Craigslist Ad Mocks Chicago’s Love Of ‘Dibs’

A pair of chairs protect a spot on one of Chicago's residential streets.

A pair of chairs protect a spot on one of Chicago’s residential streets.

Missing that chair you put out front to save the parking space you dug out this week?

You might find it on Craigslist says a tongue in cheek advertisement posted at the website that says the seller has collected over 350 chairs over the past week according to DNA Info.

“In driving around the Northside these past few days I’m seeing hundreds of chairs being abandoned on the streets,” the post reads. “I’ve collected about 350 various chairs- wood, metal, folding, plastic-stacking, office, task and even some stools!”

The chairs are listed at 5 bucks each, ”regardless of condition or smell.”

“Great for bingo halls, AA meetings and even your own backyards,” the ad said.

DNA Info tried to contact the “seller” by e-mail but they received no response and Craigslist has pulled the ad.

Here’s DNA Info’s full post, “‘Dibs’ Chairs Missing? They Might Be For Sale on Craigslist.

2 Responses to Craigslist Ad Mocks Chicago’s Love Of ‘Dibs’

  1. Jeff says:

    This lady is the Cary Nation in a one woman crusade against “dibs” abuses:

  2. Drew says:

    I’m more likely to place a Craigslist Add with a “Like to Buy an Alderman” sale thread.

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