Two Aldermen Come Out Against ‘Dibs’ Parking

A chair guards a parking spot on Wolcott in Wicker Park.

A chair guards a parking spot on Wolcott in Wicker Park.

Aldmermen Rey Colon (35th) and Scott Waguespack (32nd) are discouraging constituents to not engage in taking “dibs” with parking spots they’ve shoveled out according to DNA Info.

The news website also reports that Ald. Colon’s office is hearing from constituents about altercations between residents on snow streets in his ward.

Dibs is the Chicago tradition of using household junk to save a parking space after digging out a vehicle from heavy snowfall. The practice is technically illegal according to the city’s municipal code but it is rarely, if ever enforced. The Department of Streets and Sanitation crews are typically too preoccuppied dealing with snow removal to enforce this law.

Both aldermen pled with constituents to stay calm and reminded them the practice was indeed unlawful.

Here’s the full story, “As Residents Brawl Over Snowy Parking Spots, Ald. Colon Calls For Civility.”

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  1. BS says:

    PLEASEE Ray Colon doesn’t give two F’s about his residents. This article is for show! I called today cause my tires got slashed for no reason cause they thought we moved there DIB. when it was already moved! His office rep. was soo rude!! She said that’s a practice that happens all the time.

  2. saucexx says:

    I cringe every time time it snows heavy since it means I get to see street trash littered about. We have a neighbor that simply puts their junk in front of their house while never bothering to even shovel the space out. In days past we used to go around and throw the garbage out, or run it over. Now a days I just shovel out a spot or two. I figure if everyone who had a car would shovel one spot, the whole street would be clear. Last week I shoveled four spots when the snow was light. I paid it forward for my neighbors.

  3. Anon says:

    Mister For the People Ray?

    Colón ran for Alderman unsuccessfully in 1999, but was encouraged by community leaders to run again. Colón’s campaign was organized at the grassroots level against the incumbent candidate who had the support of powerful Chicago aldermen, the mayor, and the governor. Colón’s campaign had a strong focus on community input about zoning issues. Colón was elected alderman of the 35th ward in 2003. He organized a zoning committee to evaluate all the requests that come through the alderman’s office.

    Colón serves on six committees: Committees, Rules and Ethics; Economic, Capital, and Technology Development; Health; Human Relations; Special Events and Cultural Affairs; and Traffic Control and Safety.

    Colón helped to secure Preliminary Landmark Designation for Logan, Kedzie, and Humboldt Boulevards.

    In August 2010, the Chicago Tribune reported that Colón was under investigation by state election officials and faced possible fines for failing to report $120,000 in campaign funds raised and $180,000 spent between 2007 through 2009.
    Shortly after winning re-election in 2011, Colón abruptly announced a hearing to oppose waiving a permit fee for the Logan Square’s Farmer’s Market, which would have closed the weekly summerlong event. Colón stated that he was upset by political campaigning done at the market the previous summer; however, it was later reported that Colón’s hearing was a personal retaliation against Paul Levin, the executive director of the Logan Square Chamber of Commerce, which oversees the market’s operations. After newspapers and blogs picked up the story, Colón withdrew his request for a hearing; and stated, ‘“I’d like to urge those that are involved with the market to…keep it free of high-fructose corn syrup, free of pesticides and free of political activity.”

    In June 2011, Colón passed a measure through the City Council, to establish free parking along parts of Logan, Kedzie and Humboldt boulevards. Although Colón indicated that he believed the measure would promote economic development, some residents opposed the measure, citing congestion and concerns about the neighborhood atmosphere. Many were upset the measure was passed without any community input. In the city’s March 2012 elections, 88% of voting residents approved a referendum to end Colón’s parking plan; despite the result, the parking rules were not changed.

    In 2011, EZPAWN, a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: EZPW) and the largest pawn shop operator in the world by market capitalization, proposed a new store at 3711 West Fullerton. Colón did not stop the store, despite significant neighborhood opposition and no community input. Colón said “this national business will not have a negative impact and will provide an added benefit despite the outdated perceptions. Yes, I will support the special use and will continue to increase the variety of businesses in the community. That’s the word.” During zoning hearings, EZPAWN committed to hiring 10 people from the community and to participating in neighborhood organizations.

    In January 2012, Colón was removed from March 20 primary ballot for Democratic ward committeeman because he did not collect enough valid signatures from registered voters in the 35th ward. The validity of 162 of his collected signatures were challenged, and consequently thrown out.

  4. Anon says:

    As a rule of thumb…

    If the Alderman is Democrat….don’t vote for them unless it is the 38th or 32nd ward.

  5. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Sheesh Anon!

    That’s a heckuva bio you just laid on us about Ald. Colon.

    VERY enlightening. Great work!

  6. Jeff says:

    Looks like Alderman Colon’s DUI aquittal didn’t do him any good:

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