NBC 5 Gets Some TV Ticket Justice For Chicago Driver

Read the signs.

That’s the best advice for all drivers when parking a car.

That’s because parking signs dictate where and when you can park a vehicle. If you follow the signs, you won’t be ticketed. At least that’s the theory.

But Joe Rubinas, who dutifully follows the residential parking permit signs on his street, has been ticketed twice by a ticket writer who seemingly doesn’t know how to read the signs.

The first time, he fought the ticket by mail and won by convincing the Administrative Law Judge he was parked outside the RPP zone.

But the second time, using the exact same argument and photo evidence, he was found liable for the $75 fine.

That’s when he decided to get NBC 5 involved. Of course, once NBC 5′s cameras starting rolling, the decision on Rubinas’ ticket was reversed and was dismissed.

Here’s NBC 5′s story, “Chicago Resident Fined for Parking Legally on City Street.”

One Response to NBC 5 Gets Some TV Ticket Justice For Chicago Driver

  1. Jeff says:

    It always takes the press and an embarrassing story to make the city say Uncle.

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