Chicago Red Light Camera Bribery Trial Starts Monday

money-grabberChicago’s red light camera program has brought in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue since 2003.

But the nation’s largest red light camera program was  created from a bribery scheme.

On Monday, the key figure in the bribery scandal will finally face trial in federal court according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Former Chicago Department of Transportation manager John Bills is accused of accepting over a million dollars in gifts, cars, property and cash in return for insuring Redflex Traffic Systems won and retained the contract for the city’s red light camera program.

While his attorney is expressing confidence, Bills will be fighting an uphill battle in court as alleged bagman Martin O’Malley and former Redflex CEO Karen Finley have already pleaded guilty and, along with another ex-Redflex employee are cooperating with federal prosecutors.

On Monday, jury selection for the trial will begin.  The Sun-Times says the trial could last three weeks.

Here’s the Sun-Time’s full story, ” ‘The way business is done’: Red-light camera trial starts Monday.”

2 Responses to Chicago Red Light Camera Bribery Trial Starts Monday

  1. There are now four guilty pleas in federal indictments for fraud, bribery or extortion of people related to Redflex. Mr. Bills is the only one to fight so far. Three of the guilty pleas come from people that were involved with the Chicago contract. A jury will give us the answer for Mr. Bills.

    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association

  2. Jeff says:

    Hope that questioning opens doors to Rahm’s own corruption as well

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