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Group, Lawmaker Demand Vote On Bill To Ban Red Light Cameras

Ken DunkinCitizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras and Illinois State Representative Ken Dunkin demanded a floor vote on his bill for a statewide ban on red light and speed cameras at a press conference on the South Side on Sunday.

Their demand comes in the wake of a recent guilty verdict given to John Bills, the former manager of the city’s red light cameras for accepting nearly $2 million in cash and gifts for helping Redflex Traffic Systems obtain and hold onto the lucrative contract to operate Chicago’s red light camera system. The company raked in over $150 million over the 11 years they held the contract for the nation’s largest RLC program.

Dunkin introduced the bill (HB 141) in Springfield nearly 13 months ago, where it’s sat in the rules committee since.

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Your transportation related headlines for Friday, January 29th, 2016

2015 Saw Dozens Of Highway Shootings In Chicagoland, And Now It Is Deja Vu All Over Again: Chicago Highway Shootings Spike in January Amid Rising City Violence - DNA Chicago

Lawyer For Cop In Dash Cam Video Shooting May Seek Change Of Venue - CBS 2 Chicago

Letter: Quit Bellyaching Over License Sticker Renewals - Chicago Tribune; Letter: Just Look At Your License Plate Sticker - Chicago Daily Herald

Madigan Budget Solution Is To Make Illinois The Most Heavily Taxed State In The Midwest - Illinois Policy Institute; Pennsylvania Close To Passing Illinois As 5th-Largest State In U.S. For Jobs And Population - Illinois Policy Institute

Lane Closures Planned On I-190 Near OHare On Saturday Morning - Chicago Sun-Times

Halsted Bridge Over Eisenhower To Close Friday - Chicago Sun-Times

Why Do Some Gas Stations Give Discounts When Paying Cash?

Why do some gas stations charge less if a driver pays cash instead of using a credit card?

Gas Buddy TV’s Patrick DeHaan has the answers and says it can be a good way for drivers to save even more money at the pump.

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Your transportation related headlines for Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Editorial: Follow Red-Light Camera Corruption Trail To Very End - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicagoans Paying Less Than National Average For Gas - Chicago Sun-Times

Rahm Denies That His Dash Cam Video Scandal Has Led To Curbs Of Police Officers - Chicago Sun-Times

Today In History – The Challenger Shuttle Disaster Of January 28, 1986 - Chicago Tribune

Chicago State University Protesters Block Dan Ryan Expressway Thursday Morning - NBC 5 Chicago

Northbound LaSalle Lanes To Close In The Loop Friday Night - Chicago Sun-Times

Active Transportation Alliance Seeks Input On How To Ruin North Avenue As An East-West Commuter Artery - Active Transportation Alliance

Cyclists Who Ignore Traffic Signals Have Shirked Their Responsibility For Road Safety; Guilty Verdict In Bribery Trial Upends The Whole Notion Of Red Light Cameras As A Safety Measure - Beezodogsplace

Promotion For Luxe App Softens Sting Of Parking Tickets

Luxe valet parking problems

Luxe is an app that let’s drivers have a valet park your car, no matter where you may want to park.

The on-the-fly valet service is offering motorists what they are calling “parking ticket amnesty” by giving credits for their service to users who’ve recently been hit with an expensive parking ticket.

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Your transportation related headlines for Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Editorial: The Air John Bills Breathed In City Hall Convinced Him Corruption Is OK – Chicago Tribune

Active Transportation Alliance Urges Chicago To Adopt The Radical, Anti-Car Vision Zero Agenda, Which Seeks To Impose Draconian Speed Limits, Traffic Clogging Infrastructure, Revenue Schemes Disguised As Traffic Safety Cameras, And Other Green-Grifter Measures To Eliminate Transportation Choice – Active Transportation Alliance

Kass: Judge Dibs Called In To Help Snowbound Washington With Sacred Dibstitution, Chicago-Style – Chicago Tribune

Chicago Police Hid Mics, Destroyed Dashcams To Block Audio, Records Show – DNA Chicago

Chicago Tourism Challenge: Come Here To Find Your Chalk Outline – Chicago Tribune

Jurors, U.S. Attorney Speak Out On Redflex Bribery Trial

WGN TV reporter Julian Crews reports from outside the Dirksen Federal Building on the guilty verdict handed down Tuesday at the trial of former manager of Chicago’s red light camera program for accepting bribes from Redflex Traffic Systems.

