Some Lakeview Residents Opposed To More Parking

In the battle involving the Chicago Cubs, Ald. Tom Tunney (44th), rooftop owners and neighborhood residents over renovations to Wrigley Field, parking has been one of the main issues of concern.

But some Wrigleyville residents are opposed to the idea of adding more parking in Lakeview.

According to DNA Info Chicago, a group of Lakeview residents claim the current lots and garages in the area are under utilized and building more parking spaces will increase traffic in an already congested neighborhood.

A petition has been started asking Ald. Tunney saying “Don’t Turn Lakeview into a Parking Lot,” and to pursue policies which promote alternative transportation methods which encourage bike riding, walking or public transportation.

About 200 people have signed the petition so far.

Here’s DNA Info’s full story, “More Parking Near Wrigley? Some Actually Say It’s a Bad Idea.”

12 Responses to Some Lakeview Residents Opposed To More Parking

  1. Pete says:

    The Wrigleyville NIMBYs will never be happy no matter what. Didn’t somebody tell them there’s a big ass ballpark in the neighborhood before they bought their houses?

  2. The Parking Ticket Geek says:

    Pete…you are soooooo right on.

    Wrigley Field has been there for 100 years. Idiots move in to the area and then are surprised when baseball fans invade the neighborhood during the season. Morons!!!!

    The pissing and moaning is so annoying. I lived at Sheffield and Belmont over 20 years ago. When it began to annoy me, I moved away. Problem F@#King solved.

    Total dumbasses.

  3. nonya says:

    While there is a lot of NIMBY-ism in some of the complaints (and also rooftops desperately clinging to their revenue), the core of this is true. Building a garage won’t help anything and is a stupid idea. It won’t alleviate parking issues in the neighborhood because it’ll just lead to more people bypassing the Devry lots and trying the garages.

  4. Drew says:

    The Lakeview Residents are as clueless as their Alderman Mr Ann Sathers himself.

    I don’t normally take shots at Aldermen/women…but Tunney is a Joke.

    Bends over so far for the Roof Top Associations that watch Cubs games for Free and Charge for admission….takes PAC Donations from them as well.

    Hasn’t had an Opponent since he was appointed to fill an unexpired term by Daley. Interferes with witnesses of a Felony Assault committed by a Cook County ASA of a 44th Ward business employee on Sept. 22 2012.

    Promised to divest himself from Ann Sathers Restaurant Inc so as to help avoid a Conflict of Interest as a Business Owner And the Ward Alderman that can issue permits and adjust business/residential zoning…and then didn’t. Spends his time Cooking Breakfasts in his Restaurant instead of conducting City Business.

    Is about to convince Ricketts to Move the Cubs to Rosemont…because he can’t get it around his Fat Head that the Cub’s get to decide how to run their stadium.

    Oh yeah…Lakeview sucks.

  5. Lee says:

    I think some other commenters really don’t understand what’s going on in Lakeview or the Cubs negotiations. This is the opposite of a NIMBY issue. These neighbors aren’t rejecting a Cubs proposal to build parking, because the Cubs haven’t asked to build more parking. The alderman has said residents want more parking and so the Cubs should build it as a condition of the Wrigley rehab deal — the petition is countering that claim that residents want more parking as part of the deal and rejecting the alderman’s suggestion that the Cubs add parking to their plan. I signed the petition. I’ve lived in the neighborhood for 10 years and understand what’s going on. I think the Cubs’ plans for renovation and new development will be great for the neighborhood — Bring It On To My Back Yard without neighbors or the alderman placing silly demands on the Cubs for things like a parking garage we don’t need.

  6. Jeff says:

    For those who live right on top of Wrigley, i don’t have a whole lot of sympathy. I live far enough away (12 blocks) that I don’t have to deal with it.

    My gripe about night games is the horrendous afternoon rush hour traffic jams they create on Lakeshore Drive 30 nights a year (and more often starting this year if the Cubs get their way). The answer here is maybe to expand the options and incentives for Cubs fans to take Metra/the CTA to the game (i.e., more remote park options along the Red Line, express shuttles from the Addison stops on the CTA Brown and Blue Line and the nearby Metra rail stops, like the one at Ravenswood on the Union Pacific north Line and Clybourn on the Union Pacific northwest line).

  7. Drew says:

    The 1:20pm games screw up traffic just as bad as the night games do.

    If you figure a day game ends During Rush Hour…and a Night Game ends around 10pm….I’d rather deal with more night games as a driver because at that point of the night…traffic is light on the north side.

    What screws up the area is the excessive number of bar’s that draw in the Morons that just go to the games to drink and act like fools.

    People like Lee are whats needed to run the 44th Ward.

    People like Tunney hold the ward back and put the city at risk of a lost revenue generator.

    And this is a problem you will see all over the north side.

    11th Ward isn’t giving the Sox any trouble with how they do things.

  8. Jeff says:


    On the section of North Lakeshore Drive from Oak Street to Irving Park, traffic is generally much heavier southbound in the morning and heavier northbound in the afternoon, since more commuters are headed to downtown in the morning and out of downtown in the evening.

    Accordingly, an afternoon Cubs game letting out at 4 pm doesn’t do much to create a jam on this stretch of Lakeshore Drive. But an evening Cubs game at 6:30/7:00 pm will put both afternoon commuters and Cubs fans on northbound Lakeshore Drive at the same time, creating a horrendous traffic jam on the northbound drive. Listen to the traffic reports on the radio this evening which will all say “traffic northbound on Lakeshore Drive is at a standstill, on account of tonight’s Cubs game.”

  9. Jeff says:

    The Streetsbloggers now have a terminal case of sand in the vagina, over the prospect of a new Mariano’s/X-Sport Fitness in Lakeview. Their objection — that there will be a parking lot (horrors):

    According to Streetsblog, no one should drive to the grocery store to stock up for the week. Instead we should all take our Divvy bikes to the grocery store every day, and load up our baskets with just enough cruelty free tomatoes, vegan deodorant, and organic toilet paper to get us through the day.

    What the hell planet are these goofs living on? And why would any city planner listen to these insufferable ass-hats and all their p.c. horseshit.

  10. Jeff says:

    Streetsblog (which lives off cash from the Rockefeller Foundation) and the Active Transportation Alliance (which is bleeding financially and discontinuing programs like Open Streets) somehow feel qualified to pontificate about city traffic management. IMHO, the dopes that run these crackpot outfits couldn’t manage their way out of a wet paper bag.

  11. Jeff says:

    Good news for motorists – new parking garage being built in Rogers Park:

    Of course the Streetsbloggers are all having an extra heavy-flow period day, at the thought of private money being spent for convenient car parking.

  12. Pete says:

    I love it! Nothing infuriates a Streetsblocker quite like convenient parking or light traffic.

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