Feds Investigate LAZ Parking Exec Over Bribery Allegations

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Two LAZ workers changes the meter rates on a Cale Parking Systems pay box in 2013.


According to the Sun-Times
, an executive for LAZ Parking, the company which handles operations for Chicago Parking Meters, LLC, is being investigated for possibly accepting $90,000 in bribes to steer business to the company which supplied the city’s parking meter pay boxes.

While the executive has not been named, paperwork alleges Cale Parking Systems paid $90,000 to a shell company owned by the wife of the LAZ executive at the heart of this investigation. The FBI has been reviewing incriminating e-mails between George Levey, the owner of Cale and the wife of the executive.

Cale Parking Systems did get the multi-million dollar contract to supply the over 4000 meter pay boxes that dot streets all over the city. What possibly tripped up the folks at the heart of the scheme was the rapaciousness of the executive’s wife, who after the initial $90,000 payment, tried to get more cash out of Cale.

Ultimately, it seems that Levey is actually cooperating with federal officials to bring down the LAZ executive.

That’s because Levey got caught bribing the Portland city official in charge of that city’s parking meter system. Portland’s former parking manager Ellis K. McCoy got paid over $50,000 in bribes to steer the city’s contract to Cale back in 2004 and was just sentenced to two years in prison.

Levey pleaded guilty to the charges in Oregon just six weeks ago and possibly faces a few years in prison. Now it seems he’s working with authorities to bring down the LAZ executive.

Here’s the full story, “Feds focus on LAZ executive for alleged parking meter bribe.”

One Response to Feds Investigate LAZ Parking Exec Over Bribery Allegations

  1. Jeff says:

    Just when you thought Chicago’s parking meter deal couldn’t be any more of a shit-storm, this is the frosting on the cupcake.

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