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“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, October 31st, 2016

On This Day In History: On October 31, 1913, The Lincoln Highway, The First Coast To Coast Road, Stretching From NYC To San Francisco, Was Dedicated - Lincoln Highway Museum

Redflex, City Of Chicago, Ask Federal Judge To Limit Public Access To Documents During Ongoing Federal Fraud Trial - The Newspaper

Only 20 Cars Towed From Wrigleyville Area On Friday; Divvy Stations Moved - DNA Chicago; River Will Be Dyed Blue If Cubs Win It All - Chicago Sun-Times

City Clerk, State Comptroller Candidate Mendoza Says It’s Time To Rethink Permit Parking System - Chicago Tribune

Civic Federation Loses All Credibility As Impartial Public interest Group, And Instead Enables Tax And Budget Misbehavior — Opposing Road Fund Lockbox, And Backing Phony Taxwinkle’s Sugar Shakedown - Crain’s Chicago Business; Better Govt. Association – No On Lockbox Amendment - Chicago Sun-Times; State Senators Support Lockbox - Chicago Sun-Times; Think Carefully Before Voting For The Roads Amendment - Chicago Tribune; Pyke: Do Gas Tax Funds Need A Lockbox - Chicago daily Herald; ‘Safe Roads’ Needed To Keep State Moving - Chicago Daily Herald

Hundreds Protest Toni’s Tax Tyranny On Sugary Drinks In Cook County - ABC 7 Chicago

The Need To Reform Automobile/Asset Forfeiture In Illinois - Illinois Policy Institute

Telling The Truth About Dangerous Biker Behavior Is Not Victim Blaming - Beezodogsplace

Halloween Safety Tips For Drivers, Trick Or Treaters

Halloween--Deadliest Day GraphicHalloween may be the most dangerous night of the year for kids.

And not because of all the stomach aches that occur from consuming an overabundance of candy.

No, there are multiple studies that indicate more children are hit by vehicles on October 31st than any other 24 hour period of the year.

So, here are a few tips when you’re out driving on Halloween to make sure everyone gets home safe and sound Wednesday evening.

1-Slow Down

This is the one day or night out of the year that you should drive well below the speed limit–especially in residential neighborhoods where the majority of trick or treating is done.

Look out for kids darting across the street from between parked cars.

2-Be Careful Passing Stopped Vehicles

Before you assume some bonehead is pulled over just to aggravate you, remember, it may be a parent dropping off a bunch of costumed kids. Be extra careful that one doesn’t run in front of your vehicle while passing.

3-Use Your Hazard Lights

If you’re the mom or dad dropping off the kids somewhere, when you pull over to let them out, throw on your hazard lights so other drivers see you pulled over and will hopefully slow down and drive more carefully.

4-Be Extra Vigilant When You See Kids

Look, kids do stupid things. They can’t help it. They don’t look both ways, they dart into the street without looking, they’re easily distracted and tonight, they’re all tweaked from excitement and from all the sugar they’ve ingested. Plus, if the kid has a mask on, they’re vision is impaired as well.

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, October 28th, 2016

Extensive Parking Restrictions, Street Closures In Wrigleyville - Chicago Sun-Times; Cubs Parking Bans Expanded To River North And Lincoln Park - DNA ChicagoCrain’s Chicago Business; How To Get To Wrigley - Chicago Sun-Times; CTA To Run Vintage Cubs Car Before Chicago World Series Games - NBC 5 Chicago; Addison ‘L’ Stop Has Colorful Cubs History - Chicago Tribune; Going Out To Watch The Cubs – Here’s How To Get A Free Uber Ride - Crain’s Chicago Business; Local Bars Gouging Fans - DNA Chicago; Wrigley Field: How The Ballpark Has Changed Between ’45 And ’16 - Chicago Tribune; $116K-A-Year Chicago Alderman Apologizes For Crying Poor On Cubs Playoff Tickets - Chicago Tribune; Aldermen Are Entitled To Their Opinion – Not Cubs Tickets - Crain’s Chicago Business; Nights To Remember On Deck For Cubs Fans This Weekend At Wrigley Field - Chicago Tribune; Ford Model T Drives Cubs Past Into The Present - Chicago Tribune; Ricketts Racketeers Remake Wrigleyville As Tourist Trap - Chicago Reader; Des Plaines Garage Shows Couple’s Devotion To Cubs - Chicago Daily Herald; How Much Was Gas The Last Cubs, Indians Won The World Series - Gas Buddy; Here’s What People Are Paying For Cubs World Series Tickets - Crain’s Chicago Business; Days Off Canceled For Cops As Police Prepare For World Series Crowds - Chicago Tribune; The Architectural Charm Of Wrigley - Chicago Tribune

