President Obama’s Visit Wreaks Havoc On Local Traffic

President Obama’s short visit to Chicago was, unfortunately for many local drivers, a presidential pain in the butt.

Tuesday afternoon, the Kennedy Expressway, in particular near the Jane Byrne Interchange and McCormick Place was a particular nightmare with many on ramps blocked off to allow for the President’s motorcade to travel safely.

But these pre-rush hour closures caused a domino effect to make the evening commute even worse than normal.

Then, later in the evening, a presidential drive to the United Center for the Commander in Chief to see the Bulls first game of the season created traffic chaos on the west side.

The President finally left town Wednesday morning, but not without leaving a wake of traffic havoc for morning commuters according to NBC 5.

One Response to President Obama’s Visit Wreaks Havoc On Local Traffic

  1. Jeff says:

    Obama’s motorcade also blocked LSD/Congress/Ike at the height of rush hour on Tuesday evening – absolute gridlock downtown for commuters who had no warning

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