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Revised Meter Lease Clears First Hurdle, Heads To Full Council

Passes In Finance Committee, Full Voted Slated For Wednesday

City of Chicago CFO Lois Scott and Corporation Counsel Steve Patton testify before the City Council Finance Committee .

After four long days of hearings on proposed changes to the city’s reviled parking meter lease agreement, the renegotiated deal made it over its first hurdle as it passed out of the Finance Committee Monday on a vote of 15 to 6.

Ald. Scott Waguespack, immediately after the vote Monday afternoon warned there will probably be unforeseen circumstances if it passes the city council.

“There’s a potential of a repeat of the original deal in 2008–people should be wary of that.” said Waguespack who accurately predicted problems from the original lease agreement.

The hearings began with testimony by Clint Krislov, the lead attorney on a lawsuit challenging the legality of the original parking meter lease. Krislov is opposed to the renegotiated deal as he believes it will weaken the city and public’s ability to fight the legal basis for the original agreement.

“Voting for this amendment will have you viewed as voting for the parking agreement,” said Krislov to the aldermen sitting in council chambers. “Like a circus passing through town every few years, these deals are Wall Street’s way of regaling with money acts that astound the crowd, while looting the spectators’ money.”

Traffic To O’Hare So Bad, Some Leave Car, Walk To Airport

Traffic on the I-190 extension to O’Hare Airport Sunday morning, some people got out and started walking to the airport according to CBS Chicago.

Congestion due to road construction was so bad between approximately 6-7 AM that 70 people began walking along the shoulder of the expressway to make sure they made their flights.

Chicago Police and Illinois State Police were called out and assisted the expressway pedestrians reach O’Hare safely.

Here’s the full report from Newsradio 780 AM, “Frustrated By Traffic, People Leave Cars And Walk On Expressway To O’Hare.”

Parking Meter Lease Remix Inspires Many Opinions

As Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposed renegotiated and remixed version of Chicago’s infamous parking meter lease deal comes closer to a vote in the city council, many voices are weighing in with their opinions.

Here’s a roundup of some of the more unique points of view on the subject.

Even More Notes On Parking Meter Hearings

Friday, the Finance Committee convened once again on the topic of the moment–parking meters.

It was a short meeting, beginning at 10 AM and gaveled adjourned just after noon.

But a litany of questions from aldermen aimed at the city’s Chief Executive Office Lois Scott and Corporation Counsel Steve Patton, the city’s top lawyer, continued for this third day of hearings.

“Parking Wars” Over Divided Free Sundays Looms Says Aldermen

Perhaps the major concern about the free Sundays proposal is that adjacent wards may have different policies on free Sunday parking.