Promotion For Luxe App Softens Sting Of Parking Tickets

Luxe valet parking problems

Luxe is an app that let’s drivers have a valet park your car, no matter where you may want to park.

The on-the-fly valet service is offering motorists what they are calling “parking ticket amnesty” by giving credits for their service to users who’ve recently been hit with an expensive parking ticket.

Unlike traditional valet parking services which operate from a static location like bars, clubs, and restaurants, Luxe valets will meet users and their cars anywhere in their coverage area. This includes the Loop, River North, Lincoln Park, and the Gold Coast.

The service, which debuted in Chicago last March is, according to the company, has a growing number of Chicago users due to it’s convenience and relatively affordable fees. Luxe charges $5 per hour with a max amount of $15 for three hours or more which is quite competitive with prevailing rates in area parking lots, garages. It’s even less expensive than the rates at downtown parking meters.

But Luxe is trying to get the word out on their app by helping drivers with their parking tickets.

The company is pledging to give away $10,000 in credits to users in Chicago, and five other markets, who’ve been issued a parking ticket in the last year.

Using Twitter, drivers need to tweet a photo of a recent parking ticket or receipt of a paid parking ticket to @luxevalet using the hashtag #parkingproblems, along with the story behind receiving the ticket.

The contest ends on Monday, February 1st, so start tweeting parking ticket photos pronto!

One Response to Promotion For Luxe App Softens Sting Of Parking Tickets

  1. Jeff says:

    That’s a great deal especially if it lets you avoid long valet lines at understaffed valet stations,

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