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“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Thanks To A Legal Settlement, The Redflex Racketeers Only Lost $4.7 Million In Fiscal 2016 - The Newspaper

CDOT Ravenswood Traffic Barricade Boondoggle Starts Sept. 19 - DNA Chicago

Brown: Make-Believe Traffic Judge Case Exposes Real Flaws In Judgment - Chicago Sun-Times; Why Does Law Clerk Who Posed As Traffic Judge Now Get To Run For A Seat On The Bench - Chicago Tribune

Chicago Skyway Maintenance Workers On Strike - ABC 7 Chicago

NFL Draft Not Coming Back To Chicago Next Year - Chicago Sun-Times

Via ‘Luxury’ Ridesharing App Expands Service As Far South As Roosevelt - DNA Chicago

New Union Station Transit Center Suffers From Loop Link Design Disaster, That Failed To Account For The Fact That Shuttle Buses Exist In Chicago - Chicago Streetsblog

City’s Department Of Fleet And Facility Management Moving To Englewood - DNA Chicago

Glenview Park District To Make Safety Changes After Driver Reports Being Hit With Golf Ball - Chicago Tribune

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

NHTSA: 2015 Sees Largest Increase In Traffic Fatalities In Half Century - CBS News

While Redflex’s Inside Man John Bills Gets Ready For Prison, Another Redflex Crook Goes To Jail In S. Carolina - The Newspaper

Former CDOT Commissioner Gabe Klein Is Back With A New Consulting Business - Crain’s Chicago Business; Someone Wake Up US Attorney Zach Fardon, To Investigate Gabe’s Next Shady Chicago Kickback Deal

Flash Floods Make Some Area Roads Impassable - ABC 7 Chicago; Metra Train Struck By Lightning In Rogers Park - WGN 9 Chicago; Flooding Curbs Labor Day Weekend Parking At Starved Rock Park - Chicago Sun-Times

Foster Avenue Bridge Over Chicago River To Close Wednesday - Chicago Sun-Times

Skyway Maintenance Workers Set To Strike Tuesday - Chicago Tribune

Law Clerk Who Heard Traffic Cases In Markham Has Been Fired - Chicago Sun-Times

It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neigh-borhood As Police On Horses Ticket Cars - DNA Chicago

Emanuel Orders Crackdown On Food Truck Violators - Chicago Sun-Times; Two Food Truck Dudes Fear City May Push Them Too Far - Illinois Policy Institute,Illinois Policy Institute

Streetsblog’s Street Space Schizophrenia: For Weeks, Streetsblog Has Been Conducting A Marathon Mope Over Vehicles That Violate The Street Space Allotted To Look Link Bus Lanes And Bike Lanes; But Now, Streetsblog Cheers The Spatial Chaos Of The New ‘Anarchy On Argyle’ Streetscape — Where Pedestrians Can Legally Jaywalk, Nobody Knows Where To Park, And Bikers/Pedestrians/Vehicles Have No Clue Where Their Space Begins/Ends - Chicago Streetsblog,Edgewater Observer; As George Costanza Would Say, ‘There’s No Laws In This Place. Anything Goes. It’s THUNDERDOME!’

Streetsblog Yet Again Makes Up Facts About Speeding Being A Factor In A Pedestrian’s Death, Even Though The Police Have Said That ‘The Pedestrian May Have Unexpectedly Entered The Roadway And The Driver May Not Have Had Time To Respond’ - Chicago Streetsblog

Death Of Jogger, Hit By Car While Running In The Middle Of Devon Avenue, Raises Questions - DNA Chicago/Soundcloud Radio Podcast

Why Bikers Fail To Deal Honestly With The Door Zone Danger - Beezodogsplace

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, August 29th, 2016

Former CDOT Deputy Commissioner John Bills, Madigan Precinct Captain, Sentenced To 10 Years In Red Light Camera Corruption Case – Chicago Tribune‎; Timeline: Chicago’s Red Light Camera Saga - Chicago Tribune

