Western-Belmont Overpass Demolition Still On Hold

The Western Avenue Overpass at Belmont & Clybourn. Photo credit Patty Wetli/DNA Info.

It’s been nearly four years since the demolition of the Western Avenue Overpassover Belmont Avenue in the Roscoe Village neighborhood was originally announced.

And it may be a few more years before the project becomes a reality says DNA Info Chicago.

But since then, the structure still remains and the project remains unfunded and still in the design phase with no concrete date to actually begin dismantling the roadway behemoth, according to DNA Info Chicago.

The overpass was originally constructed in 1962 to diminish traffic congestion around the legendary Riverview Amusement Park. Although the park closed down five years later in 1967. In the subsequent 50 years the overpass has become riddled with potholes and is in general disrepair.

Here’s DNA Info’s full report, “Western-Belmont Overpass Sticking Around Awhile.”

4 Responses to Western-Belmont Overpass Demolition Still On Hold

  1. Jeff says:

    The Western Avenue overpass at Belmont will be demolished next year


    This should make for extra fun when the Ashland BRT pushes 15,000 cars a day onto Western Avenue and other parallel streets. Another head up the ass planning coup for CDOT.

  2. Jeff says:

    Belmont overpass crumbling right before our eyes:


    Of course the City’s priority is neither roads nor safety. Instead,, it’s a 65% pay increase for fast food and other minimum wage workers. One more crippling “tax by another name” on small business (like the green grifter inspired ban on plastic bags), imposed by City Council members who have spent their careers doing nothing that qualifies them to establish rules for small business operations.

  3. B says:

    The new minimum wage in Chicago is going to either push low skilled workers out into the suburbs or expand the welfare ranks in the city. All a minimum wage does is make people unemployable. The work per dollar stays the same. It has to or the businesses go away. There’s just a higher minimum required to be done in an hour.

  4. Jeff says:

    And good luck trying to get more large retailers like Wal Mart or Target to open stores in Chicago, with a $13 an hour starting pay scale. Fast food outlets will likely take a hard look at automated ordering systems as well, and cut staff accordingly. This kind of goofball “Rahm-onomics” will be the ruin if jobs for Chicago.

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