Test Drive A Smart Car, Get A Free Taco This Weekend

Do  you like tacos?

How about free tacos?

Smart Car is hoping a delicious and free taco from hipster Mexican joint Big Star in Wicker Park will be incentive enough to get people to test drive one or both of their new cars–at least according to the Chicago Tribune.

Smart Car manufactures compact, two passenger vehicles which are perfect for urban driving since drivers can snuggle them into tiny parking spaces normal size cars would never fit.

Chicago is the last stop on Smart Car’s national tour to get motorists to test drive their new vehicles, with dates set for Saturday, July 6th and Sunday, July 7th from 11 AM to 7 PM.

Interested drivers can test drive either the all-electric Smart Electric Drive or the traditional gasoline burning SmartForTwo.

You can reserve a test drive of either (or both) vehicles online at their SmartCarFunDrive website.

According to their website, there are still plenty of open time slots available.

Here’s more info from the Tribune, “Test drive a Smart ForTwo, get a free taco.”

One Response to Test Drive A Smart Car, Get A Free Taco This Weekend

  1. Jeff says:

    These micro-cars look like washing machines on wheels to me. Last time I saw one, I spent five minutes trying to figure out where you put in the fabric softener.

    The manufacturers do claim that these cars are much safer than you would think, for a car that size. I wonder if that claim holds up in real life data.

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