New Illinois Driving Laws Ring In The New Year

Gavel LawbookThere are many new Illinois laws which took effect on January 1st–but just a handful that impact drivers.

One new law (Public Act #99-0300) will allow the Secretary of State to issue a driver’s license to someone who’s license has been revoked in another state, but who’s been an Illinois resident for at least 10 consecutive years and follows the requirements for reinstatement of driving privilege under state law.

Speaking of the Secretary of State, that office will soon be issuing special license plates for rental cars that will replace renewal stickers for vehicle registration (Public Act #99-0080).

Another recent addition to the law books (Public Act #99-0290) gives anyone who’s had their license revoked permanently after a fourth(!) DUI conviction to obtain a restricted driving permit after five years if the person shows a minimum three years of uninterrupted sobriety and successful completion all of the recommended rehabilitation activity.

A related DUI law (Public Act #99-0296) requires anyone who’s been convicted of a second or subsequent DUI offense to have an ignition interlock device on all vehicles they own for a minimum of five years.

Also starting January 1st, if you are convicted of a traffic violation you’ll be paying an additional $5 on top of the regular fine in order to fund police body cameras.

Finally, drivers of gasoline powered engines will be devastated to know they will not be legally allowed to park in a parking spot reserved for charging electric vehicles. Some Walgreen’s, Jewel stores and a few other spots around the greater Chicagoland area have EV charging stations in their parking lots for the voluminous number of electric cars being used here.

The law says (Public Act# 99-0172) violators risk a minimum $75 fine.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

One Response to New Illinois Driving Laws Ring In The New Year

  1. Jeff says:

    Surprising that the General Assembly would go out of its way to help drunk/habitually dangerous drivers get back on the road

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