Say No To ‘Dibs’ Says Streets & Sanitation Commisioner

Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Charles Williams speaks to reporters Thursday.

Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Charles Williams speaks to reporters Thursday.

With the City of Chicago experiencing its first major snowstorm of the season, Streets and Sanitation Commisioner Charles Williams is telling Chicagoans that helping out your neighbor dig out a parking space is better than claiming “dibs” one one.

“Help your neighbors,” Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Charles Williams said during a news conference at the Office of Emergency Management and Communication Thursday according to DNA Info. “That would be my approach instead of dibs.”

Dibs or space saving is the time tested Chicago tradition of using lawn furniture or other household junk to save a street parking space after having dug it out after an exceedingly heavy snowfall.

Some residents who park on residential streets feel they are entitled to the spot after expending time and effort to shovel it out and don’t want someone else parking there.

Williams said at the press conference there are no plans to ticket anyone who engages in taking dibs.

He also said that all 287 snow plow trucks are on the streets removing snow on main arterial streets.

Read the full story at DNA Info, “Instead of Claiming Dibs, Help Your Neighbor, Streets and San Boss Says.”

11 Responses to Say No To ‘Dibs’ Says Streets & Sanitation Commisioner

  1. OIFVet says:

    That impotent plea will scare them. What a joke and failure to enforce the laws. Last I checked littering and illegally dumping garbage were still against the law. Ticket the bastards.

  2. DoR Employee says:

    I put it this way to my neighbors…

    Dibs is illegal. If anything happens to my car because you think you own a space on the street…I will make sure you get ticketed and charged.

  3. Pete says:

    Um, good luck with that DOR. You’re going up against 40-some years of tradition.

    There is a difference between what the law says and how its actually enforced in real life. For example, there are laws on the books against political corruption but that’s not going away anytime soon in Illinois. Blago was prosecuted only because he went against the Chicago Machine.

  4. bellisaurius says:

    Dibs create a pseudo private property scenario, which means in the long run, we all benefit. More spaces are cleared (as there is a reward), which will eventually be given up because that’s how dibs are supposed to work.

    And, because as the winter progresses, those shovelled (as opposed to car tire compacted) spots don’t turn into ice flows that are nearly inescapable, we derive a second benefit, showing dbs to be a rather superior, if odd way of doing things.

  5. Mike says:

    DOR, unless you personally witness someone damage your car (because you moved their piece of furniture out of a spot they dug out) then nobody is going to care for your vehicle. In Lincoln Park would dibs work? No, way too many cars and not enough spots. In other areas, then yes dibs would work. If you clean out a spot right in front of your house, and that spot is mostly yours the majority of the time, then yes I believe in dibs. Dig out a spot half a block down from your house, then no.

  6. Bedhead says:

    Oh how I absolutely loathe “dibs” and the mouth-breathing assholes who think a piece of public property magically becomes owned by them for a few days because they spent a whopping 30 minutes shoveling snow. Who cares if the spot is in front of your house or something – it’s 100% irrelevant. The land is PUBLIC without qualification, end of story.

    How would people feel if I put a “No Trespassing” sign on the sidewalk in front of my house since I shoveled that area, then threatened physical harm or vandalism if they walked past?

    One of the things that bothers me the most about dibs is how cowardly the people who leave their junk in the street are. Want to make it fair? Put a sign saying which house you live in on your crap. Then if you mess with my car I know where you live. But nope, they hide behind anonymity.

    When I walk down the street I actually remove these things if I see them, just take them from the street and toss them aside.

  7. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Bedhead, etal,

    I know I’m a broken record here, but I too loathe this practice. It’s selfish and crass. My normal practice is to at least help dig out a space for my car and one more space. If every able bodied driver parked on a street did this, there would be no need for this type of behavior.

  8. B says:

    I’ve probably typed it before here… but ‘dibs’ is a typical symptom solution to dealing with the lazy people who want to live off the work of others.

    Targeting the lazy people directly for not clearing the space their car was in when it snowed would deal with the root cause and apply social pressure where it needs to be applied.

  9. Paint27 says:

    Dibs is absolutely crazy, but until the officials of this city get off their butts and do something it will remain. To me the solution is simple. The city should do exactly as they do for street cleaning. Put up the signs and plow the streets. I know it will be a hardship for some to move their cars but I’m sure I’m not the only one that has helped many people get their cars out when they are stuck. We as a society need to learn to help each other instead of using our energy to fight over parking spots!

  10. Nam Duong says:

    So I have many neighbors, real ***holes who have no respect for the community and call dibs on parking spots even though there is one spot always open a few cars away. Its ridiculous, are you really that selfish to restrict another one of your neighbors from parking in a shared city street? Is it a crime to remove a selfish persons’ trash so you can park in an area shared by all taxpayers? If you really want to vent your anger out at people who use “dibs”? Argue with the residents at Peterson and Artesian. Its not dibs, its “claims”. Not right, you are claiming government property as well as your neighbors freedom to park on their block. So immoral, EVERYBODY shovels their car out, you’re not special.

  11. joe says:

    Those who are against dibs are those who don’t want to dig.

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