Free Sunday Parking At City Meters Starts This Weekend

For the first time in more than four years, Chicago drivers will be able to park for free at most city parking meters on Sundays beginning this weekend.

Before 2009, except for a few small areas of the city, Chicago drivers never had to feed a parking meter on Sundays. But that perk vanished with all other parking meter holidays when the city, under former Mayor Richard M. Daley, leased the city’s metered parking spaces for 75 years and $1.16 billion dollars in December of 2008.

But free Sundays are officially back at neighborhood parking meters starting this weekend under a revised agreement with Chicago Parking Meters, LLC — the company which now controls the city’s parking meter system.

Bringing back free Sundays was a major part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s pitch to Chicago drivers and aldermen to sell them on the revised parking meter deal his team renegotiated with CPM over the past several months.

“As one resident told me, ‘you shouldn’t have to pay to go to church’,” Emanuel said at a press conference announcing the proposed changes back in April. “Whether you go to church or not, everyone deserves a break from feeding parking meters in our neighborhoods on Sunday.”

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4 Responses to Free Sunday Parking At City Meters Starts This Weekend

  1. Drew says:

    Horse shit.

    Rahm should be looking into dissolving the contract via legal options like Bankruptcy.

    CPM is going to make serious money from increased hours Monday through Saturdays. 24 hours a day in the CBD and at least 12 hours per day outside of the CBD. 2.00 per hour outside of the CBD. 24.00 per day per car space. CBD parking at 2x per space minimum….

    CPM makes its 1.15 billion back after 20 years minimum.

  2. Drew says:

    And don’t forget to still Look at the Meter Pay Boxes before you assume you are in a Ward that has Free Sundays.

    Central Business District isn’t Free Ever. North Ave – Roosevelt : Halsted – Lake Michigan :: Boundaries include both sides of North, Roosevelt and Halsted. 65.00 Ticket if you just blow off the meters inside that area.

  3. Jeff says:

    If certain areas are going to have pay parking on Sundays, then there has to be an easy way for drivers to know that these meters are not free on Sundays. Maybe these meters could be given prominent signage to make it clear that Sunday payment is required, or maybe the meters could be painted a different color, to distinguish them from free Sunday meters.

    Otherwise, for example a meter right on Clark Street in Wrigleyville could be one that requires payment on Sunday, but a meter 15 feet away, around the corner on a side street, could be a free Sunday meter. Without clear signage/markings, uniform citywide, the free Sunday parking system will become yet another Chicago transportation clusterfork.

  4. saucexx says:


    I know exactly what I’ll be doing that day, and who I’ll be voting against. And to those who keep saying otherwise, there are no guarantees in life.

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