Bills faces up to 20 years in prison. Sentencing for Bills is scheduled for May 5th.

Crews ends his report saying, “Ironically, for a few painful moments cornered by news cameras the 54-year old can’t cross Jackson Blvd as he waits for the red light to turn green.”

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Your transportation related headlines for Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Guilty Verdict In Red Light Camera Bribery Trial Of Former CDOT Deputy Commissioner – The Expired Meter, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, DNA Chicago; Despite Scandal, Emanuel Says Red-Light Cameras Here To Stay – Chicago Sun-Times‎; Editorial: The Chicago Way On Trial – Chicago Tribune; Defense In Red Light Camera Trial Suggests Bribes Went To Powerful Politicians – Chicago Tribune; Exploding The Safety Myths On Red Light Cameras – Beezodogsplace

Rahm Text Messages May Undermine His I Know Nothing Story In Laquan McDonald Dash Cam Scandal – Chicago Tribune

Letters: Carjacking Is Violent, Not A Property Crime – Chicago Sun-Times

Man Steals Car From Female Uber, Lyft Driver In Lakeview – ABC 7 Chicago


Gavel LawbookThe man who created and ran the nation’s largest red light camera program has been found guilty of bribery.

John Bills, the Chicago Department of Transportation manager who accepted $2 million dollars in cash and gifts to insure Redflex Traffic Systems won, grew and retained the $100 million contract to operate the nation’s largest red light camera program, was found guilty today in federal court.

The jury came back with the bad news for Bills after less than a day in deliberation according to the Sun-Times.

Federal prosecutors wove together a damning narrative of evidence and testimony connecting the bribes he received with coded e-mail communications requesting cash and corroborating witnesses intimately involved with the scandal themselves.

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Your transportation related headlines for Monday, January 25th, 2016

Prosecutor Calls City Official In Camera Trial World Champion At Bribery - Chicago Tribune; Red-Light Camera Trial Drawing To A Close - Chicago Sun-Times; Red Light Camera Trial Offers Rare Glimpse Into City Hall Intrigue - Chicago Tribune; Brown: The Insidious Corruption Of The Red Light Camera Program - Chicago Sun-Times

The Myth That Red Light Cameras Reduce Crashes - Chicago Daily Herald; Are Red-Light Camera Crash Results Inflated - Chicago Daily Herald; Make Red-Light Camera Data More Accessible, Lawmaker Says - Chicago Daily Herald; Editorial: Let The Public Assess Red-Light Cameras -Chicago Daily Herald

East Coast Cities Buried By Monster Blizzard Are Trying To Clear The Streets Of Record Snowfall; Transit Snarled - Yahoo News; Motorists Stranded On Penn. Turnpike - AccuWeather; The Homeless Man Who Came To The Rescue Of Stranded Snowbound Motorists - Washington Post; Good Samaritan Killed After Coming To Rescue Of Stranded Motorist - NBC News; Pa. Man Died After Passing Snowplow Trapped Him Inside Car - ABC 27 Harrisburg; Mom, Son Die Waiting In Car With Tailpipe Blocked By Snow - New York Daily News‎; New Yorkers Combine Jeep And Snowboard For Winter Jackassery - YouTube; Gotham Bride Refuses to Let Blizzard Stop Wedding — Channels Rhoda Morgenstern And Takes Subway to Wedding Reception - ABC News‎

Chicago Blizzard of 1967: When Record 23 Inches of Snow Pounded The City - DNA Chicago

Cubs Still Trying To Sell Their Bullshit Argument That They Need To Close Addison And Clark Street 81 Days A Year For So-Called Security Reasons - DNA Chicago