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Tim stands next to the Chicago city sticker from last year that's giving him parking ticket grief. He promised to remove it immediately.

Dear Mr. Geek,

At the start of June, I moved from Chicago back to Skokie.

I obviously did not renew my expiring Chicago city sticker since I was moving out of the city. Instead, I got my Skokie city sticker about a week after I moved.

Yesterday I got a ticket at a metered spot for “NO DISPLAYED CITY STICKER.”

I’m quite confused, because I’m not a Chicago resident, and I have a valid Skokie sticker displayed on my windshield.

I really can’t afford to pay a $200 ticket!


P.S. My car still has my old Chicago city sticker still displayed. Does that make a difference?


Last year’s Chicago city sticker is the problem.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

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14 Responses to Ask The Parking Ticket Geek

  1. 019 Distrcit PO says:

    Just an FYI…

    It’s been mentioned on this site before…

    If you are displaying a previous year Expired City Sticker..City Ticket writers are legally allowed to Cite you for it. Most of us, if we see 2 different city stickers…say an Expired Chicago with a Current/Expired Other Cities Sticker; we will run the registration to check.

    Now heres the thing…

    If we run your plate, and the registration information comes back Chicago…easy 200.00 ticket if you don’t have the current years city sticker DISPLAYED on the Windshield.

    If your registration comes back outside of Chicago…say Skokie like in Tim’s case…but you still have the Expired Chicago Sticker on your windshield… That’s actually Improper Display of City Sticker…and a 30.00 Ticket.

    Vehicles that belong to Non-City Residents do not have the right to display an Expired City Sticker. Period. Get them off when you move out of Chicago.

  2. Mike says:

    019 Dist PO
    That may be the law but that’s plain silly. Well city law. If the plates are registered somewhere besides Chicago, it shouldn’t matter what’s on the windshield. Some of the old stickers are cool to look at (makes me feel old) but don’t mean anything because they’re out dated. Writing a city sticker violation on a vehicle that’s registered elsewhere is just lazy work on whoever is writing the ticket.

  3. Pete says:

    Pull off the expired sticker. It’s not hard. Just grab it by the corner and pull slowly. Why is this so hard for some people? I support ticketing those idiots that have 5 years of expired stickers junking up their windshield.

  4. 019 Distrcit PO says:


    Improper Display of City Sticker used to be a solid 120.00$ ticket that was not dismissible.

    It is now a 30.00$ non-dismissible ticket (kick in the rear) for being to lazy to remove it or put it in the correct location.

    I was working VRI the other day and drove around all day just doing Improper Display tickets….wrote 75 of them in the shift and my Sgt and Lt were happy.

  5. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    “Why is this so hard for some people?”

    You’re making me laugh! Thank you!

  6. Drew says:

    I hear that one a lot.

    Or “do you know how hard it is to take them off the windshield?”

    Or “but I like my collection of 12 city stickers”

    Or “What do you mean I have to actually put the sticker on the windshield”

    Of course…I mainly work in Wards 43, 42, 46, 47, 48, 50, 32, 38 or 1.

    You know…Yuppie Central.

  7. Greg says:

    I understand this is an ordinance. I understand this may not be hard to do. But it also seems like another of the many laws Chicago has created not for any logical reason except for the city to find another way to grab some cash. A law that no one would even think exists because it doesn’t exist in most other cities and has no logic. I am waiting for the day the city comes up with a law that says it is illegal to park on the west side on the street on cloudy Tuesdays, and make it a non-dismissible ticket.

  8. Drew says:

    Oh Greg..

    Once upon a time…Improper Display was actually: No or Improper Display of City Sticker for $120.00.

    When the Fine for No City Sticker was increased in 2012 to $200.00 the Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Committee separated the ordinance into 2 paragraphs and dropped the fine for Improper Display from $120.00 to $30.00.

    As for easy cash grab. How often do you park your vehicle within 12 inches from the curb? Or you leave 1 wheel On the Curb?

    And I’ve sent an ordinance amendment request to the TPSC for an Overnight Parking Ban on Non-City Stickered Vehicles that do not display a guest pass with a 50.00 fine.

  9. David says:

    An overnight by on non city stickered cars without guest passes? And where in the hell do I get guest passes? I on’t live in a zoned area. And what if I need a rent a car. This is a stupid nd unnecessary law. Move the wheel tax to the State and make it part if plate renewal.

  10. fred b says:

    today I got a letter for ticket residential permit parking that stating as a defense to this ticket you have asserted that the required permit was propertly display at the time the violation was issued………
    it’s finding of the administrative law judge that the information submitted supports a determination that you did not properly display the required permit. consequently, as the registered owner, you are responsible for the fine of $75 but the problem is I never received and had that ticket, i have an idea how that start, i think i called last time and complain about another ticket that i received and i didn’t pay contesting that i sent the proof but the lady was very rude on the phone and her name is on the letter i got that send entered this ticket,
    can they do that? give you a ticket just by calling and complaining

  11. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Fred B,

    This is very confusing.

    Are you saying you called to complain about a ticket and they considered your phone conversation some sort of “hearing” which they ruled against you?

    Nothing here sounds right.

    Are you sure you didn’t submit a letter contesting the ticket?

  12. Erica says:

    I have a related question if anyone has the answer…if you dont get a city sticker for a couple of yrs, pay all tickets associated with it and then try to transfer the plates to a new vehicle and buy a city sticker for that vehicle can they fine you for all the years you didnt have the city sticker on the old vehicle with the same plates?

  13. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    I don’t think so. I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t believe there is an enforcement mechanism in place to go back to nail people for non-compliance in the past. Just go ahead and get your city sticker and act innocent. That should work.

  14. Anon says:


    The city can not fine you for prior days that you didn’t have a city sticker displayed.

    Now…the City Clerk Could set up an internal program where they have a full time License Investigator do nothing all day but go through the Sec State License Plate Database and compare the list to the Database that lists every license plate that Did purchase a city sticker and then issue a daily fine for No City Sticker displayed.

    Since they didn’t buy it, they aren’t displaying it after all.

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