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Drivers Brave Long Lines For ‘Last Day’ Of City Sticker Sales

Several hundred people stand in line for up to four hours Monday to renew their Chicago city stickers outside of the Dept. of Finance location at 2550 W. Addison.

Several hundred people stand in line for up to four hours Monday to renew their Chicago city stickers outside of the Dept. of Finance location at 2550 W. Addison.

With temperatures nearly reaching 90 degrees Monday, some procrastinating car owners waited in long lines to purchase their annual city vehicle sticker around the city.

Outside the Department of Finance location at 2550 W. Addison, across the street from Lane Tech High School, people waited in a line several hundred deep and wrapping around the corner of the strip mall where the city payment center is located.

Monday, June 30th is when the 2014 city sticker officially expires and people were rushing to get their sticker purchased before the deadline–despite the fact a grace period allows motorists until July 15th to purchase a sticker without penalty or with fear of a parking ticket.

At the front of the line outside the facility, a group of people said they had been in line for nearly four hours.

“We came here at around 11,” complained Jose Sigxue. “It’s too slow.  I think the people here are working too slow. For people who have little kids here–it’s no good.”

Division Street Bridge Closure, Demolition Starts Monday

A sign on Elston Avenue detours drivers around the closed portion of Ashland Avenue this weekend.The Division Street bridge over the North Branch Canal of the Chicago River will begin being demolished starting Monday morning, June 30th.

The Chicago Department of Transportation says the 111-year old double-leaf bascule movable bridge is over 100 years old and needs to be replaced.

CDOT crews will replace the demolished bridge with an interim bridge until a new, permanent bascule bridge is constructed.

“This historic bridge has been in service for more than a century as a key transportation link across Goose Island for cars, trains, bikes and pedestrians,” said CDOT Commissioner Rebekah Scheinfeld. “But it is at the end of its useful life, and is in need of a complete reconstruction.”

Traffic will be detoured via Ashland Avenue.

CDOT says the detour will be in place until mid-October.

Critical Mass To Mess Friday Night Rush Hour Traffic

Critical Mass 2

It’s the last Friday of the month–and that means the Critical Mass bikers will take place this evening.

On a beautiful June evening this means hundreds if not thousands of bikers will be on the streets and helping gridlock streets wherever the route may take them.

Be prepared to wait at intersections, much like as if a freight train was going by, for up to 20 minutes for the parade of bikes goes by.

Group Asks Aldermanic Candidates To Sign Anti-Camera Pledge

Red Light Camera Pledge

With city elections on the horizon for 2015, one local group is asking candidates for Chicago alderman to sign a pledge to vote for repealing the city’s red light and speed camera programs if they get elected.

Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras announced its new candidate pledge this week as part of their ongoing campaign to inform drivers about the cameras and voters about which aldermen voted for the city’s speed camera program.

“Red light cameras and speed cameras are unsafe, unfair and unconstitutional” said Mark Wallace, Director of the group. “As we continue our campaign to protest Aldermen who voted in favor of Chicago’s speed camera ordinance, we also want to recognize those elected officials who are championing our cause to ban the cams in Chicago,” said Wallace.

Redflex Bribery Battle Spills Into Federal Court

Redflex logoBy The

A federal judge last week sided with the former executive vice president of red light camera manufacturer Redflex Traffic Systems who is suing his former employer for wrongful termination. District Judge George H. Wu issued a tentative ruling last Thursday in favor of Aaron M. Rosenberg.

The Australian firm fired Rosenberg after he was caught bribing a top city official in Chicago, Illinois. The company then sued Rosenberg and his wife in an Arizona court. Rosenberg, who lives in Los Angeles, countersued in California Superior Court in February, arguing he was just following orders from the company.

For his suit, Rosenberg served court papers on the Arizona and the California offices of Redflex. Redflex rejected this service, calling the Arizona corporation Redflex Traffic Systems Inc a “sham defendant, which does not exist.” The company insisted on removing the lawsuit to federal court because Rosenberg never worked for a California-based company.

IDOT Pinpoints Source Of Flooding On Eisenhower Expressway

I-290 signIllinois Department of Transportation crews have located the source of the flooding that closed down the Eisenhower Expressway (I-290) at 25th Avenue in Broadview earlier this week.

According to IDOT a collapsed storm sewer discovered by IDOT at 25th Avenue is the culprit.

IDOT is closing down the southbound 25th Avenue ramp to the eastbound Eisenhower (I-290) starting at 7 AM Thursday to repair the sewer. IDOT expects the problem to be fixed and the ramp re-opened later in the day.

Motorist Goes 2 For 3 Against City In Red Light Camera Fight

red_light_cameraHaving writer Jon Yates bring attention to his red light camera woes in the pages of the Chicago Tribune seems to have really helped Jamal Norwood get some justice from the city.

As you may recall, Norwood received a red light camera ticket where the video seems to show him making a complete stop before turning right on red.

But despite contesting his ticket and pointing out he indeed stopped, the Administrative Law Judge who adjudicated his ticket upheld the violation.

IDOT Time Lapse Video Shows Ontario Bridge Demolition

Dearbon Bridge Closed To Traffic Starting Tuesday

Road Construction AheadThe Chicago Department of Transportation is closing the Dearborn Bridge to all traffic starting Tuesday morning to allow construction on the Chicago Riverwalk.

The bridge over the main branch of the Chicago River at between Illinois Street and Wacker Drive will be closed until Monday, June 30th.

Vehicles will be detoured west on Wacker Drive, north on La Salle Street, and east on Illinois Street then back onto Dearborn.

Appellate Court Upholds Chicago’s Parking Meter Lease Deal

meter-fail-2After fighting a five-year uphill legal battle, a state appellate court has upheld the legality of Chicago’s infamous parking meter lease deal according to the Chicago Reader.

The lawsuit, filed by attorney Clint Krislov on behalf of the IVI-IPO, challenged the state constitutionality of the 2008 deal.

Krislov main argument was that the “True-up” payments the city has to pay Chicago Parking Meters, LLC, any time the city has to make changes to the public way that affects meter revenue is a de facto surrender of the city’s police powers.

But, despite the judge’s sympathy with Krislov on how bad the deal is for the city, they say that’s not enough to reverse the deal.

The Reader quotes the June 20th decision which says: