Wicker Park Parking Ideas Include Shuttle, Demand Based Pricing

CMAP's Lindsay Bayley discusses UCLA professor Donald Shoup's influential book, "The High Cost of Free Parking" at a meeting in Wicker Park.

A number of ways to solve parking problems in Wicker Park were offered Wednesday at a community meeting, including fluctuating meter prices, shuttles from outlying lots and ending loading zone abuse.

About 30 area residents, local business owners, community activists and urban planners gathered at the Bucktown – Wicker Park Library to participate in the meeting to address the neighborhood parking issues.

The event was organized by the Wicker Park-Bucktown Chamber of Commerce, which is working with the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning on what is being called an Innovation in Parking Management Plan to address the parking headaches which plague one of the most congested neighborhoods in the city.

Lindsay Bayley, a Senior Planner for CMAP who is heading up the project, said the goal was to get neighrborhood input but warned that “people want a lot of parking, but don’t like it when they get it.”

Bayley, who moved to Wicker Park about seven years ago, said that after reading the influential book “The High Cost of Free Parking” by UCLA professor Donald Shoup, she became convinced parking is the most important issue to the health of vibrant urban neighborhoods.

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  2. Jeff says:

    The Chicago Metropolitan Agency For Planning (“CMAP”) and the Metropolitan Planning Council (“MPA”) — the agencies that have pushed for such car-friendly projects as the Ashland BRT and downsizing Lakeshore Drive – have now come up with a plan for solving the parking crunch in Wicker Park and Bucktown:


    Without going into too much detail, the basic “thrust” of their plan is to tell motorists to bend over, grab their ankles, breathe deep, and brace themselves for the “help” that only these Transit Trotskyites can deliver.

  3. Jeff says:

    No Trader Joe’s for you either, Logan Square:


    You can thank 1st Ward Alderman “Pinko” Joe Moreno and the anti-car douchenozzles in Wicker Park for chasing Trader Joe’s away from opening in your area. And thank your 32nd Ward Alderman WetSpot for failing to jump on the opportunity to snag Trader Joe’s, after they were chased out of Wicker Park.

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