Driver Tries To Avoid Parking Tickets By Reporting Car Stolen

The story seems a bit convoluted, but according to Tinley Park Police, a driver reported his car stolen in order to get out of paying for some parking tickets.

The Chicago Tribune has a story about a car nearly getting towed out of a parking lot in the suburbs because local police thought it was stolen. Before the car got hooked up and towed away, the driver came back to the car and laid out a crazy story.

The driver, according to the newspaper account, reported this car stolen because the guy he sold it to was racking up tickets on it and he was trying to get the new owner to change the registration.

This story doesn’t make sense. Why would the driver be driving this vehicle if he sold this particular car to a friend?!? It’s all quite confusing.

Whatever the case, the Tinley Park Police bought this cock and bull story and let the man drive the car away without arresting or citing him. They say if he filed a false police report with the Chicago Police Department, it’s CPD’s problem, not theirs.

Read the whole Tribune story, “False report of stolen car filed to avoid parking tickets.”

Maybe others can make sense of this.

2 Responses to Driver Tries To Avoid Parking Tickets By Reporting Car Stolen

  1. Drew says:

    Tinley Park Cops are a Joke.

    This moron admits to filing a false police report. That’s just cause for an arrest in any jurisdiction.

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