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CBS 2 Reports On Anti-Red Light, Speed Camera Group

CBS 2 News catches up with Citizens Against Red Light Cameras, who have now added speed cameras to their regular protests around the city.

The group is still working to add signatures to their petition to have a vote on an advisory ballot measure in an upcoming election. CBS 2 reports the group has 52,000 signatures so far.

Angry Over Parking Ticket Decision, Man Arrested After Posting Video Threatening A Judge

One of the approximately 2 million parking tickets issued every year in Chicago.It’s never a good idea to threaten someone–especially a city worker.

And it’s a worse idea to provide evidence of your threat by posting a video of it on YouTube.

According to RedEye, that’s what a 40-year old Country Clubs Hills man did recently and it landed him in jail.

The man was angry with the Administrative Law Judge who ruled against him and upheld a parking ticket he was issued on Milwaukee Avenue.

Instead of just paying the ticket, he uploaded a profanity laden, racist and homophobic 11 minute video to YouTube asking viewers to bomb the city hearing facility, blow up the ALJ’s car, and attack Parking Enforcement Aides and other ticket writers.

Then he mailed a letter with the link’s web address to the hearing officer.

Brrrrrr! Parking Meter Tries To Keep Warm On Coldest Day Of Year

A parking meter pay box bundles up from the cold on North Avenue.

A parking meter pay box bundles up from the cold on North Avenue.

On the coldest day of the winter, this parking meter pay box in the 1600 block of W. North Avenue seems to be bundle up for protection from the arctic temperatures early this week.

In reality, construction work was being done on a new school and this section of metered parking spaces were temporarily closed to allow large trucks to park and perform some work.

City Activates Speed Cameras Near A Trio Of Parks

A sign warns drivers of speed cameras on Roosevelt Road near Douglas Park.

Signs around parks warn drivers of speed cameras ahead.

The City of Chicago has announced it has activated speed cameras at three more locations and begin issuing tickets with fines near a Northwest Side high school.

Speed cameras at three parks are Union Park (125 N. Ogden Ave.), Schaefer Park (2427 N. Clybourn Ave.) and Rosenblum Park (7436 S. Jeffery Blvd.) have begun issuing 30-day warnings to drivers exceeding the speed limit by over 5 mph or more. Ticketing will begin at all three locations on March 7th.

Ticketing at three speed cameras started this past Saturday, January 25th, near Prosser High School (5509 W. Fullerton Ave., 5446 W. Fullerton Ave. and 5440 W. Grand Ave.).

IDOT Crews On High Alert During Harsh Winter Weather

Minutemen truckThe Illinois Department of Transportation is saying temperatures are so cold, and conditions on so many roads in northern Illinois are so dangerous, motorists should not drive unless it’s completely necessary.

IDOT has 615 trucks a deployed in the northern part of the state to deal with the slice snow and ice covered roads and the white out conditions being caused by high winds on roadways.

In fact, according to Illinois Transportation Secretary Ann L. Schneider, due to the extreme cold IDOT Emergency Traffic Patrol or Minutemen Crews, which assist drivers with stalled vehicles or vehicles involved in crashes, will be actively patrolling for stranded motorists.

IDOT Snow Plow Stops Wrong Way Driver In Express Lanes

Wrong Way signAn Illinois Department of Transportation snow plow driver helped stop a motorist driving the wrong way on the Kennedy Expressway’s reversible express lanes early Saturday morning according to CBS 2 News.

An IDOT supervisor saw a white van enter the reversible lanes at Ohio Street going outbound even though the express lanes were set for inbound traffic.

The supervisor radioed the snowplow driver who blocked and slowed down traffic behind him and was able to stop the wrong way motorist before a crash occurred. The van took out six of the gates barring vehicles from driving the wrong way which damaged the front of the vehicle according to the Associated Press.

Watchdog Group Accuses Parking Meter Company Of Over Aggressive Ticketing In NW Side Neighborhood

Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

UPDATE: Many of the commentators at Second City Cop blog, a website frequented by Chicago’s finest, are weighing in on this issue in a particularly whiny way. Thanks to 019 District PO for the tip.

Parking enforcement teams working for Chicago Parking Meters, LLC are writing expired meter tickets to drivers in the Edison Park neighborhood and residents are angry.

Residents of the far Northwest Side neighborhood and the Better Government Association are alleging the ticketing is overly aggressive.

3 Dead In Massive Pileup On I-94 Near Michigan City

A pileup on I-94 included 12 semi trucks. Photo: ABC 7 Twitter feed.

A pileup on I-94 included 12 semi trucks. Photo: ABC 7 Twitter feed.

Blowing snow caused white out conditions which contributed to a massive traffic pileup near Michigan City, IN on I-94 Thursday afternoon.

The pileup involved at least a dozen semi-trailer trucks and ended up killing three and injuring 20 according to ABC 7 News.

Here’s ABC 7′s full report, “3 dead, at least 20 injured in multi-vehicle crash on I-94 near Michigan City.”

Photo courtesy of the ABC 7 Twitter feed.

Lawsuit: Redflex’s Ethical Issues Extend Beyond Chicago

Redflex logo The Chicago Tribune is reporting the outgoing vendor for Chicago’s red light camera program may have engaged in unethical behavior and perhaps bribery in 13 other states where it operates.

According to a defamation lawsuit filed against Redflex Traffic Systems by a fired employee, he is cooperating with federal authorities investigating the company and feels he’s been scapegoated by a company which he claims has a history of providing municipal leaders with lavish gifts and bribes.

This filing was a counter-claim to an initial lawsuit against the employee by Redflex after the Tribune exposed a similar situation here in Chicago where the company allegedly paid for expensive hotels, trips and tickets to sporting events for John Bills, the former Chicago Department of Transportation official who headed up the city’s red light camera program.

Avid Biker Creates Map Of Chicago’s Parking Meter Payboxes

Streetsblog Chicago's Steven Vance. Photo credit: Serge Lubomudrov

Streetsblog Chicago’s Steven Vance. Photo credit: Serge Lubomudrov

Why would an individual who rides a bicycle year round, doesn’t own a car and therefore never needs to feed a parking meter create a map showing every parking meter pay box in the entire city?

You’d have to ask Streetsblog Chicago writer Steven Vance.

Vance did it to help out a friend he explains.

“A friend wanted the data for his blog post and found the CPM website cumbersome to browse and manipulate,” says Vance. “I’ve now liberated the data so anyone can have it.”