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“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, June 30th 2016

Commuter Alert: Taste Of Chicago Street Closures - Congress, Jackson, Columbus Closed To Traffic Until July 11

Budget Bills Pass Illinois House Amid Last-Minute Drama; Bills Include Huge Expansion/Extension Of Chicago TIF District Shell-Game To Fund Transit Projects - Chicago Sun-TimesChicago Tribune; Chicago Property Taxes Will Be Hiked To Pay Teacher Pensions - Chicago Sun-Times; This Is What Counts As Progress In Illinois - Chicago Sun-Times; Illinois’ School Funding Formula Is Broken – But There’s A Smart Way To Fix It - Chicago Tribune‎; Letter: Illinois Is Off The Tracks - Chicago Daily Herald; No One Else Would Still Have A Job - Chicago Daily HeraldMore Daily Herald Letters On Budge Mess; If Britain Can Leave The EU, Illinois Can Ditch Cook County - Chicago Tribune‎

Chicago City Sticker Grace Period Ends This Week - ABC 7 Chicago

Study: Most Walkable Cities May Be Most Dangerous for Pedestrians, Especially When Distracted; Chicago Among Cities At Top Of List - Claims Journal

Uber, Lyft Ordinance Snubs Disabled in ‘Last-Minute’ Ploy, Critics Say - DNA Chicago; New Uber Driver Monitoring Feature Draws Mixed Reviews In Chicago - Chicago Sun-Times

Inbound Skyway Closed After Semi Overturns, Starts Leaking Fuel - Chicago Sun-Times‎; Chicago Skyway Getting Reversible Lanes Friday - Chicago Tribune‎

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, June 29th 2016

Taste Of Chicago Set Up Begins - Congress, Jackson, Columbus Closed To Traffic Until July 11

Falling Concrete Closes Lanes On Eisenhower Expressway Tuesday Afternoon - Chicago Sun-Times

City Fire Honcho Charged With Misdemeanor DUI After Crashing SUV - Chicago Sun-Times

State Of Illinois’ Share Of Multistate VW Settlement Nearly $29M; Illinois VW Owners In Line For Hundreds Of Millions More -The State Journal Register

Yellow Cab CEO: Treat Uber And Taxis The Same - Chicago Tribune‎

Comparing Apples And Cannonballs – Active Transportation Alliance Says That A Four Mile BRT Line For Eugene, Oregon, With A Population Of 350,000, Shows That It Will Work For A 16 Mile Stretch Of Ashland Avenue, In Far More Dense, Traffic-Clogged Chicago - Active Transportation Alliance; Never Mind The Fact That The Proposed Ashland BRT Would Only Leave One Car Lane In Each Direction, While The Eugene BRT Has Multiple Car Lanes Alongside The BRT Line

Streetsblog Carrying Out A Misguided Crusade In Sad, Senseless Death Of Biker Who Ran A Red Light - Beezodogsplace

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, June 28th 2016

Stretching The Facts To Fit Your Agenda: Streetsblog Cites Testimony Of Two Witnesses, Neither Of Whom Was Actually Looking At The Traffic Signal, To Blame The Bus Driver For The Michigan Avenue Accident That Killed A Biker Who Ran The Red Light - Chicago Streetsblog

Did International Olympic Committee, Rio, Out-Do Chicago On Vote Fraud For 2016 Games - Chicago Sun-Times

5 Top Reasons ‘Brexit’ Is Roiling The Auto Industry - USA TODAY; Brexit Oil Price Crash Slows - Market Realist

CDOT, CTA Team Up For LSD FAIL: Buckled Pavement, Stalled CTA Bus Cause Huge Delays All Along Lake Shore Drive For Monday PM Commute -Chicago Sun-Times

North Avenue Pedestrian Bridge Over Lake Shore Drive To Reopen This Week - Chicago Tribune‎

CPD Investigating Whether Fire Dept. Honcho Got Favored Treatment After LSD Crash - Chicago Sun-Times

After 20 Plus Expressway Shootings This Year, CPD To Patrol Expressways - Chicago Sun-Times

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, June 24th 2016

Brexit Vote Likely To Mean Lower Gasoline Prices - CBS 2 Chicago; Brown: After Brexit, Why Not Chexit – Does Chicago Need Illinois -Chicago Sun-Times; Brexit Hits Lisle-Based Truck Maker Navistar, Lake Forest Auto Parts Supplier Tenneco - Crains Chicago Business; Brexit And Chicago’s Potential Bankruptcy - Illinois Policy Institute; UK Referendum Leads To Regrexit Hangover - Reuters

