New Transportation Aggregation App RideScout Debuts In Chicago

Ex-CDOT Commissioner Signs On As Advisor For App Startup

RideScout screenshot. Photo  credit: RideScout.

RideScout screenshot. Photo credit: RideScout.

A new smartphone app called RideScout, which aggregates transportation options for its users, has just debuted in the Chicago area.

The company says RideScout allows Chicagoans to pick and choose many transportation options from a single platform. The app allows people to connect with CTA buses and trains, METRA, PACE but also view other transportation options like Zipcar, Divvy, rideshare companies like SideCar, and even  helps users  locate parking.

“Chicago is known for its public transportation and, with the multitude of alternative ride options as well, people need a way to quickly and easily compare their options,” said Joseph Kopser, Co-Founder and CEO of RideScout. “RideScout brings much needed transparency to Chicago’s transportation ecosystem and we are excited to add this this city as part of our rapid growth and expansion plan.”

In conjunction with RideShare’s expansion into Chicago, the firm has brought on former Chicago Department of Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein to aide them as a member of its Board of Advisors says the company.

Klein was the forward thinking, but controversial head of CDOT under Mayor Rahm Emanuel from May 2011 until he left his post November of 2013. He was a strong advocate for growing the city’s network of bike lanes, and helped launch the Divvy bike share program. But he also presided over a period of rapidly deterioriating roadways, spearheaded the unpopular speed camera program and helped shepherd the controversial Ashland Bus Rapid Transit plan.

The app is a free download in both iOS and Android platforms.

5 Responses to New Transportation Aggregation App RideScout Debuts In Chicago

  1. Jeff says:

    If Gabe Klein is involved, look for him to follow his usual 3-step pattern to success:

    (1) get big cash payment for “consulting fees”;

    (2) arrange for city contracts/funding, to benefit whoever paid those “consulting fees,” to the exclusion of any other bidder; and then

    (3) deny any allegation that he put the fix on the deal.

  2. Anon says:

    Forensic Audit to see if any of the Design and Coding was done While he was still employed by the City!!!

  3. Jeff says:


    Since Gabe Klein was has fired from his job as Transportation Commissioner in D.C., he was probably using Chicaog city resources to make sure he had a soft landing if that happened again:

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