33rd Ward Ald. Mell Pulls Plug On Manor Diverter, Future Of Bike Greenway Now In Doubt As Neighbors Say Speed Bumps Would Solve The Problem - DNA ChicagoChicago Tribune; Streetsbloggers, Active Transportation Alliance Shocked That Neighbors Impacted By The Diverter Wouldn’t Drink Their Car-Haterade - Chicago Streetsblog

Watch Out For Trick Or Treaters Monday Night - The Expired Meter; Boystown Halloween Parade Monday - Northalsted Halloween Parade

41st Ward To Vote On Street Improvement Projects - Nadig Newspapers

Riverwalk Construction Now Mostly Done - So Why Are Contractor Vehicles Still Blocking The Right Westbound Lane Of Lower Wacker; New Signs Point The Way For Riverwalk Visitors To Navy Pier - Loop North News

Illinois Joins $41M Multi-State Settlement With Hyundai, Kia Over Mileage Claims - Chicago Tribune‎

Tollway Directors Reject Staff Recommendation, Won’t Renew Engineering Firm’s Contract - Chicago Daily Herald

Edgewater Wrong Way Bike Lane On Greenwood To Open Next Year - DNA Chicago; Watch For Drivers To Slam On Their Brakes To Avoid Bikers Coming From The Opposite Direction

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Expanded Parking And Driving Restrictions For World Series This Weekend - DNA ChicagoChicago Sun-TimesCrain’s Chicago Business; Be Ready To Prove You Live In The Area If You Want To Drive - DNA Chicago; How To Navigate Your Way To And From Wrigleyville During Cubs’ World Series - Chicago Tribune‎; Extra Weekend CTA Service Planned For World Series - NBC 5 Chicago; 1,000 Police Officers To Be In Wrigleyville For World Series Weekend - WGN 9 Chicago; Don’t Look For Bartman To Make An Appearance - CNN; Alderturds Squawk Over Losing Face Value Ticket Perk - Illinois Policy Institute

Manor Avenue Diverter Creates Neighborhood Gridlock - Chicago Every Block

Opinion: The Lockbox Question Is An Insult To Illinois Voters - Illinois News Network; Transportation Lockbox Amendment Is A Bad Idea - Illinois Policy Institute

Judicial Candidate Who Posed As Traffic Court Judge Says She Won’t Take Office Until Her Disciplinary Case Ends - Chicago Tribune‎

Downtown Street Closures Set For TV Filming - Chicago Sun-Times

Tri-Taylor Residents Say Outsiders Taking Over, Blocking Their Streets - DNA Chicago

City Snow Crews Prepping For Winter - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Study Says Extending The Length Of Yellow Times And Improving Traffic Signal Visibility Did Far More To Reduce Accidents Than Installing Red Light Cameras In San Francisco - The Newspaper

Public-Purse-Parasite Active Transportation Alliance Using Its City Cash Subsidy To Lobby For Draconian Citywide 20 Mile An Hour Speed Limit, Elimination Of Already Clogged Car Lanes - Active Transportation Alliance

33rd Ward Alderman Deb Mell Is Just As Much Of A Slick Con Artist As Her Father - Will Try To Silence First Amendment Protected Debate Over Manor Avenue Diverter At Thursday Night Ward Transportation Committee Meeting - Twitter/IM Manor AvenueTwitter/Stop The Diverter