AAA: Fourth of July Travel To Break Record - Chicago Tribune‎

CDOT’s Boneheaded Lakeview Traffic Barricade Gone; Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce Says Compromise Has Been Made Regarding Halsted, Grace, Broadway Slip Lane; Modified Right Turn To Be Reinstated, Ending The Arbitrary Traffic Barrier Bisecting The Halsted/Broadway Nightlife/Retail District -

Illinois Mitsubishi Plant Sold Under Value - Decatur Herald & Review

Pride Parade Arrests Down Significantly This Year Amid Heightened Security - DNA Chicago; Parade Marks Victims Of Orlando Massacre -DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective


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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, June 24th 2016

ON THE FIRST DAY OF BREXIT – Butterfly Effect: Blame O’Hare Pizza For Britain’s Brexit Bombshell - Chicago Daily Herald; World Oil Market Has Bad Case Of ‘Brexitis,’ As UK Referendum Vote Sends Oil Prices Plummeting - Wall Street Journal; In London, Bikers Block Boris In Brexit Backlash - Washington Post; After Brexit, The Words Of Oscar Wilde Seem Most Apt: ‘There Are Only Two Tragedies In Life: One Is Not Getting What One Wants, And The Other Is Getting It’

Lucas Museum Won’t Be Built in Chicago, George Lucas Says - DNA ChicagoChicago TribuneCurbed ChicagoChicago ReaderChicago Daily Herald; Rahm Loses Big - Chicago Sun-Times, Tries To Duck Blame - Chicago Tribune; Kamin: Blame Lucas For This Fiasco - Chicago Tribune; Father Pfaker Goes On Bizarre Rant Against FOP - DNA Chicago; What Did We Learn - Chicago Tribune

Chicago Pride Parade Sunday - Watch For Street Closures/Parking Restrictions - DNA Chicago; Security Will Include State Police This Year - ABC News

Illinois Sees Twice As Much Revenue In License Plate Late Fees, After Ending Renewal Notice To Drivers - Crains Chicago Business

Are There Really Any Speed Traps Anymore - Chicago Tribune

Why Are We Paying Tolls If Illinois Road Construction Is Being Shut Down - Chicago Tribune; Meanwhile, Indiana Leaders Expect Influx Of Funds For Road Construction - Chicago Daily Herald

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, June 23rd 2016

Credit Agencies Order Cities To Stop Reporting Unpaid Tickets; Local Governments Lose A Key Tool Used To Force Motorists To Pay Automated Ticketing Fines - The Newspaper

U.S. Supreme Court Rules States Cannot Make It A Crime For Drunken Driving Suspect To Refuse Blood Test, But Can Criminalize Refusal To Take Breath Tests - Yahoo News

County Road Projects On List Of IDOT Work Zones Being Shut Down By Budget Stalemate - Chicago Tribune; List Includes Bryne Interchange, LSD/I-55 Interchange

Pothole Repairs That Were Set To Begin On Stevenson Ran Into Bad Weather - Chicago Sun-Times

Flash Floods Hit Downtown Arlington Heights Streets, Businesses - Chicago Tribune; Suburban Gas Station Damaged - Chicago Daily Herald

CDOT Planning Strikes Again: Difficult Ridge Ave. Construction Delayed, But Here’s What To Expect - DNA Chicago

CPD Cracking Down On Drivers Who Ignore Pedestrians In Crosswalk - DNA Chicago; Nothing Being Done About Bikers Who Do The Same

Police Looking For Drunken Drivers In Rogers Park Area This Weekend - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective


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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, June 22nd 2016

Commuter Alert: Flash Flood Watch Wednesday - Chicago Sun-Times

State Transportation Department To Stop Construction Due To Budget Impasse - Chicagoist

Amid Protests, Tollway Leaders Say Route 53 Study Will Move Ahead - Chicago Daily Herald‎

Teachers Union Takes To Streets In The Loop, Seeking Tax Hikes On Gas, Ride Sharing, For Bankrupt Schools - Chicago Sun-Times‎; CPS To File Labor Charge Against Union Over April 1 Illegal Strike/Loop Traffic Barricade - Chicago Sun-Times; Rahm Decides It’s A Good Time To Give Himself Credit For Improving CPS -Chicago Reader

Weakened Uber, Lyft Ordinance Approved By Flustered Aldermen - DNA ChicagoCrains Chicago Business; Rahm Does Uber’s Dirty Work - Chicago Sun-Times,Chicago Tribune; Illinois Uber Manager Gets A Win With Fingerprint Compromise - Chicago Sun-Times; City Council Not Ready To Revolt Against Rahm - Politico

Drivers Get Relief As Council Approves Towing Bill Of Rights - Chicago Sun-Times

CBS 2: Drivers Using Park Chicago App Still Getting Ticketed

Some Chicago drivers using the Park Chicago app to pay for metered parking are still getting ticketed for paying to feed the parking meter according to CBS 2′s Pam Zekman.

CBS 2 discovered the city has dismissed over 3,200 expired meter tickets over the past two years after motorists who used the app and were paid up at the time of the ticket, reported the problem to the Department of Revenue.

The app allows drivers to bypass feeding the meter directly using the app on a smartphone. If a meter receipt is not on the dashboard of a car parked in a meter zone, enforcement officers are supposed to check the app database to see if the driver paid via Park Chicago.

CBS 2 reports the issue is most likely occurs when drivers extend their time using the app too close to when the time expires. The theory is, a lag time between the app’s database updating after payment allows for parking enforcement officers to issue tickets when they don’t see payment on their end.

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, June 21st 2016

City Council Deal Will Put Off Whether Drivers For Uber And Lyft Should Be Fingerprinted - Crains Chicago Business‎; Lyft Cheers Compromise That Would Delay Fingerprinting Drivers - DNA Chicago; Ald. Arena Will Try To Get Fingerprinting To Begin Now - WBEZ 91.5 FM Chicago; Editorial: City Should Reduce Taxi Regulation To Level Playing Field - Chicago Tribune; Opinion: Uber And Airbnb Ordinances Show Chicago Ushering In New Era Of Hyperregulation - Illinois Policy Institute; More Letters On Ride Share Ordinance - Chicago Sun-Times

Towing Bill Of Rights Clears Committee, Pirates ‘Must Go,’ Alderman Says - DNA Chicago

Streetsblog, Taxpayer Subsidized Anti-Car Lobbyists At Active Transportation Alliance, Want To Turn Proposed Ravenswood Bikeway Into A NIMBY-esque Anti-Car Traffic-Blockade, Making Residents Drive Blocks Out Of Their Way When Coming From/Going To Their Homes - Chicago StreetsblogActive Transportation Alliance

Chicago School Crossing Guards Want Their Badges Back - Chicago Tribune‎

No Injuries After Vehicle Shot On Lake Shore Drive Tuesday Morning - CBS 2 Chicago; 9th LSD Shooting This Year

Loop/Lakeshore Drive Traffic Alert - COPA Soccer Semifinal At Soldier Field Wednesday Night

Wednesday Heavy Rain Storms Could Bring Wind, Hail Damage, Street Flooding - DNA Chicago

Ravenswood Neighborhood Sick Of Festival Street Closures/Parking Restrictions Says ‘Non’ To Lycee Francais Proposed 5K Race - DNA Chicago

“The Driver’s Side” – News From The Motorist’s Perspective


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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, June 20th 2016

Streetsblog Continues To Lash Out At The Media, For Reporting That Accident That Killed Biker On Michigan Avenue Was Caused In Part By The Biker Running A Red Light - Chicago Streetsblog; Streetsblog Complaints About Media Reports Are Off Way Base - Beezodogsplace; Chicagoist Inexplicably Cites Articles Bike Personal Injury Lawyers, And The Taxpayer Subsidized Anti-Car Lobbyists At The Active Transportation, To Make An Argument About Bias In The Media Coverage Of The Accident - Chicagoist; Cyclists Need To Own Up To Deadly Consequences Of Ignoring Red Lights - Beezodogsplace; Letter: ALL Road Users Have To Be Held Accountable - Chicago Tribune

Streetsblog Proposes More Confusing, Inappropriate Bike Infrastructure For Wood Street Bikeway - Chicago Streetsblog

Uber, Lyft To Avoid Fingerprinting Drivers – For Now - Chicago Sun-Times

Drivers Beware: CTU Planning Another Loop Street Barricade June 22 Over School Funding - Crains Chicago Business

Illinois Drivers So Vain, But Not All Plates Get State OK - Chicago Tribune‎

Letter: Roads, Other Infrastructure Needs To Be A Funding Priority - Chicago Daily Herald

Car-Hating Crackpots In Uptown Want Public Space, Not Much-Needed Parking, Under Wilson Stop - Chicago Sun-Times

More Street Closures For The Anarchy On Argyle Shared Street Boondoggle - DNA Chicago