Driver Uses Vehicle To Push Through Rioters Blocking Traffic

This is how drivers should handle rioters who block streets or highways.

Protesters, when they leave the sidewalk (the place where pedestrians are allowed) and enter the street to block traffic are breaking the law. While everyone should support robust protest as protected by the U.S. Constitution, protesters should not break the law. Once a protester stops peacefully protesting and begins breaking the law, they should not be considered protesters but instead, called what they are–criminals.

Drivers should not be forced to stop when using the public way when blocked by rioters.

This particular driver handled it perfectly. He or she did not run over the rioters blocking the car’s path, but instead, gently and slowly pushed into the crowd until the car was through.


That driver gets a shiny gold star from The Expired Meter.

One Response to Driver Uses Vehicle To Push Through Rioters Blocking Traffic

  1. Jeff says:

    While the protesters got what they deserved, I have to imagine one of those snowflakes will sue for a phony injury

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