Keep Auto Emissions Testing Facility In City, Lawmakers Tell State EPA - DNA Chicago

How Will Illinois Adapt To Tesla Self Driving Cars - Chicago Now

Metropolitan Planning Council: Vote ‘Yes’ On Safe Roads Amendment - Crain’s Chicago Business

CPD Makes Plans To Keep Peace On Wrigleyville Streets During World Series - Chicago Sun-Times; World Series Sleaze: Pair Of Aldermen Play Hooky For Cozy Road Trip With A Lobbyist To Cleveland - Chicago Tribune; City Tries To Modify Patently Illegal Ban On Streetside Peddling Near Wrigley Field - Chicago Sun-Times

Streetsblog Pushing More Transit Boondoggles, To Foul Up Whatever Loop Traffic Still Moves After The Loop Link Fiasco And Bike Lane Installations - ChicagoStreetsblog

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

Former Redflex Chief Sentenced To 14 Months In Prison In Chicago Bribery Case - The Newspaper

Parking Restrictions, Street Closures For World Series - WGN 9 Chicago Parking Spaces At A Premium - Chicago Tribune; If You Sell Your Wrigleyville Parking Permit, You Might Never Get One Again - DNA Chicago; Neighbors Worry New Wrigleyville Projects Will Choke Traffic - Chicago Tribune; Excited Cubs Fans Hit The Road To Cleveland For World Series Opener - Chicago Tribune

Will Neighbors Sue Over CDOT Manor Ave Traffic Barricade - Twitter/Stop The DiverterSign The Petition To End This Nonsense

Opinions: Vote No On Lockbox Amendment - Crain’s Chicago BusinessChicago TribuneChicago Sun-Times; Transportation Lockbox Amendment Would Affect Local Spending - Decatur Herald And Review; Springfield Has It Wrong – Fix The Budget, Then Worry About Roads - Chicago Tribune; Taxpayers Federation of Illinois Opposes Lockbox - Illinois News Network

IDOT: Quinn And Current General Assembly Inaction Raise Need For Snow Plowing Contracts - Illinois News Network

Tollway To Boost Minority Jobs - Chicago Daily Herald

Indictment Won’t Stop Judge Candidate Accused Of Donning Robes In Traffic Court And Ruling On Cases, Lawyer Says - ABA Journal

Chicago Drivers Face Long Lines For Emissions Tests, Will Soon Be Stranded - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

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Are Older Commercial Truck Drivers Causing More Danger On Nation’s Highways - CBS News

City Ticket Writers On Pace For Fewer Parking Tickets, But Denver Boot Is Getting A Workout - Chicago Sun-Times

Clerk of Court to Waive Overdue Fines This Week - Chicago Defender

Letter: Don’t Believe Madigan – Vote ‘No’ On The Safe Roads Amendment - Chicago Tribune‎; Time To Use Road Money To Fix Roads - Chicago Daily Herald; Legislators Want To Keep Road Funds To Use As Bloated Budget Bailout Bank - Chicago Daily Herald; Letter: Civic Leaders Oppose Lockbox Amendment - Chicago Sun-Times

Drunk-On-Duty City Worker Who Hit Parked Cars Should Be Fired: Watchdog - DNA Chicago

Aldermen Grouse Over Inequity In Infrastructure Funding Among City Wards - Chicago Sun-Times

Wrigleyville Parking Still Restricted During Away Games: Here’s A Full List - Chicago Tribune

While Driving To Wrigley Is A Nightmare For Parking, Dodgers Stadium Is Car And Uber Friendly - Chicago Tribune

Controversy Over Crosswalks - WBEZ 91.5 FM Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, October 17th, 2016

Neighbors Want The Misguided Manor Ave Diverter In Ravenswood Ended Now; Meanwhile Alderman Deb Mell Refuses To Allow Debate On The Project At A Public Meeting On Transportation Issues - Chicago TribuneSend Deb Mell A Message, Reminding Her About That Pesky First Amendment And The Illinois Open Meetings ActSign The Petition To Stop This Traffic Clusterfuck

