Man Files Lawsuit After Car Swallowed By Southside Sinkhole

Three cars get swallowed up by a sinkhole on Chicago's South Side. Photo credit Nancy Loo, courtesy of @NBC News Twitter feed.

Mirko Krivokuca’s car got swallowed up by a Southside sinkhole this spring–while he was driving  it.

Now, he’s filing a lawsuit against the City of Chicago for $100,000 according to ABC 7 News.

His lawsuit contends, he was driving his car in the 9600 block of S. Houston, when his tire hit a small pothole. The lawsuit alleges the small pothole revealed a gigantic sinkhole which quickly opened up and swallowed his car and two others. Krivokuca was hospitalized due to the incident.

Drivers who’s vehicles suffer damage from a pothole on a Chicago street can file a claim to get the city to pay for a portion of the repairs from pothole damage.  We’re unsure if this includes potholes the size of several vehicle.

Check out Huffington Post’s comprehensive coverage including a great slideshow of the incident, “Chicago Sinkhole Lawsuit: Mirko Krivokuca Sues City After Massive Hole Swallowed His Car.”

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