Illinois Law Now Clarified To Gives Bikers The Same Right Of Way As Drivers - DNA Chicago; All The More Reason That Bikers Have No Logical Reason To Be Given A Free Pass To Ignore Stop Signs And Red Lights

Streetsblog Sulks And Mopes After Jefferson Parkers Refuse To Give Up Car Lanes, Parking For Bike Lanes - Chicago Streetsblog; Development Of Jefferson Park Spotlighted In Walking Tour - Nadig Newspapers

City’s Effort To Cram Bike Lanes Into Narrow Milwaukee Avenue Road Space Has Created A Hazard For Bikers - Chicago Reader

10 Chicago Bike Questions You Never Knew Needed Answers; Surprise: Bikers Must Stop At Red Lights And Stop Signs Just Like Other Vehicles - Redeye

City’s Cyclists Share Their Bike Stories - DNA Chicago

Letter: CTA Bus Drivers Need To Lay Off The Horn - Chicago Sun-Times

Former City Official Given 10 Year Sentence In Red Light Camera Bribery Scheme

John Bills is going to spend 10 years in prison for the bribes he received for maneuvering Redflex Traffic Systems into the lucrative multi-million dollar contract to operate Chicago’s red light camera program according to the Sun-Times.

Bills, arguably the god father of Chicago’s highly lucrative red light camera program, conspired with Redflex executives to make sure the company was awarded the initial contract and contract extensions while pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars of bribes which came in the form of cash, gifts, cars and even a home in Arizona.

While Bills did express remorse, Judge Virginia Kendall admonished him for not fulling admitting his guilt according to the Chicago Sun-Times. While Bills, during the course of the trial, implied higher ups in city government were involved in the scheme, he never named names. Bills, at one time, did work for Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan.

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, August 26th, 2016

Western Avenue Closing Saturday, Sunday For Bridge Maintenance – Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Food Trucks Breaking The Rules — A Sun-Times/ABC7 Special Report – Chicago Sun-Times

ABC 7 Chicago Security Guard Catches Wrong-Way Driver Who Allegedly Struck Bicyclist – ABC 7 Chicago

The Bike Infrastructure Boondoggle Is Not Working – Beezodogsplace

Controversy Over Donald Trump Honorary Street In Chicago – DNA Chicago

Recent Fatalities Raise Questions About Chicago Bike Safety – WTTW 11/Chicago Tonight

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Wrigley Concerts Friday Night (Billy Joel) Saturday Night (Luke Bryan) – Watch For Parking Restrictions, Street Closures

Police To Crack Down On Drunken Drivers On Far Northwest Side Saturday – DNA Chicago

Streetsblog Is At It Again — Even Though A Jogger Was Recklessly Running Against The Flow Of Traffic In The Middle Of Busy 4-Lane Devon Avenue, When She Was Fatally Hit By A Car, Streetsblog Makes Up Its Own Facts, To Put The Blame On The Driver For Speeding – Chicago Streetsblog

Cyclist Propaganda Obscures Truth About Safety – Beezodogsplace

Ghost Bike To be Installed For Rider Fatally Struck By Truck – DNA Chicago

‘Anarchy On Argyle’ Streetscape Set To Open – DNA Chicago

Report: Chicago Area New Construction Spending Surges In 2016 – Curbed Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Stevenson Expressway Lane, Ramp Closings Start Wednesday Night - Chicago Sun-Times

Is Voter Fraud A Real Concern, On Issue Of Drivers License Office Voter Registration - Chicago Reader

Streetsbloggers Hop On Their Huffy Bikes, Type Twitter Tantrums, Over Loop Utility Work Blocking Dearborn Bike Lane (Hashtag: HISSYFIT); CDOT Pretends It Knew Nothing About It, Offers Faux Outrage To Covers Its Mistake, Even Though The Contractor Submitted A Permit For Work In That Area - Chicago Streetsblog

How Loyola Converts Used Cooking Oil Into Biodiesel That Fuels Their Buses - DNA Chicago

Abortion Opponents Sue City Over Ordinance Restricting Sidewalk, Street Protesters - Chicago Sun-Times

Transit Oriented Development Ready To Replace Western Ave. Lot - Curbed Chicago

Google, Mcdonald’s Developer Plans Next Big Office Project Fulton Market - Chicago Real Estate Daily; Leslie Hindman Auctioneers Puts Fulton Market Buildings Up For Sale - Chicago Real Estate Daily

Highland Park Not Severing Ties With Disgraced Red Light Camera Company Yet - Chicago Tribune

Evanston Seeks Bids To Redevelop City Parking Lot - Evanston Now

Late, No-Show Buses Trigger Complaints In Glen Ellyn Dist. 41 - Chicago Daily Herald

Why Is There No Legislation That Gives Pedestrians Who Feel Threatened By Cyclists The Right To Sue - Beezodogsplace

Late Night Bikers Bring Noise, Dangerous Riding To Neighborhoods - DNA Chicago

Mother Wants Catholic School To Lift Bike Ban - Chicago Streetsblog

Hypocrisy Much – Active Transportation Alliance Decries Obstacles On Bike Lanes, Sidewalks, While Supporting Car-Traffic Choking InfrastructureBans On Car Traffic - Active Transportation Alliance

“The Driver’s Side” News From The Motorist’s Perspective

breaking_news1Crain’s: Chicago Would Have Benefited From Getting Into Bed With The Greedy Gangsters At The International Olympic Committee -Crain’s Chicago Business

NHTSA Bureaucrats Retract Their Nationwide Ban On Driver Use Of Any Wireless Devices, Handheld Or Not - ABC News

National Safety Council: Motor Vehicle Deaths Up 9% Over First Half Of 2015 - National Safety Council

Crain’s: Rauner Should Have Signed Bill To Register Voters At Drivers License Offices - Crain’s Chicago Business‎

Letter: Don’t Resume Sending License Plate Reminders - Chicago Daily Herald

Protesters Arrested For Blocking Loop Traffic - CBS 2 Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, August 22nd, 2016

Stevenson Expressway Closures Could Mean Delays For Drivers – DNA Chicago

Tollway, Railroad Exchange New Barbs Over O’Hare Western Access – Crain’s Chicago Business

New And Improved Bike Lanes Planned For Printers Row – DNA Chicago

Protected Bike Lanes Will Open At Fullerton/Elston/Damen Project – Chicago Streetsblog

Is Judge Who Let Law Clerk Hear Traffic Cases Fit For The Bench – Chicago Tribune

City-Subsidized Active Transportation Alliance Will Use Recent Death Of Bikers To Lobby For Its ‘Vision Zero’ Agenda, At Taxpayer’s Expense – Active Transportation Alliance; Look For ATA To Propose A New York-Style City Wide Speed Limit Of 25 MPH, And To Use That Draconian Limit To Boost Speed Camera Revenue

Finkl Steel Neighbors Survey: Fix Area Traffic Woes – DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, August 19th, 2016

Federal Judge Refuses To Dismiss Redflex Bribe Case Against Former Chicago Department Of Transportation Deputy Commissioner John Bills – The Newspaper

Chicago Air And Water Show Closures: Here Are The Streets To Avoid – DNA Chicago; The CTA Is Increasing Service This Weekend To Avoid An Air And Water Show Mess – Chicagoist

Ohio Feeder To And From Kennedy To Close Sunday Morning, But Will Reopen For Air And Water Show – Chicago Sun-Times

Editorial: No Place On Bench For Judge Who Let Law Clerk Hear Traffic Cases – Chicago Sun-Times

Editorial – Look Out — Why Texting And Walking Don’t Mix – Chicago Tribune‎

Could Better Bike Training Prevent Deadly Crashes On Chicago Streets – Beezodogsplace; Right On Cue, Rash Of Biker Deaths Prompts Active Transportation Alliance To Double Up On Its Taxpayer Supported Lobbying – Active Transportation Alliance

Pilsen Fest, Festa Italiana, Max Out Maxwell This Weekend On Near West Side – DNA Chicago