LAZ Parking Fires Exec Being Investigated For Bribery

paydisplay600The LAZ Parking executive being investigated by the FBI for allegedly accepting $90,000 in kick backs to steer a multi-million dollar contract for parking meter pay boxes to his employer has been fired.

The Sun-Times reports LAZ Parking took the action Saturday after confirming the probe which began in February. The investigation was most likely triggered by a similar bribery situation in Portland, OR when the city employee in charge of city parking was found to have accepted bribes from George Levey, the head of Cale Parking System, to have the city purchase his company’s pay boxes.

LAZ Parking, the contractor in charge of street operations for Chicago Parking Meters, LLC, the company which controls this city’s metered parking system, purchased $22 million in Cale’s parking meter pay boxes for Chicago.

Levey pled guilty in that case and seems to be cooperating with the FBI on the Chicago case.

“We built our company over the past 35 years based on our core values of respect, commitment to people, honesty, integrity and trust,” Alan Lazowski, LAZ’s chairman and chief executive told the Sun-Times. “This is an isolated incident of one employee, and if these allegations are true, they are contrary to every core value that LAZ stands for.”

Here’s the Sun-Times full story, “LAZ Parking executive under investigation fired.”

One Response to LAZ Parking Fires Exec Being Investigated For Bribery

  1. Jeff says:

    There’s probably a whole lot more bribery and criminal activity associated with the parking meter lease. This may just be the tip of the iceberg.

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