First Speed Cam Tickets Begin At 6 AM Wednesday

Construction works get ready to secure the base of the speed camera pole in the 5100 block of north Pulaski back in August.

Chicago’s first two speed cameras will begin issuing $35 and $100 fines starting Wednesday at 6 AM according to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office.

The two cameras, at 4100 W. Foster Ave. and 5100 N. Pulaski Road,  both adjacent to Gompers Park,  were installed back in August and after a 30 day warning period and subsequent grace period, the two cameras are finally ready to start mailing out tickets with monetary fines.

The city says all drivers are entitled to one more speed camera warning before a ticket with a fine attached is mailed.

In addition, despite have the legal ability to do so, the city will indefinitely delay issuing $35 fines to drivers who are caught going 6-9 mph over the limit. Drivers going 10 mph over will still face the $35 fine. The threshold for the $35 fine will be incrementally lowered over time the city says.

Other speed cameras currently in the 30 day warning period or subsequent notice period will also begin issuing tickets in the next few weeks.
The city plans to install speed cameras at 50 locations around parks and schools by the end of the year and expects to reap $20-$30 million in speed camera revenue in that same time frame.

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