Woman Tired Of ‘Dibs’ Shovels Out Entire Block

Jamie Lynn Ferguson is awesome.

This Humboldt Park woman took the day off from work to clear the street of snow for an entire block so drivers could park more easily and not have to use junk to save their parking spots. Ferguson told WGN News she was tired of tradition of “dibs” but also concerned about the elderly woman on the street who are physically unable to shovel snow.

“I see all these big brawny guys shoveling out their spots, making their claim with mini-chairs in the snow and then going back inside, while the elderly woman across the street, and young girls like me, struggle to park into snow-packed spots every night when we get off work,” Ferguson told RedEye which originally reported the story.

The city needs more Jamie Lynn Fergusons and less chairs, crates, tables and other crap on snow covered streets.

Huffington Post has good comprehensive coverage of the story, “Chicago Woman Was Sick Of ‘Dibs,’ So She Shoveled Her Entire Block.”

Thanks to Jeff for the tip!

3 Responses to Woman Tired Of ‘Dibs’ Shovels Out Entire Block

  1. mrl says:

    I’ve done this before on number of occasions.

  2. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Good on you MRL!

  3. .Q says:

    Would only be better if she also then claimed the entire block…

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