State Stops Sending Emissions Testing Reminders To Drivers

Illinois EPA emissions notice

First the Secretary of States stopped sending out renewal notices to Illinois drivers.

That’s because, due to the budget impasse in Springfield, the department couldn’t afford to pay the postage to mail out the reminders.

Unfortunately, this led many Chicago drivers to get ticketed for expired license stickers on their vehicles.

Now, the budget standoff between Governor Bruce Rauner, House Speaker Mike Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton has victimized drivers once again.

According to DNA Info, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has halted mailing emission test notices for motorists with vehicles which must pass an emissions test.

This temporary suspension of notices began in December, thus effecting vehicles with plate stickers that expire in March.

Normally, a vehicle must pass a periodic emissions test before the Secretary of State allows the car owner to renew the plate sticker.

The good news is, Secretary of State Jesse White is going to allow vehicle owners to renew their plate sticker even if their vehicle hasn’t had an emissions test. Drivers will still be informed they need an emissions test when they renew, but they won’t have to get one until before they renew their plates next year–at least if the state budget gets approved and EPA notices resume.

Only vehicles four years or older are subject to testing. Some vehicles, like electric powered vehicles and several other categories are exempt from this testing. But if you’re not sure, you can use an online tool on the Secretary of State’s website to check if your car need an emissions test.

Here’s DNA Info’s full story, “Is Your Car Due for an Emissions Test? The State Won’t Remind You.”

2 Responses to State Stops Sending Emissions Testing Reminders To Drivers

  1. Jeff says:

    If they really want to plug budget holes, there should be wholesale layoffs and program cuts at every level of state government, instead of these gimmicks designed to provoke outrage.

  2. Amy says:

    The link to the online tool at the Secretary of State’s website leads to the site. After clicking around a bunch, I checked the article and it should have gone to

    Here is the correct link:

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