Newly Installed Parking Meters In Kenwood Outrage Some Residents

Recently installed parking meters on 47th Street in Chicago’s Kenwood neighborhood have some residents up in arms according to DNA Info.

The newly metered spaces went live last week outside of an unemployment office on 47th. Last Friday, parking enforcement caught some unwary scofflaws by surprise by issuing that street’s very first expired meter tickets.

This, according to DNA Info, angered many of the unemployed who drove to the unemployment office.

It seems these meters are part of a flurry of new metered spaces in the area.

Ald. Will Burns ok’d a request for new meters in the area after the developer of the shopping mall where a Walmart opened late last year in the 4700 block of South Cottage Grove. The meters were allegedly needed to improve the turnover of parking spaces for all the new retail in that neighborhood. In fact, the story says these are allegedly the first parking meters Kenwood ever had.

GEEK TIP: Always read the signs when and wherever you park. If the signs require a driver to pay for metered parking, it’s best to pay a few bucks than to get an expensive parking ticket.

Here’s DNA Info’s full story, “Parking Meters Go Up At Unemployment Office And ‘Everyone Got a Ticket’.

One Response to Newly Installed Parking Meters In Kenwood Outrage Some Residents

  1. Jeff says:

    Talk about a stupid move by the Alderman – putting a pay box right in front of an unemployment office. This is the same guy who spent City Council time arguing about the Spike Lee “Chiraq”
    movie. Dope!!

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