Chicago Speed Camera Installations Start In August

A technician installs an ATS speed camera in the 6500 block of north Western Ave. for pilot testing this past November.

When Chicago debuts its speed camera enforcement program in the next few months, it will start out with 50 camera sites near schools and parks around the city.

But based on the total value of the contract, that number will probably grow to as many as 300.

The contract with Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions was finalized July 15 and has a potential to pay ATS $67 million over five years. Based on that dollar amount and the payment terms in the contract, it seems the city is poised to ultimately employ the maximum 300 speed cam locations allowed under the law.

While more than 1,500 “Children’s Safety Zones” — intersections within one-eighth of a mile from a school or park — were identified by the city, it’s only allowed to erect cameras at 20 percent of those locations. Although, according to the Chicago Department of Transportation, the initial 50 locations have not been finalized.

But according Charles Territo, spokesman for American Traffic Solutions, the company’s staff and contractors are now in Chicago and actively preparing for the imminent camera installations.

Read more at DNA Info Chicago.

9 Responses to Chicago Speed Camera Installations Start In August

  1. Jeff says:

    A fun fact about American Traffic Solutions (“ATS”). ATS agreed to pay $4.2 million in partial refunds on a half-million New Jersey tickets that might have been issued in violation of state law. While not admitting fault, the company said it wanted to support its client cities to cut short a series of class-action lawsuits alleging its red light camera systems weren’t properly inspected or certified by 11 municipalities before citations started being issued in the state in 2009.

    Leave it to Rahm to pick the sleaziest possible outfit to get the “camera money grab” contract. When a company’s ethics are below even New Jersey standards, the RICO complaint practically drafts itself.

  2. The Parking Ticket Geek says:


    Just to be fair, ATS says they did everything properly on their end, legally, contractually, etc. But it was the towns that screwed up and didn’t follow the law by not filling out proper documentation, etc.

    Also, ATS can’t be the “sleaziest” out there when we have the Redflex bribery scandal right here in our front yard.

    Just saying.

  3. Jeff says:


    That certainly is ATS’ version of what happened (not our fault, we didn’t do it, you can’t prove it). But whenever you have a few hours to spare, google American Traffic Solutions, and your computer will overheat with hits regarding their questionable business practices. Here’s a fun one to get you started:–vendor/1306262356.column

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  5. Rich says:

    Even more scrutiny for drivers. Yay. Let’s start ticketing some bicyclists who run red lights and cruise the wrong way down busy downtown streets once in a while.

  6. B says:

    Either ATS or redflex is the “sleaziest” at any given moment. It flips back and forth based on who’s had the latest scandal. Over at there’s a good number of articles covering the practices of both companies over the last many years.

    Way I see it for these things drive 15mph everywhere in the city just to be sure to not trigger these things. The law says six over, but my guess is they’ll trigger pretty close to the speed limit. That’s where the most revenue will be and there isn’t much of way to get 20.5 in a 20 dismissed for most people even if they can prove it was really 20.5 and not 26.

  7. Mike says:

    How’d they get around that the child(ren) must be in the frame problem?

  8. saucexx says:


    I was wondering the same thing but my guess is it’s lazy journalism. They’ll still have to have a child in the picture

    I’ll say it again, I know what I’ll be doing on 2-24-15.

  9. Drew says:

    Rich…I’d love it if the damn CPD would actually do that.

    They need to stop issuing warnings and start actually ticketing the Menace Bike Riders.

    The Speed Camera Ordinance needs to be re-written to be Honest….

    The City needs to drop the “Its for the Children” crap and just admit they can’t field the Manpower to deal with Speeding And continue to fail miserably with the prevention of gang/gun violence.

    Case in Point?

    The Chicago Police Department shelled out $21.3 million for overtime in April and May.

    Starting salary for Chicago police officers in 2012 was $43,104, increased to $61,530 after one year and an additional increase to $65,016 after 18 months.

    For that OT…the City could have Hired 434 Officers in 2012. 434 officers would have gone a long way in curbing some of the Preventable Crimes as well as Traffic Enforcement for Speeders and Dangerous Bicyclists.

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