CBS 2: Many Parking Meter Payboxes Still Snowbound

How can you pay to park in a metered parking spot if you can’t get to the pay box due to the snow?

That’s the question CBS 2′s Jay Levine asks.

CBS 2 camera crew found many parking meter pay boxes snowbound and very difficult if not impossible for some people to get to.

The city says snowed in pay boxes could be a defense if you get an expired meter ticket because you couldn’t get to the meter. City officials recommend taking a photo of the pay box in question if you get a ticket.

CBS 2 reports Chicago Parking Meters, LLC says drivers who can’t get to a pay box due to snow should contact their help line. Although, as Levine points out, that number is on the front of snow encased pay box unit.

But CBS 2 also says the reduction in revenue CPM  is seeing during this nasty winter weather may end up costing the city as the meter lease contract has language that allows the meter company to bill the city when parking meter spaces cannot be utilized.

Here’s CBS 2′s full report, “Parking Meters Buried In Snow, Making Paying For Space Difficult.”

10 Responses to CBS 2: Many Parking Meter Payboxes Still Snowbound

  1. Jeff says:

    If Divvy crews have to shovel out the divvy stations, then CPM crews should have to shovel out the meters. Apparently, this was not considered and written into the parking meter lease (despite the fact that this is a regularly occuring problem every winter in Chicago). Instead the City retained the responsibility for clearing the meters of snow, and they clearly dropped the ball this time. One more giant FAIL for City Hall.

  2. OIFVet says:

    It’s not a bug Jeff, it’s a feature. Richie made sure profit was maximized under all circumstances.

  3. Jeff says:


    Not sure that “Da Mare” was smart enough to think through the concept that snowed in meters means more ticket revenue. But he was smart enough to approve a parking meter lease drafted by mega-law firm Katten Muchin Rosenman, that had a ready made job waiting for him after he left office.

  4. OIFVet says:

    There are different types of smarts Jeff, and you pointed out one of them. I would argue that that’s what made Richie easier to stomach than Rahm, he came off as a regular guy whereas Rahm’s entitlement, high self-regard, and the attendant abrasive personality rub regular Joes the wrong way. All things considered Rahm rather makes me long for the “good old days” of Daley and that is quite an accomplishment.

  5. Jeff says:


    While I liked Daley personally, he left the city with a monumental budget crisis and a 70 year shit-bag parking meter lease deal.

    As far as Emanuel, I can’t stand him personally, and his gouging of motorists and taxpayers (rather than dealing with budgetary waste, fraud, and sweetheart deals for the connected few) is even worse than Daley’s fiscal incompetence.

  6. Capt M-Plate says:

    They are both Assclowns.

  7. Pete says:

    I say we launch a campaign to Draft Michael Bloomberg for mayor. Chicago needs a mayor that is not a complete buffoon.

  8. Drew says:

    I should be running for mayor…

  9. Jeff says:


    Bloomberg and his Transit Commissioner, Janette Sadiq Khan, have done everything Gabe Klein has inflicted on Chicago (and more) – traffic clogging bike lanes, banning cars from Times Square, etc. Bloomberg would be a colossal PITA to have as mayor of Chicago.

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