Mayor’s Sunday Parking Meter Promise Still Remains Unkept

Corporation Counsel Stephen Patton and Mayor Rahm Emanuel listen to aldermen debate the renegotiated parking meter lease deal this past spring.

Corporation Counsel Stephen Patton and Mayor Rahm Emanuel listen to aldermen debate the renegotiated parking meter lease deal this past spring.

Six months after the City Council passed a renegotiated parking meter lease, business leaders and aldermen in some wards say free Sunday parking has led to low meter turnover — which means fewer customers are able to park and shop in the neighborhoods.

Kevin Vaughn, owner of a handful of restaurants and bars, including Lakeview’s Mystic Celt and Vaughn’s Pub, said he was trying to find parking outside one of his businesses early Sunday morning and most of the metered spots were filled — a problem that began after free Sunday parking began.

“Eighty percent of the spots were filled at 8 a.m.,” Vaughn said. “In Lakeview, Sunday is the second busiest commercial business day of the week. Ultimately [free metered parking] is bad for business.”

The revised agreement with Chicago Parking Meters LLC made changes that the Emanuel administration said give the city more control over the meter system than the original agreement, and free Sunday parking was one major change Emanuel wanted to see in the new deal.

But that didn’t sit well with a handful of City Council members.

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5 Responses to Mayor’s Sunday Parking Meter Promise Still Remains Unkept

  1. saucexx says:

    It’s a bit ironic that the parking meter deal actually made the meter system work more like it was designed to. At least in the areas that still had viable commercial traffic. Big surprise that Rahm’s “gut” decision was more about paying off LAZ with longer hours than giving back to the little people. It’s the Paulie Cicero way of doing business, “F@$k You, pay me.”

  2. Drew says:

    The Meter Deal? Not So Much.

    The Increased Rates did the job actually. Now the people on the Meters are actually in the area Shopping or Dining.

    The Former Acting Comptroller Told Rahm it was a bad idea. Rahm didn’t listen, big surprise.

    City Corp Council has told Rahm what needs to be done to eliminate the Lease. But he won’t do it.

    Rahm…Like Daley…Needs to Go.

    We need someone like Capt M Plate as Mayor.

  3. Pete says:

    The ONLY reason the meter hours were changed was so the meter cronies could cash in on those late night River North customers having to pay the meter until midnight. Sundays were never profitable for meters anyway so they were glad to give up enforcing on Sunday.

    Everything about this meter deal exists to serve the private profiteers (it would be dishonest to call them investors). NONE of it was ever intended to serve the taxpayers.

    The city should simply rip up the meter contract and stop paying LAZ anything. When they sue in court, the city could just demand a jury trial consisting of Chicago residents. Chicago controls the appeals courts too, so the verdict, the will of the people, would not be overturned. The only problem with this of course is that our elected officials are all in on this deal and thus want it to continue exactly like it is. So keep on voting for Machine Democrats; they know best.

  4. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    I’m with you. If I had the time, I’d start circulating a petition for Capt. M Plate’s mayoral run this weekend.

  5. Jeff says:

    Only Rahm Emanuel could make the parking meter deal even worse than it was already. A prime example of how, under his (mis)leadership, Chicago has repeatedly turned lemons into leprosy.

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