Evanston Offering Amnesty On Parking Ticket Late Fees

Let’s make a deal.

That’s what the City of Evanston is saying to drivers who owe on unpaid parking tickets according to a recent press release.

Evanston is willing to waive all late fees on parking tickets issued in the seven years between September 30, 2005 and September 30, 2012.

Scofflaws must pay their ticket debt in full by June 30, 2013 in order to qualify.

The city says it’s a one time offer. Otherwise, Evanston plans reinstating the late fees and using the Illinois Local Debt Recovery Program to get their money.

Much like Chicago, and other municipalities, towns can submit the debt to the Illinois Comptroller’s office which will subtract the outstanding debt from your state income tax refund.

The city says about 40,000 accounts are eligible for this program with fines totaling about $2.7 million.

Hat tip to Evanston Patch.

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