City Gives Drivers Brief Reprieve From Speed Camera Fines

Workers use a crane to install a speed camera in the 5200 block of N. Pulaski back in August.

Chicago’s first speed cameras were supposed to begin issuing $35 and $100 tickets last week.

But the city has decided to give drivers a short, several-weeks reprieve before the first violations with fines start going out in the mail.

The city’s first two speed-enforcement cameras installed near Gompers Park (4100 W. Foster Ave. and 5100 N. Pulaski Rd.) on the Northwest Side, began their requisite 30-day period on Aug. 26. During that month, warning notices were mailed to drivers exceeding the speed limit by 6 mph or more.

According to city officials, that warning period ended Sept. 25, and ticketing could have begun the next day. But even though warning notices have stopped being mailed, tickets have not been issued yet.

Bill McCaffrey, a spokesman for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office, said the city decided to delay issuing violations with fines to make sure drivers who were issued warning notices had received them.

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13 Responses to City Gives Drivers Brief Reprieve From Speed Camera Fines

  1. Jeff says:

    Just wait till motorists find themselves getting $50 tickets in the mail — for the capital crime of driving 26 miles per on the way to work (in order to pay the taxes that prop up our joke of a city government).

    All of this on top of:

    (1) annual maximum property tax increases;

    (2) a shrinking police force;

    (3) horrendous and underfunded schools;

    (4) sweetheart deals/million dollar giveaways for the Cubs, DePaul University and other connected entities and individuals;

    (5) a city with more murders than any other city in America, during both 2012 and during the first nine months of this year;

    (6) a yawning $300 million dollar budget deficit;

    (7) official corruption run rampant;

    (8) no transparency in government; and

    (9) an ongoing war on motorists at every turn.

    If there’s anything good about speed cameras, maybe they will finally wake Chicago voters up to the fraud and incompetence that have been the hallmarks of Rahm Emanuel’s administration.

  2. 019 Distrcit PO says:


    Reading Comprehension for starters please if you are going to bitch about something.

    35 and 100 are the amounts. No where do I see 50 at all.

    Mike…I can tell you exactly why there has been an extension on the warning period…

    I got a copy of the spread sheet from a buddy in the Acting Comptrollers office on the 26th…

    Seems that if tickets were issued as of the 27th…90 percent of them would have gone to State and City Agencies because they have a serious case of Lead foot disease. Between August 25th and Sept 26th; Finance, CFD, CPD and the Park District would have earned around 1000 tickets for speeding.

    The Criteria for the CPD and the CPD is “No Lights/Siren;not on a Call?” Drive the damn speed limit, you are not special just because you have that Badge.

    The Criteria for all other City Departments is “drive the speed limite because we will make you pay the ticket and yank your vehicle on the First Ticket.”

  3. 019 Distrcit PO says:

    Whups….meant CFD and not 2x CPD

  4. Pete says:

    I can’t wait for the first scandal to be uncovered where politically connected people have some sort of secret process for getting their camera tickets thrown out. You know its coming. Reporters, start writing your story templates.

  5. The first Chicago speed camera installation is at Goopers Park on Foster at just east of Tripp. I was at the location last Thursday doing an interview about the speed cameras with Jay Levine of CBS Chicago. I noticed the city had just finished repaving Foster, but absent so far of the traditional white lane lines. With no parking signs all along Foster Avenue, Foster presents an open invitation to casual cruising at least 10 MPH over the 30 MPH speed limit. Camera warning signs festoon both sides of Foster and on the connecting side streets. As I see it RADAR detectors don’t warn of the potential photographic taxing opportunity so another tactic is necessary. I took the opportunity to test two new lawful camera ticket avoidance systems and I am glad to say they worked flawlessly. The city is not going to be happy when these devices become popular.

  6. B says:

    RL Doctor, are they burying loops in the pavement? Otherwise a radar/laser detector should see the drivers in front getting beamed.

    Furthermore, ATS systems are radar:

    Then of course some radar detectors use GPS to alert on RLCs and fixed speed cameras. Cell phone apps can do this too.

    I think my days of using my wits and observation alone are coming to an end and I’ll have to buy electronic defense.

  7. Mike 2 says:

    Red light doctor, what are the two flawless lawful ticket avoidance systems? Please share.

  8. David says:

    What are the rules about speed and stop light cameras. Certainly one cannot legally climb on the camera and paint over the lens or physical damage the camera. But what about a “passive” protest. For example, a couple of mylar balloons, Cord of a specific length and something to hold the cord to tbe ground. The Balloon floats right in front of the camera blocking its ability to shoot pictures. Could one get a ticket for this? If so, what kind of ticket? What about accidentally dropping a kite over the camera? It might be interesting, as a political protest, to pick a day and “balloon” the speed cameras with balloons with appropriate protest messages..

  9. Anon says:


    I believe the Charge technically would either be “Disorderly Conduct” or with a really loose interpretation “defacing city property.”

    Now what are the Odds you could find a cop willing to write those ANOV’s?

  10. David says:

    Then someone would need to add a political message and I think he disorderly conduct charge would have to fil.

  11. Anon says:


    City of Chicago Routinely violates the 1st Amendment. It’s Prekwinkle’s County and Rahm’s City….

    I’d not risk a court date with those strokes running this shitty.

  12. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    I have no clue about the legality of what you’re proposing with the balloons, etal, but it’s really hilarious and I LOVE the idea!

  13. Jeff says:

    019 Distrcit PO:

    Ooops. My bad. My mind went back to the originally proposed speed camera ordinance, which set the fines for 6-10 miles over the limit at $50. That amount was reduced to $35 by Mayor Emanuel, in order to gather more votes for the speed camera ordinance. I suppose that Tiny Dancer regrets that concession now, since he probably had enough Alderfucks line up to push the ordinance through anyway.

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