Avid Biker Creates Map Of Chicago’s Parking Meter Payboxes

Streetsblog Chicago's Steven Vance. Photo credit: Serge Lubomudrov

Streetsblog Chicago’s Steven Vance. Photo credit: Serge Lubomudrov

Why would an individual who rides a bicycle year round, doesn’t own a car and therefore never needs to feed a parking meter create a map showing every parking meter pay box in the entire city?

You’d have to ask Streetsblog Chicago writer Steven Vance.

Vance did it to help out a friend he explains.

“A friend wanted the data for his blog post and found the CPM website cumbersome to browse and manipulate,” says Vance. “I’ve now liberated the data so anyone can have it.”

Chicago Parking Meters, LLC, the entity which controls the city’s 36,000 metered parking system for the next 75 years, has a map of the meters on its website, but Vance says his is better.

“Mine allows you to browse the city looking for a spot while the CPM website requires you to search for a specific location,” he says.

Vance, not only posts to Streetsblog almost daily, but also creates bike related apps and spearheaded several bike and traffic safety data and mapping projects.

The meter map took him four hours to complete Vance says.

Here’s Steven Vance’s “Parking Pay Boxes in Chicago” map.

Vance’s map is a great resource for drivers and will be added to The Expired Meter’s blog roll.

4 Responses to Avid Biker Creates Map Of Chicago’s Parking Meter Payboxes

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  2. Jeff says:

    f I am reading this map right, it seems like there are far fewer, meter spots on Western than on Ashland. To the extent that a BRT only makes sense if 2 lanes of car traffic are maintained in each direction (using the curb lanes for cars and moving needed free parking spots to sidestreets/surface lost), a BRT on Western Avenue would resolve at least half the traffic issues currently posed by the Ashland BRT plan.

  3. saucexx says:


    That’s how I read it too. Of course none of that matters since whatever criteria the city used to pick Ashland only makes sense to them.

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