City Of Chicago Settles $100,000 Parking Ticket Case

Jennifer Fitzgerald and her attorney, Robin Omahana stand outside the Richard J. Daley Center this past April.

Jennifer Fitzgerald’s parking ticket nightmare is over.

The City of Chicago recently agreed to drop more than $100,000 in parking ticket fines on a car registered in Fitzgerald’s name that racked up a record 678 tickets, Law Department spokesman Roderick Drew.

The agreement to reduce the final parking ticket bill to just $4,470 was signed just more than a week ago.

Robin Omahana, the attorney representing Fitzgerald, said his client is happy with the resolution.

“She’s very grateful it’s all over,” Omahana said. “She’s pleased we got the city down to just four percent of their total claim.”

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

7 Responses to City Of Chicago Settles $100,000 Parking Ticket Case

  1. Jeff says:


    WBBM gave you a shout-out when they read this story on the radio this morning. I guess that will happen a lot more often, now that you’re the Perez Hilton of parking blogs.

  2. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    That was very cool of them. I appreciate it when the larger news organizations are respectful enough to cite the original source of the story instead of just poaching it.

    Of course, those jackasses at the Chicago Tribune re-wrote our story and published it as if they had dug up the story all by themselves. I grew up reading the Tribune in my home as a kid. And often they produce some good news stories. However, now I really, really hate the unethical way they re-report news without giving proper attribution.

    This is NOT the first time they have poached a story without attributing it. I always e-mail their editors and hassle them, but they never respond. I guess it’s cheaper to hire someone fresh out of journalism school to re-write stories originally reported elsewhere instead of actually paying jerks like me to originate the story with them.

    Ultimately, it says a lot about the stat of modern journalism. In other words, if some dick like me can scoop the “World’s Greatest Newspaper”, how great of a news source can it really be?

    Sorry for the rant.

  3. Mike says:

    I thought they were gonna settle for $2,500 as earlier posted on the expired meter.

  4. Jeff says:


    I don’t see why the Tribune would want to piss you off. You obviously are someone who has their pulse on the issues affecting the motoring public in Chicago. Why wouldn’t the Tribune give you the credit you have coming. That way, the Tribune would be able to go to you for expert/informed input on issues, to improve the stories they write themselves.

    I guess it’s that same kind of short-sighted management that prevented the Tribune from making the Cubs into a championship team, and drove the world’s greatest newspaper into bankruptcty.

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  6. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    I view this in a few ways. First, it is certainly a back handed compliment. They are chasing a story some nitwit goof broke on a measly little website (and a bigger, better site–DNA Info). They did the same thing in April when I covered the court hearing on the city’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit related to this matter.

    Obviously, someone is paying attention and I guess that’s cool.

    However, I don’t think they ever want to admit some total jag like me actually beat them to a big local story that went national AND international. As of right now, the story has been picked up by the BBC, NPR, CBS, Time Magazine, USA Today’s website and probably more. In other words, they’re probably embarrassed. And rightly so. It reflects terribly on them–a 150 year old news institution with vast resources and tons of full time reporters–who get spanked on a story by some chump working out a basement.

    Back in the old days when people only read one newspaper and there was no internet, a paper could get away with pretending the story was not broken there. But you can’t do that anymore.

    That’s why the common courtesy is to mention where the story originated. But the Tribune doesn’t seem to have the guts to admit when they get scooped.

    I guess the good news is that locally, more and more local news outlets are recognizing that every once in a while, this site can generate solid, well reported news stories ahead of every one else and are cool enough to give proper attribution.

    To answer your question more directly, I don’t think they care if they piss me off or not. They just want to try to act as if they broke the story and hope no one else will notice.

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