Road Builders, Unions Back Lockbox Amendment - Chicago Tribune; Streetsblog Contributor Wants Springfield To Keep Using Road Funds For Budget Bailouts - Chicago Streetsblog

Preckwinkle To Bribe County Commissioners With Half Million Each In Gas Tax Funds, To Secure Votes For Her Soda Shakedown - Chicago Tribune; Cook County Sugar Tax On Diet Soda Makes No Sense - Chicago Sun-Times

Keep The Fake Traffic Court Judge Off The Bench - Chicago Tribune

Lane Closures Start Monday On Stevenson Expressway - Chicago Sun-Times

Tollway Readies ‘Smart Road’ On Jane Addams - Chicago Daily Herald

Broadway Closures This Week As Wilson Station Construction Continues - DNA Chicago

Uber Not Serving The Disabled - Chicago Sun-Times

Construction Sign Hacked To Flash Message Dissing Rahm - Chicago Sun-Times

Streetsblog Has Hissy Fit Over Newly Rebuilt Kinzie Bike Lanes - Chicago Streetsblog

Bicyclist Hit In Crash The Latest Rescue Scene For NBC’s ‘Chicago Fire’ - DNA Chicago

2 Blue Collar Bikers In Chicago Share Their Thoughts - Chicago Streetsblog

Meeting In Evanston On Sheridan Road Bike Lanes - Northwestern University

Judge Issues $150 Fine To Driver Who Fatally Struck Mount Prospect Mother In Crosswalk - Chicago Tribune

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, October 14th, 2016

Neighbors Launch Petition To Stop The Misguided Manor Ave Diverter In Ravenswood - Change.Org

State Seeks To Bar Lawyer Who Allegedly Posed As Traffic Court Judge From Running For Bench - Chicago Tribune

Don’t Get Towed In Wrigleyville: Here Are All The NLCS Parking Restrictions - DNA Chicago; Wrigleyville Today Is Different From The 2015 NLCS – Here’s What’s Changed - DNA Chicago

Lane And Ramp Closures Begin Friday On Lake Shore Drive And I-55 - Chicago Sun-Times

Fearing City Will Tear Down Uptown Tents, Homeless Block LSD In Protest - Chicago Tribune‎; Playground In Park On Safe Passage Route Overrun By Homeless, Residents Say - DNA Chicago

IDOT Announces $30 Million In Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program Grants - Ride Illinois

State Asks Lake County For Snow Plowing Help - Chicago Daily Herald‎

Firefighter Killed In Evergreen Park Reportedly Ignored A Stop Sign Before Colliding With An SUV In The Intersection - Chicago StreetsblogChicago Sun-Times

Bikers Demand Safer Streets, But Don’t See Their Behavior As Part Of The Problem - Medill Reports Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, October 13th, 2016

The Kennedy Expy. Is Getting Wider: New Lanes Coming As Crash Stats Soar - DNA Chicago

Foster Avenue Is Reopened Between Pulaski And Cicero - DNA Chicago

Armitage Will Be ‘Driveable’ By End Of Week; Water Main Project Continues - DNA Chicago

Lane, Ramp Closures Planned On Reagan Memorial Tollway - Chicago Sun-Times

Police Cracking Down On Drunk Drivers In Humboldt Park This Weekend - DNA Chicago

Naperville Ballots To Question Road Deal - Chicago Daily Herald‎

City Raising Parking Meter Rates Around Wrigley Field During Cubs Games - Crain’s Chicago Business‎

Cubs NLDS Series Games This Weekend – Watch For Street Closures, Parking Restrictions - DNA Chicago

Uber, Lyft Face New 50-Cent Tax Proposal From Cook County - DNA Chicago

Uber Sued By Chicago Group Claiming Lack Of Wheelchair Accessibility - DNA Chicago

Court Ruling In Taxi Regulation Case Issues New Economy Warning For Old-Line Business - Chicago Tribune‎

Debating the Transportation Fund Lockbox Amendment - WTTW 11 Chicago/Chicago Tonight; Springfield Trolls Want To Keep The Roads Unlocked Fund For Pet Projects - Illinois News Network