For Poorly Designed Bike Lanes That Bring Bikers, Pedestrians, And Drivers Into Conflict

Hypocrisy Alert: Active Transportation Alliance Claims That Enforcing Biker Laws On The South And West Side Is Racial Profiling - Active Transportation Alliance; But Somehow The Concentration Of Hundreds Of Red Light And Speed Cameras In Those Same Neighborhoods, And The City Flagrantly Breaking The Law On Camera Ticketing, Is Just Dandy

Over The Top, Gold-Plated, ‘Sistine Chapel Level’ Restoration Of The CTA Wilson Red Line Station Explains Much Of The Bloated $200M Budget For Just ONE Station - CBS 2 Chicago

CTA Would Take Bit Hit Under Trump Budget Cuts - Crain’s Chicago Business; Active Transportation Alliance Wants To Keep The Transit Boondoggle Cash Flowing - Active Transportation Alliance; As City Hall Is Set To Renew Sanctuary City Law - Chicago Tun-Times, Will Trump Move To Cut Even More Funds To Chicago

Shooting Themselves In The Ass With Their Own Agenda — Streetsbloggers Whine And Complain About Upgraded Parking For Irving Park Metra Station - Chicago Streetsblog, Even Though Offering Parking Would Boost Metra Ridership, And Reduce The Number Of Cars Coming Downtown

Lincoln Square’s North-South Divide Needs To Be Bridged By Reconnecting Lincoln Avenue, Alderman Says - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, March 21st, 2017.

Red-Light Changes Nowhere Near Enough, Alderman Says; Yellow Lights Still Too Short - Chicago Sun-Times

Streetsblog, Active Transportation Alliance Both Drink City Hall Kool-Aid, Completely Buying Into CDOT Junk-Science Study On Chicago Red Light Cameras — A 104 Page Collection Of CDOT Alternative Facts, Fake News And Plain Old Bullcrap On Traffic Safety - Chicago StreetsblogActive Transportation AllianceNever Trust CDOT To Tell The Truth On Traffic Safety; See The National Motorists Association Website For A Collection Of Real Science Studies On The Safety Myth Of Red Light Cameras

City Will Harass Commuters With New West Loop Morning Parking Ban - DNA Chicago

Cyclists Have Never Ending Demands For Pet Projects, But Never Want To Pay For Them - Urban Milwaukee

Hypocrisy Alert: Streetsblog Demands Full Enforcement Of The Law For Drivers, But Wants No Bike Law Enforcement For South, West Side (Or Anywhere Else For That Matter) - Chicago Streetsblog

Streetsblog’s Latest Dumbass Idea: Let CTA Scofflaws Skip Out On Fares — Leaving The Honest Riders, Taxpayers, And The Perennially Bankrupt CTA Holding The Bag For Lost Revenue - Chicago Reader

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, March 20th, 2017.


conic Rock And Roller, Chuck Berry – Singer Of Classic Car Tune‘Maybellene’, Dies At 90 - New York TimesSong Made Our List Of Top 50 Car Or Driving Themed Songs Ever

Here’s Where Red-Light Cameras Are Being Installed, Removed - DNA Chicago; Note That CDOT Will Be Targeting Downtown With Six New Cameras; And Surprise, Surprise: THE CAMERAS THAT ARE BEING REMOVED DID NOTHING TO REDUCE CRASHES, AND ACTUALLY CAUSED MORE REAR-END CRASHES!

Red Light Rules Change As City Relaxes Time Allowed To Run A Light - DNA ChicagoChicago Sun-Times

The Second City: Love Advice For A Chicago Red Light Camera - Redeye

The Latest Laughable Justification For Letting Bikers Ignore Red Lights, Stop Signs - Bicycling

Pyke: Answers To Questions About New Illinois License Plates, Railroad Crossing Safety - Chicago Daily Herald

Neighbors’ Traffic, Parking Concerns Raised Over Jefferson Park Project - DNA Chicago

Project With 16 Apartments, 16 Parking Spaces, Near Montrose And Cicero, Granted Final Approval, Despite Neighbors’ Traffic And Parking Concerns - DNA Chicago

Jefferson Park Car Haters Plan Nonsense Protests Over Parking Spaces For September - Nadig Newspapers