Not A Parking Ticket

Parking Ticket postcardWant to get someone’s attention?

Place a Chicago parking ticket on the windshield of their vehicle–or at least something that looks like a ticket.

Driving in the Woodlawn neighborhood Sunday morning, I witnessed a lot of cars illegally parked around Apostolic Church of God at 63rd and Dorchester. Parked too close to stop signs, in tow zones, next to hydrants and even on sidewalks, I wasn’t that surprised to see these vehicles with a ticket.

But then I saw a ton of legally parked cars with tickets too. On second glance, it wasn’t a ticket but a postcard promoting a sign shop called The Sign Daddy.

Unsure if this postcard campaign succeeded in generating sales or backfired and upset potential customers.

Either way, I’m guessing it generated some sort of attention.

One Response to Not A Parking Ticket

  1. Jeff says:

    This seems to be a recurring phenomenon

    maybe a city ordinance fining those who post fake or lookalike tickets could be the answer

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